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The Tome Show - 5e Deep Magic and Strange Arcana

James Introcaso sits down with Wolfgang Baur and Steve Winter of Kobold Press to discuss the chapter-by-chapter release of Deep Magic for fifth edition!

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This series is definitely doing well! Most of our discussion in this episode is around Clockwork Magic and the overall plan for the series; I hope we get to talk about some future chapters in later podcasts.

Should I tell the Pathfinder backers of the original Deep Magic that a 5E version is happening? I know some of them are bound to be interested, but it just feels weird...

Not to sound like a dingus, but didn't you just do that by posting the question here? :P

Real answer: I think Kobold Press has cemented its reputation as the Switzerland of the Edition Wars solidly enough that it couldn't do any harm to send out a backer notification. Full disclosure, I backed the Tome of Beasts, but not Deep Magic; so many Kickstarters, so little wallet.

The Exchange Contributor; Publisher, Kobold Press; RPG Superstar Judge

I see what you mean, but I meant "inform the Pathfinder backers of the original by sending them all an update/notice via the Kickstarter". Unlike these forums, the Kickstarter notices send email to everyone, so they feel a little spammy sometimes.

Noted on the Switzerland position. It's still our goal. And yeah, just backed "Massive Darkness". Can't back everything I'd like, but that one looks so promising.

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I think sending the backers of the Pathfinder Deep Magic project an update/notice via the Kickstarter makes a lot of sense - with almost 2,000 backers, you have to believe some percentage of them are also playing 5E ...

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