Resonance Points and Low Level Squishiness

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I have not yet had the chance to play or run yet, but I am positive overall. There is once area of concern though. I am concerned that resonance points make low level characters even squishier. That a GM can not throw in some heal pots or wands to help a group that has gotten too low on HP and other resources. I would like to hear other people's thoughts on this, especially if you have experience with the new edition.

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I definitely found low-level resonance too lacking for non-charisma classes. I had a dwarf fighter who actually had 0 resonance and failed his checks for his first 2 healing potions, then just gave the rest away to other characters. It was a very "feels bad" moment where he'd planned ahead then wasted almost half his starting gear on potions that didn't even work. This actually forced the party to rest the night where if it'd worked they'd have pushed on.

When I played level 4, resonance seemed fine. That little increase meant even the low-charisma players had a few resonance to play with. People made choices based on their resonance amounts, but it felt like a resource to balance not a punishment.

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