Why would you not take fighter dedication?

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So, if I'm a non-marital class and I want to branch out into martial proficiency, is there any reason to not take fighter dedication? I could take up to 5 seperate general feats to get the same light, medium, and heavy armor training plus full martial weapon proficiency. Yeah, it's a "class" feat to take the fighter archetype, but still it saves 2-5 feats. There also doesn't seem to be arcane armor training/spell failure anymore, so as a level 2 wizard, I could be fully equipped with arcane spells and heavy armor with no draw backs?

Basically, as someone that enjoy the mixed magic/martial mastery I've been looking to figure out the best path to magus/eldritch knight in pf2 and it seems like that's all it takes, start as a sorceror/wizard and take fighter dedication then you're basically done until level 12 to take weapon expert.

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Biggest reasons are probably:

- Want another archetype. Having more than one is quite feat intensive.
- Don't want/have Strength 16.
- Don't have any class feats to spare.
- Don't want to deal with armor check penalty and speed reduction.

If you do want more armor or weapon proficiency, it's an awesome feat. But that's kinda the point. You could do the same with a fighter level dip n PF1.

That being said, from what we've seen so far, it could be tuned down to all weapons + next best armor instead of all armor. But that makes you wonder how other martial multiclasses would look like. Would barbarian give you rage + weapons and next best armor (maybe up to medium) and thus be even better for most classes?

There are definitely different values for feats. For example the barbarian essentially gets 2 skill feats for the price of 1 class feat.

I think the 16 STR requirement is a pretty hefty one. I personally would not want a STR 16 unless I was planning on actually using martial weapons. Also heavy armor isn't that great. Sure you can have STR 16. Or you could choose to have DEX 16 and spend a general feat on light armor. You'll only be behind the multiclassed fighter by 2 AC, will have an equal touch AC, a better reflex saving throw and a better fly skill check. By level 15 your AC value will equal that of the multiclassed fighter, their reflex saving throw will potentially be behind yours though.

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Um, I have the softcover book and it says Strength or Dex 16.

True, my pdf says the same. I simply forgot.

All other points still stand, though. Especially on caster classes with few feats, it might be hard to fit Fighter Dedication in there. And if you play a full time caster, you proabably have no need for the weapon proficiencies anyway, so you might be better off using a general feat to get light armor.

My Caster does have Fighter Dedication, Dex 18, my level 5 for the playtest, of course he also has heightened burning hands and dangerous spell feat, so it is obvious what he would do when given the chance. That is of course if fireballing covers too much area and it will damage things we want to protect. Otherwise fireball. But it also makes sure ranged attackers can pick me off for an easy target in the even I don't use melee.

Two reasons.

1. You do not need anything that it provides and deem other class feats more valuable.
2. You want another archetype.

That is really it. If you want something Fighter offers, you just take the dedication feat. It is better.

It lacks the crit spec effects :/ I was hoping there'd be a way to get them, but... no. Just Expert.

If really going for broke on heavy armor is your goal, and you are already a cleric, you are might be better off going Gray Maiden at level 6 and dropping 2 feats on Armor prof and weapon prof. If you are a human, this means you can become a Maiden at level 6 instead of 8, which is probably what every other caster has to do. In exchange you can get all the way to legendary with heavy armor prof, which nobody else gets.

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I am have been looking at that particular multiclass option for my Barbarian and Paladin builds, and thus far it looks like a bit of a wasted feat, I wish that it would have alternative benefits.

Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
I am have been looking at that particular multiclass option for my Barbarian and Paladin builds, and thus far it looks like a bit of a wasted feat, I wish that it would have alternative benefits.

Cleric Dedication is a great option as an alternative. I know I've got a Dwarf Barbarian with a full Cleric of Gorum multiclass brewing that looks like a lot of fun to play.

I guess I should re-phrase my question. What I'm trying to figure out is, if I want to create any of the Pf1 fighter mixed class like a magus, brawler, or inquisitor, assuming I'm going to eventually have 16 str or dex to progress that play style, it's always better to start as a different class and pick the fighter archetype, rather than start as a fighter and take the wizard or cleric archetype because the former means only my martial aspect will suffer from not having the advanced fighter feats but the latter will suffer in both martial and magic aspects because you have to keep sacrificing fighter feats to get reduced spell casting. Or does the fact that starting as a fighter give me the ability to use strength/dex as my class DC for spells make up for that?

Let's assume you spend every available Class Feat on your multiclass archetype.

If you start as a Fighter and pick up Wizard through multiclassing, you gain the benefits of better hit points, better Fort and Reflex saves, more trained skills, more signature skills, Fighter class advancement in your weapon proficiency, a bonus 1st level Fighter feat, two extra archetype multiclass feats, better Initiative and Perception, and advancing proficiency in Shields.

If you start as a Wizard and pick up Fighter through multiclassing, you gain two or three more spells per day of each level and have earlier access to them, Wizard class advancement in your spell proficiency, and better Will saves.

Overall, it seems Fighter wins in everything but having more spells per day.

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