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On page 17 of the PT rulebook, it states “If she is carrying a total amount of Bulk that equals or exceeds 5 plus her Strength modifier, she is encumbered.”

On page 175 under Bulk Limit, “You can carry an amount of Bulk equal to 5 plus your Strength modifier without penalty; if you carry more, you gain the encumbered condition.”

So with a Str modifier of 1, my bulk limit would be 6. Encumbered at 6 or 7 Bulk, what does everyone think?

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With no real basis in the rules because of that contradiction, I would lean toward being encumbered at 7 in your example. I don't see much reason not to go with the slightly more lenient approach.

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Since this issue isn't corrected in the updated playtest rules (1.3), a friendly reminder for fixing this in the next edition.

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