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Some creatures in the Harry Potter universe already exist in PF, like centaurs, giant spiders, giants, pegasi, merfolk. I’m looking for conversions/stats for the rest. Has anyone seen these anywhere?

Could you give some examples of other creatures from Harry Potter? Odds are there's something close.

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A few that I have not seen exact stats for, I could be wrong however, six bestiaries and adventure paths have hundreds of monsters.

Entering ramble mode: on mobile so forgive formatting and spelling please.

Blast end skrewts stand out to me as an odd one.
Thestrils (the skeleton horses) could just be reflavored Pegasi and tack on greater invisibility vs anyone who has not seen death.
House elves and gnomes are very different than elves and gnomes in Pathfinder. I doubt gnomes need stats, they are dealt with my children without the use of magic and can bite you for a pitiful damage.
House elves are a small sized creature with innate magical abilities like teleport at will, mage hand, and teleport object, maybe tack on prestidigitation for some generic magic stuff. Probably low on the cr side.
Basilisk is a giant (huge or gargantuan) advanced basilisk that is a snake rather than a lizard. Throw on a con damage poison and you have a Slytherin dungeon guard.
Whomping willow is a 0 int giant treant with no move speed.
Dementors could work as standard wraiths, it’s a kiss rather than a touch but functions the same. Maybe tack on one energy drain but lose the spawn ability.
Ghosts are generally mote benevolent and less twisted.
Voldemort himself is probably a crazy high level Lich. I made stats for him a while back if you are interested. He is specialized in finger of death/avada kedavra.

Hope this helps, if you can make any other creatures I will see what I can do.

This helps a lot! Thanks! I would be interested in seeing your stats for Voldemort , too!

What started me down this path was the whomping willow as a way to protect a secret entrance to an artifact my players need to find. The dementors could be a harassing evil that hits at them over time, as they get closer to the BBG.

Current campaign has several layers of threes - locations, protections, etc - as a hint to the end game, where a mastermind controls three thralls as they try to open a series of portals to join planes he/it wants to control. I’ve been thinking an arch demon, but a lich like Voldemort might be even better.

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Alright, I can post on my PC now so hopefully formatting will look nicer.
I made him back in 2014, so there may be better options he could have, but to go over all of that now would be a long process. Feel free to make suggestions or mention mistakes I made on him, I am not perfect.

This is my version of the Dark Lord Voldemort. He is highly focused on the spell Finger of death and tends to scream out the verb component "Avada Kedabra" when casting. I used the fey (Sylvan) bloodline to gain Nagini the snake and increase his dominate DC, the flight is reskinned to be his black mist he uses. The tactics of the Dark Lord are that he will always preplan his attack and never be afraid to go full power right from the start and he will leave with a teleport if the fight is going poorly but that often never happens due to his careful preparation with the contingency spell on him, should he ever be damaged too greatly (less than half his health) it will activate a Harm spell on his body to heal the wounds. His bracers make sure any would be attackers are drained of life and used to fuel his own. The main key to his success is that he avoids conflict with those who could pose a challenge, casting counter spells and hit and run tactics to be sure he stays safe. Often times he spends his days striking terror into the mortals of the world by going on mass murder sprees then leaving without a trace. He greatly wishes to kill all non-spellcasters and anyone not of a magical bloodline such as wizards and clerics as they are taking magic that rightfully belongs to the pure blood sorcerers of the world. He keeps his human looks through his ring of Gentle Repose and a spare ring in a secure location. As Nagini holds part of his soul, he does not use her in dangerous combat, preferring to have her kill helpless foes such as townsfolk and other non magical beings who pose no real threat to the Dark Lord.

His full Stat Block is in the spoiler because it will take up half the page otherwise.

Lord Voldemort:

Tom Marvolo Riddle Align: NE HD: 20D6+280 (352) Speed: 30
Class: Sorcerer Race: Human Senses: DV: 60
Initiative: 18 AC: 32 (10+5 +5 +5 +1 +7)
STR: 8 (-1) ------TOUCH: 16 FF: 33
CON: 0 (0) ------FORT: 20
DEX: 12 (1) ------REF: 7
INT: 14 (2) ------WILL: 13
WIS: 12 (1) ------BAB: 10
CHA: 38 (14) ------CMB: 9 ------CMD: 20
ATTACK: (Ray) +11
ATTACK: (Wand of Enervate) +11 (1D4 Negative Levels)

• Feats: 10 +4
o Eschew Materials
o Quicken Spell
o Improved Initiative
o Heighten Spell
o Boon companion
o Nobel Scion (War)
o Racial Heritage: Aasimar
o Celestial servant (Evil*)
o Persistent Spell
o Thanatopic Spell
o Spell Perfection (Finger of Death)
o Spell Focus Necromancy
o Greater Spell Focus Necromancy
o Spell Specialization (Finger of Death)
o Spell Penetration
• SPECIAL Abilities/Equipment:
o +6 Headband of Charisma, +5 tome of charisma, +5 Ring of protection, Amulet of Natural Armor +5, Bracers of Armor +7 spell storing: Vampiric Touch CL 20, Wand of Enervate, A ring that constantly generates a Gentle Repose effect on his body, if removed the effects stay for 5 days until it wears away.
o Human: +1 Feat, +1 Skill Point
o Lich: +5 NA, +4 Channel Resist, DR 15/Blunt Magic, Fear Aura, Paralyze, Rejuvenate, DC: 34
o +2 DC of compulsion spells, Animal Companion (Nagini), Woodland Stride, Fleeting Glance, Fey Wings, Fey Soul,
• NOTES: To better-fit Voldemort these alterations have been made to the class abilities these some are non-mechanical while others change them greatly. First the wings gained are altered to be a cloud of dark mist that encompasses the lower half of his body. (Making him a small creature still) Celestial Servant alters Nagini to be a fiendish creature not a celestial. Thomas has a special phylactery called a Horcrux, this version is split into seven parts each holding a portion of his soul, these Horcruxes are as follows; Riddle Family Ring, his former Diary, a gem on an amulet, a Diadem, a golden chalice, Nagini, and an infant child. Each of these must be destroyed before Tom can be fully killed. Should any of these Horcrux be destroyed Voldemort is wracked with pain and is stunned for 1D4 Rounds and staggered for 2D6 rounds, during this time he loses his undead immunities (he does keep all other benefits however such as charisma to HP and Darkvision) as his humanity floods back into him.

Spells: CL 20, Concentration: 34, DC: 10+14+SL (+2 Necro, +4 Finger of Death)
0) 9 Known: At Will: Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Mage Hand, Mending, Prestidigitation, Ghost Sound, Message, Bleed
1) 5 Known: 10/Day: Entangle, Magic Missile, Ray of Enfeeblement, Sculpt Corpse, Charm Person, Enlarge Person
2) 5 Known: 10/Day: Hideous Laughter, Scorching Rays, Limp Lash, False Life, Blindness, Certain Grip
3) 4 Known: 9/Day: Deep Slumber, Fireball, Elemental Aura, Clairvoyance, Dispel
4) 4 Known: 10/Day: Poison, Enervate, Scrying, Charm Monster, Fear
5) 4 Known: 9/Day: Dominate Person, Teleport, Magic Jar, Nightmare, Wall of Force, Feeblemind
6) 3 Known: 9/Day: Mislead, Unwilling Shield, Contingency, Flesh to Stone
7) 3 Known: 8/Day: Phase Door, Finger of Death*, Waves of Exhaustion, Simulacrum
8) 3 Known: 8/Day: Irresistible Dance, Trap The Soul, Incendiary Cloud, Demand
9) 3 Known: 8/Day: Energy Drain, Dominate Monster, Shape Change, Time Stop 
SKILLS (100)
- Bluff 37
- Fly 24
- Intimidate 37
- Knowledge (Arcana) 15
- Spellcraft 15
- Use Magic Device 37

Nagini Align: NE HD: 16D10+64 (152) Speed: 20, Climb, Swim 20
Class: Companion Race: Constrictor Senses: LLV, Scent
Initiative: 5 AC: 30 (10+15 +5) DR: 10/Good
STR: 32 (11) TOUCH: 15 FF: 15
CON: 18 (4) FORT: 14
DEX: 21 (5) REF: 15
INT: 3 (-3) WILL: 6 (+4 Devotion)
WIS: 12 (1) BAB: 16
CHA: 2 (-4) CMB: 28 (34 Grapple) CMD: 43
ATTACK: (Bite) +27/22 (1D6+16)
SPECIAL: PA: -5, +15, and Grab +34
• Power Attack
• Furious Focus
• Improved Grapple
• Greater Grapple
• Improved Unarmed Strike
• Rapid Grapple
• Sleeper Hold (DC: 29)
• Lunge
Resist: 15 Cold and Fire, Smite Good 1/Day (+16 on DMG rolls), SR: 21, Evasion, Improved Evasion, Multi-attack, Devotion, Link, and Share Spells
Perception: 20
Stealth: 20

Falcar wrote:
Basilisk is a giant (huge or gargantuan) advanced basilisk that is a snake rather than a lizard. Throw on a con damage poison and you have a Slytherin dungeon guard.

Not much of a dungeon guard . . . it was killed by a second year student flailing about with a pointy stick. Any competent wizard could have dropped it with the killing curse.

I did like your Lord Voldemort, though I'd contest that he's more an arcanist than a sorcerer, if anything. Wizards in the Rowlingverse clearly have a wide repertoire of spells, cast spontaneously. But likely that class didn't exist at the time. In any case, I was amused by Pathfinder Voldemort's hatred of non sorcerers. Made my day.

I must wonder at your decision to use the lamentably lackluster finger of death as a stand in for the considerably more frightening avada kedavra. Finger of death allows spell resistance, and a save, and on top of that deals hitpoint damage instead of outright killing follks. A far cry from the unblockable and unsurvivable killing curse.

But then, I don't think that there are any spells out there that kill with nothing more than an attack roll. Which is probably a good thing from a game balance perspective.

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To be fair, the second year was given an artifact and had a Phoenix (A CR 15 creature) help him out. Plus, have you see the threads where people use a few low level wizards to kill the Tarasque.

I think the Arcanist had just come out, so I was unfamiliar with it, Sorcerer made sense because they only really know a few spells, and can cast them freely without preparation. Voldemort was all about being a pure bloodline of magical families, so the class wth Bloodlines was a perfect fit.

Finger of Death was the closest I could find to an instant kill spell, perhaps a better one exists now being four years later. Pathfinder does not like instant death effects, Phantasmal killer is one, but it offers two saves and can be blocked by a variety of methods.

Rowling house elves are Pathfinder domovois.

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Wow, that is an excellent fit.

Thank you so much for sharing!! That’s a very detailed villain! Well done, Falcar!

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