is there a feat / item that......?

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Allows for fast reloading?

I know there's a weapon fusion where you put up to 400 UPBs in a weapon and it fabricates the ammo on the fly. Manufacturing I think it's called? It's in Pact Worlds.

Yup know about that one. But i dont have access to it. for how ever many lvls it will take to find it. Yep find a blue print for it. Because stores in our campaign are useless food depositories. And the gm is .... wont allow anything he does not want the party to have. a shame there is no feat like in pathfinder.

Can you get UPBs at all? A comm unit gives an internet connection where you can literally google the blueprint. UPBs are considered like currency according to their entry so getting them shouldn't be an issue. From there, you can craft any level item of your ranks in the relevant skill or less in 4 hours.

If he's going to be dickish be dickish back. Not exactly behaviour I try to encourage, but I do encourage imagination, and the system has enough restrictions on things you can get.

That’s a lot of homebrew making stores not sell any equipment and requiring blueprints for crafting

I was just being hyperbolic about only allowing food from stores you can also buy ammo and other basic goods. What he does not allow is anything might be magical or high tech that might enhance the character's abilities. Because only the gods and "fairies" < Circa 1500s fairies and not the fey > can bestow powerful items. That googling idea is a good one a shame i did not think of it.... ohh wait i did google esc programs do not exsist in starfinder but if they did they would be restricted behind paywalls or licenses. And dont bother trying to create your own magical items becausen if it is not in the book you can not create it. Well poop i am all salty again.

I know i know i should run away. But i need the social interaction and and this is the only game in town i can find.

I did try the googling route but there is not any internet at that time and i did not have computers as a skill.

ghostunderasheet wrote:
I did try the googling route but there is not any internet at that time and i did not have computers as a skill.

You don’t need a computers check to search the internet, you need the skill the information falls under, it’s an assisted knowledge check and it doesn’t really matter if you have it either since you can take 20 on the check if you’re not rushed

Edit all of this is in the rule book

Ghost's GM has been shown to be very..."freeform" with the rulebook, in a few other threads.

Maybe ghost should get his gm reading these threads

I would do that. If he did have the internet. I would suggest this whole Forum site to him. Like here is your new favorate place to keep tabs on and ask for suggestions/clarification. But i dont think the net has any intrest to him.

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Alternatively, I'd suggest finding a new GM. He/She sounds overly controlling, more than a little. Bluntly, Starfinder is a system built around the idea that most of the time, you can buy stuff you want. Not always, sure, but you should not need special GM dispensation in order to get level-appropriate equipment.

Or GM himself, and be the complete opposite of his game master: actually follow the Core Rule book.

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