Is it "Really" A Vampiric Touch

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The spell suggests,It's a negative energy attack in its name hence the word "Vampiric"
But the spell itself doesn't actually specify. Does the spell Vampiric Touch have a damage type? If so, What is it?

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I think there's been previous discussion on this. From what I remember, the belief is that it was purposely not made into a negative energy attack so that it can't heal undead and things with negative energy affinity. So, for example, a Necromancer can't cast Vampiric Touch on an undead creature to heal that creature and gain temporary hit points.

it does not deal typed damage and must target living creatures.

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Ah, yes. I forgot about the living creature touched in the target line. That prevents the necromancer trick as well, though it's still important that it's untyped damage, because of things like dhampirs, wayangs, and Bones oracles.

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