Approximate start date of the campaign?

Ruins of Azlant

Around what date in-world does this AP actually start? There are seasonal variances in weather according to the Gazetteer in book 2 and I'd like to keep track.

I had the same question. Unless otherwise specified, I'm starting mine in mid-march. Assuming "realistic" long distance boat travel logic, and the prior absence of trade ships between Almas and Ancorato, it makes sense that Ochymua caused the colony's disappearance in fall, and this is the first ship to make the voyage after the bad winter weather, so if they depart in early February, mid March seems reasonable. Plus it allows for plenty of nice weather in books 1 & 2.

Looking into this a bit more.
An important thing to consider is that the first ship landed 6 months earlier to establish the colony.

Reading the Gazetteer with a bit more thought to the details...
Winters can be cold, potentially reaching temperatures slightly below freezing on some nights, while hot & humid summer peaks can be difficult to breathe in, and late-summer through late-fall sees potential for violent storms.
Mid-March would put the original colonists landing in mid-September.
I'm thinking of reversing these times you suggested, giving the original colonists time to establish buildings and crops in good weather; to be ready before the cool, dry winter.

Makes for a slightly harsher time for the PCs and others arriving with them, but makes a bit more sense to me.

I also bumped that back to have the first ship arrive a full year previous.

A full year seems excessive. Certainly at least a supply ship would have arrived in that time. Also, Talmandor's Bounty would be much further along in construction at that point, and certain fixed encounters would possibly have already claimed some victims/been dealt with in that time.

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I didn't nail the campaign down to a particular start date to allow GMs to tweak things as they desired, but in my head I imagined it starting in mid to late spring.

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