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As requested in the latest update to the Pathfinder side of Archives of Nethys:

On the Archives of Nethys front page, Nethys wrote:
We have a couple new books for the Archives! Devin has been hard at work and helped complete Ultimate Wilderness, along with adding Merchant’s Manifest. In addition, I've completed a number of changes to support animal companions and their owners:
  • Feats for companions have been adjusted, going away from the static original list and updated to a new dynamic list that includes changes from UW and any other books which allow new feats on this list.
  • The companion pages have been updated - now the full list will only show a summary of each available companion; selecting the creature’s name (or the listed link) will take you to the full details for that companion. This also gives each option its own individual hyperlink (a much needed feature considering there are 176 of them now).
  • The paladin, ranger, and cavalier classes have been updated so their list of available companions will change dynamically if other books (like UW) add more.
  • Plant Companions are a new option in the Companions area.
In addition to all that, Herbs have been updated with new rules from UW.

With regards to all the new lists above that are meant to update "dynamically", please let me know if there were additions from other books beyond their original source or Ultimate Wilderness. We’ll be keeping an eye out going forward but there are a few hundred books to look back through, so if you happen to know and want to save me some time, please shoot me an email!

As for my call to developers on the last post, a couple of the first ones that reached out for me are currently working on a new prototype for a very comprehensive search that I can't wait to bring to the site. I won't need additional help at the moment, so thank you to everyone that sent me an email, and apologies if I haven't had a chance to respond yet! I've filed away many emails in the event I have need for future projects.

That’s it for tonight; an update to Starfinder should be coming next weekend, going to finish up the Core book (I hope) with Starships and more of the core rules. I'm a bit limited on time tonight so will not be making the usual announcements on other sites - if someone wishes to do so on my behalf, then enjoy the internet points for doing so! Thanks for all your support and enjoy the Archives!

Roc should be added to the list of Ranger companions

Rocs taken as animal companions by druids or rangers are typically newly hatched birds

Also, should be around the time that the May 2018 update comes out . . . .

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