ever got so mad while playing a board game or what not you wanted to flip a table?

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have any of you ever been this mad

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Nope. Nossir. No idea what you're talking about. Table was like that when I got here.

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I had my character do it in-game once.

The table was animated and awakened. It didn't end well.

Flipping the table is ridiculous and childish. I have never done it, and somebody who did it when gaming with me would not be invited back.

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A friend of mine once got so mad during a game of Risk he cut a die in half with a knife. :-O

This was before I met him.

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or ever wanted to lol

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My brother once got so mad he bit me.

But in fairness, he was five, and I probably deserved it.

The only time I got angry during a game we were playing in the living room of a friend, all of us sitting on chairs or the couch. Couldn't flip anything because I would not have had the strength to flip furniture if someone was sitting on it.. lol

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I personally in my much more energetic youth performed an action against a fellow player that could charitably be considered battery, and they were exceptionally polite about it and helped me cool down and then when clearer minds prevailed, accepted my apology.

There was a player in an organized play campaign Not PFS I was in that was so upset with a GM basically telling him 'no' and 'just roll with what I've got, it's cool for the module' ...and it was, even said player really got a chance to shine during it with their twinkery BS... that he *threw* a table about ten feet, it almost tilted over but fell back onto it's legs and nearly collapsed on landing.

...if only I had listened to my inner gut then rather than stuck around for another ten years of abusive behaviour by that player...

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Ugh. I would've walked right then. I am by nature not a violent person, but maybe I'd have punched him the ear as I walked by.

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Ditto. I've only once had a player do something like that in a game and that was the end of the session for that guy.

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...it wasn't helped that the person in question happened to be heavily enmeshed in the organized leadership structure.

So it became a battle of 'Do I abandon all my friends who are still playing in this to this entity or do I stick it out with them' OR 'Just walk away'.

About a year and a half ago, almost two years ago it became painfully obvious that simply being the same room with this person was causing me serious stress/illness, and I walked out and did not go back.

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Yes, I've tossed papers across the room in frustration at myself. I quite often make a plan of sequential events, and then forget to execute at least half of the steps and/or jump to some other idea. IOW, I'm easily flustered.

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I got into a fight with another player once, but he was asking for it, he's been nothing but rude to the whole table since the moment he walked into my friend's house, hogged all the drinks and snacks and hit on one of our female players very inappropriately to the point that she went to the toilet to calm down. So my friend asks him to leave, and this guy takes a swing at him. My friend has brittle bones disease so a mild tap can actually break his bones, so I proceed to use the guy as an impromptu broom and wipe the floor with him. Never regretted it for a second.

I've never been that mad. I enjoy it when I lose too.

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I have gotten very frustrated when a fight that should have lasted 5-10 rounds was over in 2, but I haven't been that mad since my hormonal teenage years.

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I once got very frustrated when the PCs talked their way out of TWO set piece battle encounters in ONE session!!! But I had to admire their resourcefulness.

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