The Lap Dogs of Hell

Hell's Rebels

The Sarinis make pretty good leaders of the Queensmen (Cheliax Citizen's Group thugs) in my campaign. I had the street war between the rebellion and the Queensmen start tonight by having a student protest after midterms be countered by a counter-parade of armed Queensmen. Again, there were Queensmen in disguise in the student protest, which had been stirred up by Asmodea Sarini from the Lady Docur School for Girls. The queensmen were led by the cowardly fake wizard, the heir apparent of the Sarinis, Ubaldo, and Valerius Sarini, the swashbuckler.

A street war with the Queensmen is a good way to fill out some of Book Two, which is all over the place and needs padding. It also brings the Sarinis more thoroughly in the spotlight earlier, and highlights class warfare if that kind of thing animates your rebellion.

See this thread for where they can go in the adventure:

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It certainly can come in handy to have an opposing NPC party during Book 4s epic showdown.


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