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So in the rulebook under the cover section, there's a picture of an ogre and adjacent to him, around a corner is Merisiel. So the ogre has reach and thus Merisiel is not supposed to have cover from him, right? Except no matter which corner of the ogre's space you use to draw a line for determining cover, one of the lines will always go through the wall next to Merisiel. If you use the top right square's top right corner, one line will run over the wall itself, the top left square's top left corner will also have a line that runs over the wall.

I'm confused here, how does Merisiel not have cover from the ogre?

Also, if Merisiel wanted to fire at Valeros (let's say the ogre wasn't there), would she be able to fire around the corner at him (from her current position) or does it provide any form of cover?

1: None of those lines go through the wall, they run along the wall.

2: She could fire along the corner without any cover, because the wall runs along that line and doesnt cross it.

Ah, the line running over the wall is not an issue!

Thanks man.

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