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DM_Cyclone wrote:

Page 207 - High Talon

Unless I'm missing something, this one has a few things off.

He is a 13th-level mesmerist but his caster level is only 12th. Also, he should have 5 3rd-level spells known but only has 4. His manifold tricks should be up to 4 tricks rather than 3. And the save DC for his glib lie ability should be 15 + class level = 28. Stat block has 27.

I'm guessing this one got caught between being 12th level and 13th level and some things didn't get updated.


- His speed should be listed as 30 ft. Elven chain is a light armor.
- Painful stare should have its damage listed as "(+9 or +6d6+6)". Notice the emphasis in bold. The Intense Pain feat increases painful stare damage by an extra +2d6 when the high talon applies it to his own attack OR an extra +3 damage when applying it to an ally's attack. The +3 damage DOES NOT also transfer to the mesmerist's application to their attack, hence it should be 6d6+6.

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Aetherweb wrote:

pg 23, sadistic healer

special attacks Channel negative energy 5/day (DC 14, 2d6)


special attacks Channel negative energy 5/day (DC 18, 2d6)
*10 + 1/2 the cleric’s level + the cleric’s Charisma modifier + Improved Channel*

Channel DC is correct as written. The cleric's Cha modifier is +0, not +4. I think you were looking at his Wisdom modifier by mistake.

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Pg. 8 - Appearance of life, greater

A couple things on this:

1) The standard version of this spell from Occult Adventures has it with the evil descriptor. Not sure why it was omitted from this version of the spell since the overall effect is exactly the same only better. One argument could be made that the standard spell shouldn't even have the evil descriptor to begin with since disguising an undead creature as living isn't inherently evil, technically.

2) The first part of this spell's description says "This spell functions as appearance of life". It's unclear if this means that this greater version of the spell also inherits the standard version's ability to be made permanent with a permanency spell. If it can (and I really don't see why it couldn't considering the overall effect is essentially the same), then one estimation would be to allow it at CL 15th and have it cost 17,500 gp (these values are based off of the spell create mindscape, greater, whose standard version has the same permanency CL and cost requirements as appearance of life, and is exactly 2 spell levels higher than its standard version, just like this spell)

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Pg. 8 - Blush of youth occult ritual

This occult ritual is missing its Target/Effect/Area line. It should be something along the lines of:

"Targets all restrained living creatures within 10 feet of the primary caster".

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Pg. 32 - Aerialist's rod

This rod, which reminds me a lot of Daredevil's baton, has three buttons on it that when pressed allow it to do different things. One thing the description doesn't mention is the action needed to press them. Is it a free action? A swift action?

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Strife2002 wrote:

Pg. 8 - Appearance of life, greater

A couple things on this:

1) The standard version of this spell from Occult Adventures has it with the evil descriptor. Not sure why it was omitted from this version of the spell since the overall effect is exactly the same only better. One argument could be made that the standard spell shouldn't even have the evil descriptor to begin with since disguising an undead creature as living isn't inherently evil, technically.

Oops, meant to say the standard version is in Horror Adventures.

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Pg. 45 - Escape alarm spell

This spell says it functions as alarm except as noted in the description. One thing that isn't clear is if escape alarm can therefore be made permanent with a permanency spell the same way alarm can.

If it can, my suggestion would be at CL 10th, and cost 5,000 gp. That seems to be next step up from CL 9th and costing 2,500 gp, like alarm does. I figured it should have a higher CL and cost requirement than alarm considering it's a 2nd-level spell, and it covers a much wider area than alarm. I also used obscured script as an example to compare it to, seeing as it's also a 2nd-level spell and has the same duration (24 hours) as escape alarm.

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chopswil wrote:


Feat Count: Computed: 9 Stat Block: 10
0 classes +8 Hit Dice +1 Race

Feat Pre Req: Quick Drag is missing prereq feat Improved Drag

While it's true that this character has 1-too-many feats, Quick Drag is fine as far as prereqs are concerned. The new feat Balor Whip has a special note saying it can replace Improved Drag as a prereq for Quick Drag.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 104 - Ascetic mystery

The missing final revelation has already been talked about and remedied in this thread, but it's also worth mentioning that this mystery has 2 fewer revelations than every other mystery, which have 10 while this has 8. The only other Mystery with less than 10 that I've found is the Juju mystery (from Faiths and Philosophies, not the one of the same name in Serpent's Skull: City of Seven Spears), which has 9. I haven't looked through all books yet so there may yet be more.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 116 - Shoddy item

The shoddy item description mentions how items, weapons, and armor are affected, but doesn't mention shields specifically. Are shields treated like both weapons AND armor, or just one or the other? For instance, would a shoddy shield take damage like armor does when the wielder is hit (assuming the shield is being used at the time)? And would it also take damage when used like a weapon to perform a shield bash?

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Pg. 117 - Fool's gold spell

This spell should have the glamer subschool.

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Pg. 140 - Various atavism totem rage powers

In addition to the level prerequisite for these three rage powers, they also need to list the following prerequisites:

Atavism Totem (Su): Requires the lesser atavism totem rage power.

Atavism Totem, Lesser (Su): Requires the barbarian or skald not have any other type of totem rage power, as per the rules for totem rage powers.

Atavism Totem, Greater (Su): Requires the atavism totem rage power.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 140 - Burning entanglement spell

This spell needs the fire descriptor.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 165 - Sand table spell

A number of things:

1) This spell doesn't specify the exact size of the area the scale model created represents. It simply says it's a scale model "of the battlefield surrounding your position." By that text it appears to just hand-wave the size of it all and just means "big enough for whatever battlefield you're at". That's probably fine for most games, but I can expect some back-and-forth between GMs and players for particularly enormous battlefields, like any battlefield in the Abyss, for instance.

2) This spell is missing its Target/Area/Effect line. It should probably be:

"Effect One topographically-accurate map created from sand (see text)"

3) This is more my own opinion, but I'd like to just point out how strange it is this spell doesn't have an expensive material component. A lot of divination spells do. This spell provides a very unique tactical advantage, and there'd be no reason a commander couldn't just have it "always on" by continuously casting or having it cast 10 minutes before the last casting's duration expires, and even more so if it's for free.

Grand Lodge

Pg. 176 - Two-fanged pounce rage power

Two things about this rage power:

1) It's weird that the Two-Weapon Fighting feat isn't a prereq. for this rage power. Not necessarily impossible to use without it, and it's common sense to have it for any dual-wielding barbarian or skald that takes this rage power in the first place, but it's just weird nonetheless.

2) Another not-necessarily-wrong-but-still-weird thing is how the first sentence unnecessarily shoehorns the barbarian or skald into only being able to use daggers, kukris, or punching daggers with this rage power, and not using language like "or other light piercing or slashing weapons." Weapons like spiked gauntlets, sickles, wooden stakes, throwing axes (used in melee), handaxes, light picks, starknives, short swords, kamas, sianghams, swordbreaker daggers, spring blades, dogslicers, butterfly swords, iron brushes, kerambits, lungchuan tamo, shang gou, gladiuses, knuckle axes, leather and steel madus, patas, quadrens, sicas, switchblade knives, war razors, butterfly knives, dwarven maulaxes (slashing only), brass knives, hook hands (sucks to be you if you've got two), boarding axes, spider-leg sickles, and even natural claws are left out.

That list above is silly to include, and I left out things like scorpion whips and cat-o-nine-tails, but you get my point. It also doesn't specify what happens if you've got a mixture of two weapons. Can I use the rage power if I've got a punching dagger in one hand and a kukri in the other?

Grand Lodge

Pg. 182 - Fiend-born rager

Not an error so much as something I've never seen before in a stat block, so it stands out. This bloodrager has an archetype that replaces spellcasting. The spellcasting section is usually where the bloodline is listed. Because it's been replaced, context clues are the only evidence we have to go by that this bloodrager has the abyssal bloodline (such as demonic bulk in the special qualities line).

Grand Lodge

Pg. 188 - New weapons

The new weapons in this section leave out what category of "handedness" they are. Going by Player Companion: Pirates of the Inner Sea, cutlasses are one-handed weapons, and hook hands are light weapons.

Note that a hook hand presumes the wrist joint is intact. If the wrist joint is not intact, the character will need to use a prosthetic instead, also detailed in Pirates of the Inner Sea.

Finally, the hook hand's description leaves out that attaching or detaching a hook hand takes 1 minute.

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