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I started a campaign last night and put up a placeholder post in the gameplay thread just to get things started, and then deleted said placeholder post, which went fine.

Now I can't seem to post to the gameplay thread at all. I've tried posting with multiple of my aliases. I receive no error messages-- I click submit and it goes through loading the page as normal, but nothing has shown up as a result.

Thanks for your help, web gurus!

Yeah, you can't delete the first post of the gameplay thread without borking it. You know you don't have to create a gameplay thread to create a campaign, right? You can just coast along in Discussion until you're ready to start.

Honestly, web team, this happens often enough you might consider putting a note at the top of a new Play-by-Post thread warning GMs not to delete the first post.

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I wanted a gameplay thread/post so people could dot for purposes of having discussion show up in their campaigns listing. Apparently, everyone is able to still dot it right now, but nobody's dot posting is showing in gameplay either.

Ah. Well, yeah, in that case, you'd just dot with your own dot and not delete it. I think the only way Paizo can fix it is to disconnect the gameplay thread and let you start a new one, so you'll all be re-dotting come Monday anyway.

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Heh, well then. Cheers for the response, anyway.

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I've gone ahead and unset the deleted thread from your campaign. You should be good to go now :)

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Thank you!

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