Noticing Odd Pattern for 5e 3pp releases

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So far, I have seen that a vast majority of releases from 5th edition, including kickstarters and OBS offerings, have been adventures.

There is very little in the way of player options, monsters, or settings (Thule and Legendary Planet notwithstanding).

Are adventures easier in a legal sense? If so, are publishers simply shy about providing other material? What are your thoughts?

I wonder...

perhaps 'balance' is harder to get from a newer edition, or 3pp are afraid to have their new classes invalidated by the inevitable release of new classes by WotC in the near future?

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I personally think it is a really good thing. I hope it is reflective of a change in the zeitgeist.

Yeah. There are enough classes, spells in core
Shorter adventures are what is missing, IMO

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Until there is an official OGL from Wizards, 3PP must be very careful how they handle '5E compatible' releases. Adventures tend to be more about story and rather light on crunch which means adventures are easier (and less frightening legally!) to release and still play the 'skirt the compatible with 5E' game.

Once an actual 5E OGL is finally released, you'll see much more typical 5E content

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