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Human Fighter wrote:

It's really hard to come up with what a fighter does better that would fit a concept, because they really don't do much better. You might get to do some things sooner, but eventually another class can do it and do it better.

I have an archer fighter, and after the Slayer came out, I only stick with him because Pin down is a level 11 fighter only feat.

I personally feel Slayer is just way better than the fighter, but I still play the fighter because I have a mental disorder I guess.

Well, you'd need a new alias too. ^_^

I should add that the archetypes have unique things, and that could possibly be where you come up with an unique concept. I originally took Archer Fighter just for the Safe Shot ability (so I didn't have to take Point Blank Master), but the trick shot ability can be pretty funny and confusing to people when I use it.

@Kalindlara, I've been human fighter since 3E came out, and had never played anything else until the ACG playtest where I made a Slayer. I would have done a Ranger before, but I cringe at playing a class that has magic.

Rynjin wrote:

He makes a really good flexible Feat user who can down a Mutagen to make himself buff and then throw down alongside his Familiar in tag team combat.

Can you elaborate on this?

I know one os the mutagen archetype in ACG but whats the familiar one? Familiar folio?

Eldritch Guardian is the archetype that gives a familiar.

It's pretty sweet. Trade your first 2 feats for a familiar of your level that shares your combat feats, and trade the Bravery bonus for an equal bonus against Fear AND Mind Affecting effects.

Combining it with Mutation Warrior and Martial Master is hilarious (not to mention pretty good). Which is what Rynjin was suggesting.

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Petty Alchemy wrote:

Melee combat isn't exactly a rich, diverse experience in Pathfinder. The Style feats are pretty neat, but most of the time you can just categorize weapons as so:


There ends the variation in (mundane) martial techniques. Sure, there are combat maneuvers, but you have to dedicate to them to expect success, and sometimes monsters are just immune (especially common to have Disarm be useless as nearly all monsters use natural weapons). Worst of all, you have to give up an attack to attempt them, while common animals can do damage and trip, or do damage and grapple.

It's always mind-boggling for me that animals do that better (and thus Eidolons who can evolve Trip and Grab and Push and Pull onto their natural attacks).

There should be at least feats for martials to do the same, maybe with a modest -2 to hit or something (if it's too scary to allow without cost).

There's technically six ranges of combat.

Thrown Weapon.
Pure Missile Weapon.
Extreme Long Range/Siege Weaponry.

The Fighter has difficulty being good in more then one.
Other classes are basically equally good at all of them.

And they get damage bonuses at level 1, and fighters wait until 5th.



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Ok this is not meant to be a rage thing or a hate thread or whatever, I am legitimately curious of this.

What concept does the fighter cover tjat other classes just don't do better? Between Cavalier, Brawler, Slayer, Ranger, Barbarian, and swashbuckler I dont see what he has. Oh and even worse, thematically a magus does the whole "warrior with sacred weapon thing" better tha the fighter as well...

I think it fills the role of being a very easy class to build and understand for beginners, very casual players, or people who just want to hit things with a sword without fiddling with a lot of class stuff.

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I don't think Seige combat is worth counting. It's basically a separate minigame.

My point is that you fight the same with a longsword as with a battleaxe as with a greatsword etc.

Using a halberd is different, but ultimately the same as a glaive, etc.

And ranged weaponry is basically the same as well (anyone focusing on crossbows/firearms will scale the hurdles to full attack as soon as possible). Firearms are the most different of ranged weapons I guess, with real distinction against bows/bolts/thrown weapons.

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Thrown vs ranged is a separate distinction because you don't have to draw a launcher, and often, the weapon is already in hand (dagger, hand axe, spear, javelin, whatever). So it's possible to get off a full attack action at an opponent out of range, without pulling out a bow or crossbow. You can also do it one-handed, and so keep another weapon in hand in case you are charged or something.

Yeah, extreme long range is indeed its own category, but its still an aspect of warfare, and fighters would normally be the one to address it, amongst all the classes...and they just kinda can't.


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