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Have you heard from others gamers that the print run of some of the pawns in these boxes weren't set right? I had that issues and when I puched some of mine out (about 12-15 per box), I lost a fifth of the monster outline once I punched them out. I believe this could be a print issue. Do you guys have a plan to have the printer QC it more thoroughly in the future?


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If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, it's not an error.

We try to present the illustrations scaled appropriately to one another, and since the pawns themselves are of a consistent size, it means that illustrations that are wide extend off the sides, and images that are tall extend off the top. (If we scaled all the images to fit entirely within the pawn surface, illustrations that are tall or wide would have to be scaled too small.)

In cases where the image extends outside the pawn, we make sure it extends by a few millimeters, because the die that's used to cut the cardboard can shift a little bit, and we want to make sure that when it does, you're not left with a sliver of white at the edge of the image. So if you're looking at the bit of cardboard that's left after you punch out all the pawns, and you see bits of image, that's not a mistake—it's desirable and necessary. (It's called bleed.)

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Well, the error I encountered with a sheet from the Bestiary 2 had nothing to do with the picture. Instead, one sheet was not in English. Every other sheet was good. Like, instead of a pawn reading "Giant Maggot" I have "Mouche, Ver Geant"

Me, with Bestiary I, i didn´t got the last sheet of pawns, and instead, got the penultimate duplicated.
I´m waiting for the issue to be resolved.

And it was resolved. Thanks Paizo!

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