Monk / Geisha NPC Build Help


Silver Crusade

First off, any Pathfinder book minus the ARG, please.
This is an NPC build, one half of a BBEG duo. The following is set in stone, no changes for this part, please...

Human Bard (Geisha) 1 (9 section whip as proficient), Monk (MoMS) 2
Level 1 for Monk for Dodge, Crane Style and bonus Crane Wing
Level 2 for Bard
Level 3 for Monk for Weapon Focus 9section whip and bonus Crane Riposte

She is the master and (haha...) bodyguard of a Level ?? Half Orc Magician Bard.

Advice question 1: What level/CR would be a good "sweet spot" for these 2 to appear in a campaign (lets keep them evenly leveled and under level 13, please)?

Advice question 2: Finish off her build to make her an optimized melee defender/damage dealer type. Nothing wrong with pure fighter levels, really, but anything else would be considered.

Happy building!!

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