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Planning to create a fey PC (yess a tiny fey)
Need some ideas for:

Class (i was thinking of wizard, witch or druid)
Spells combos that grant funny gag
Other tips

Tetori Monk. There's no size limit for grappling.

i really thank you, but for my roleplaying will be better a caster

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A witch focusing on Enchantment spells.

Slumber hex is strong as crap and fey love illusions and enchantment spells. So it can fit into typical favor.

thank you fruian!

i can't find pictures of fey like: atomie, sprite, killmoulis or tooth fairy.. which fits better?

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Well you can have a Fey template or go with a creature that has already been created.


Nymphs are beautiful and cool.

Mockingfey is a tiny flyer but cha based Su mock.

Pixies are always a strong choice.

Sprites are Diminutive unfortunately and would be hard to pull off.

Satyr are really cool like Goat people.

Tooth Fairy is also Diminutive but if you don't mind being the size of an insect go for it.

Faerie Seers are strong options.

Dryad are medium and would work well in a theme that deals with outdoors.

Battle Imp is powerful

If the Faerie dragon wasn't a dragon I would recommend it.

My recommendation is either:
Satyr, Pixie, Nymph, Dryad, or Battle Imp

and what about atomie?
i think being diminutive will not be a problem... i'll be casting all times.. for fighting in melee or carry on something there's a barbarian u.u

I love atomie. I do not love them for spell casting because it does go so against what I like about them. Their write up is all about being a little dog that thinks its a big dog.

All that being said, from a pure numbers perspective, they would be amazing charisma based casters.

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