How visible should Flags be on a character?

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Now, watching FRANKIEonPCin1080p's Day Z machinima series, something has popped up repeatedly.

You gain an appearance based upon your actions. Heroic Players get a specific shirt and pants, Bandits all share a similar outfit, etc etc.

Should a 'Flag' basically skin a character with a generic 'outfit'? Basically, get a 'Thief' flag, your character adopts a generic costume fr the duration, or should it be a big, floating icon over the character's head that's basically saying "Pinata Here"?

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I'd be happy with a red name to show they're Hostile, and a right-click option to see why.

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Changing apparel would be counter-productive to the MTX at least

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I agree with nihimon, red name or some other hostile indication is all that is needed. Right click for info to see what is causing them to be "red" is fine for the details.

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Not a fan of the idea of an appearance changing outside of a players choice. Messes with RP.

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