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Hey forums,

So now that I'm working a Monday to Friday, 9-5 type schedule I find that my Saturdays are curiously empty. I've lived in town but kept myself busy enough with work for the past six or so years that I still don't know many people. Anyway! Short version is I'm hoping to find a Pathfinder (though D&D 3.5 would do. Mechwarrior/Battletech would be awesome but unlikely. Over all, though, honestly not that picky. =) that I could get into on Saturdays here in the general area.

Thanks in advance!

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My friends & I play a bi-weekly Pathfinder game out at Game Cafe in Independence every other Monday evening. You are welcome to check it out. What part of KC are you generally found in?


I live in Waldo, work in the northland, do quite a bit of my shopping in the OP area, and generally game down in Lee's Summit (board game night and such). So, uh, in short... all over. Plus I'm willing to make a drive to most anywhere in the general metro area. Getting out to Lawrence or up to Fort Leavenworth or such would be a bit further, but I'm sort of not sure if those are even technically in the metro. (=


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Also, have you tried contacting the RPGKC? They've been around for a long time & have a monthly game day. The next one is on the 12th of October, at Game Cafe as it happens.

Yeah, I saw that and there's not much on their page other than that one game day, really. May well check it out if I don't find something else for Saturdays by then, either way.


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I live in the Lenexa area and work downtown KC, but getting to Independence on a weeknight isn't really in the cards for me, due to schedule.

There's a couple of groups on the Meetup website, but they play a lot of AD&D, or 4.0, I think. Haven't seen any real Pathfinder ones, except a few PFS here and there.

I'm looking for 2-3 players for either "Throne of Night" by Fire Mountain games or Shadowrun. We play Friday nights 6-10ish pm in the Olathe area of the metro. Shoot me a message if interested.

We already have 3 players plus a GM.

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Looking for players for Pathfinder in Blue Springs MO area:


Grand Lodge


I saw someone on the forums talk about visiting Kansas City and I figured I'd look around the forums for anyone else looking for PFS in the Kansas City region.

There is a yahoo group set up to help us organize tables around the KC area and acts as a local message board also.

Kansas City PFS

Hopefully this helps bring some more people to our forums and lets you see what all is going on in the area.


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