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Shadow Lodge 3/5

I post pretty regularly about the chat room we've got at

There's a scheduler almost identical to warhorn (which has its pros and cons in comparison). (set up by Ballig)

There's an ideal scenario finder where if people mark off scenarios they've played and GM'd, they won't get invites to slots with those scenarios, but they'll be notified if a scenario they haven't played is scheduled. These notifications can be turned off if you don't want them. (this one was set up by Ballig, inspired by Mekkis' earlier IRC-command-line design)

I'm looking for more GMs and more players and more feedback.

There's been something of a divide between the online community as a whole which starts with timezone problems and I'd like to find a way to alleviate that.

Ironhelixx did something pretty incredible a while ago by offering to run every scenario starting from season 0 to season 4, in order, which appealed to almost everyone.

Part of the solution is going to be bring together more GMs from more timezones (as well encourage more players to give GMing a go - the online space is a fantastic way to get started).

There was talk about wanting a chat room - we have one, and it's growing, especially since that post was made. It is already multicultural and it caters to people who play in "EST" whether it's American EST or Australian EST, whether you stay up during the day or you like pulling all-nighters.

Come in and become part of the community, join the chat room, let's talk some Pathfinder Society. We do it all the time, join the conversation and let's grow it. If you're player, come play; if you're a GM, or you've been thinking about GMing, give it a go, ask for advice.

Scarab Sages 2/5

I am a 1 star GM whose ready to start online GMing. But I first want to see how one is ran on the PhP forms before i start posting.

I am located in Japan, where i can't get down to Tokyo to run a weekly game, or i would try to become the VC of Japan.

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