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Hello Paizo Fans!

I'm going to work on a Guide to the Builds, a repository for all the great builds that we have seen here on the forum in the past years. Hopefully, it will include the likes of AM Barbarian, Alchy Amy, and the hordes of builds that messageboard superstars have come up with.

For now, the guide is going to take the form of a google doc, which can be found here.

What I would like from you: Please add links to your favorite builds in this thread, or in the comments section of the google doc. If the build is on Paizo messageboards, then I will probably add it into the guide. However, if the builds are hosted off site, then I will ask for permission from the author before hosting them.

If you are an author and you would like more people to see your builds, please respond to this thread with the appropriate links.

For right now just send me everything you can. But for those people making new builds, I think this is what people will want:

What an ideal build looks like:

The Perfect Build will have four things:

1: It will be be hosted externally in pdf or google doc format with a stable link. Ideally, it will not be in a thread. However, I realize that most builds are, right now, in threads, so don’t be afraid to send me those.
2: It will have a feat advancement list, showing what feats are taken at each level.
3: It will have a short paragraph or two explaining what the build does, and why it chose what it did.
4: It is either a good build, or it is an interesting build. This should be explained in your paragraph.

Builds also get extra credit for having the any of the following things:

5: Items that the player should buy.
6: What the build looks like at some important level.
7: It must be well-written, and well organized.

Any build that has at least three of the first four, and at least one of the extra credit, will get a little star by it to mark it as a great build!

That's all for now! Hopefully we can get a good list going right away.

Guide to the Builds


Scarab Sages

Sweet. Concider this bookmarked. Thanks!


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Is this out of date then?


Dotting. I'll add this link as well. It's not my build, but it's a very a good one!

The creator/Author is a poster on these forums so they should be easy to track down and get permission.

One. A Zen Archer

Tried to find a laid out Scout/Thug Sap Mastery Line Rogue built out somewhere, but couldn't find it at first glance. A good one though, maybe someone else will be able to find it.

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@CFet Guide to the Class Guides is very much in date - it has a bunch of guides, and it incredibly useful!

This thread, and, eventually, google doc, is going to be a repository for builds.

Sczarni RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

I'm interested in seeing this grow. I'll try to help as much as I can.

Not sure if these count but in my last post in this thread is my proto build. If you want I am currently finishing them into a Stat Block.

Twin Fighters: TWW & Archer Archetype.

Can I just email you a bunch of my builds? I've posted so many I don't know if I can find them all. All of my builds are built one level at a time but I don't have them broken down like that. I use Hero Lab and I don't always save each level. I just make sure everything lines up rules-wise as I build them.


@Bob_Loblaw: Why don't you put them into Google Docs then make a ToC of sorts in another Google Doc then link to the ToC doc here?

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So, while the Guide to Guides is a compilation of general advice overall for an entire class, the Guide to the Builds is a compilation of specific builds with a focused purpose (likely involving multiclassing).

Sounds neat!

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Yup, to reiterate a few of my earlier points:

Please have your posts hosted online in a pdf or google doc format. Then, just add the link to this thread, and a short, one sentence synopsis ("Level 15 Half-Elf Wizard who focuses on fireballs" or "Level 20 Human Invulnerable Rager Barbarian who focuses on soaking up hits.")

Only post builds that are interesting or great - if you have a million builds, just post the ones that other people will want to look at.

@Dust Raven - I am going to organize it by class (and probably in multiple classes for true multi-classers). The guides present comprehensive suggestions and tips for playing a class. This thread and google doc are for specific builds of classes.

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Bump! Who has builds for linking?

Anyone got a good Stat Block design for Google Docs?

Meh, I guess I'll go ahead and submit my Mr. Hyde Alchemist build...

Making A Monster - Alchemist Style

Just finished it so I hope it still qualifies :P

@Duskblade: I think it is supposed to be in an external file.

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I'm accepting threads and external files for now, thought the preference is for external files. There are so many builds on the forums already that I don't want to force people to convert them.

So, for now, builds in threads are good, as long as the build is either good or interesting.

I'm dotting this for the sake of spreading the Outer Plane masters will be pleased...

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Added a handful of builds, looking for more. Feel free to link impressive builds you have seen, even if they aren't yours! This is a community resource, so don't be shy.

Guide to the Classes

Maybe work with Ravingdork to get some of his builds included as well?

A natural would be the Wizard(Admixture((or Teleportation))19/Cross-Blooded Tattoed Sorcerer(1) with Orc/Draconic Bloodlines.

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I've asked Ravingdork, but he wants to hold off for now. He said he'll let me know around christmas, so I'm hopeful.

Admixture Wizard with Orc/Draconic Sorcerer Build is a natural - I just haven't found it anywhere. Do you know if anybody has written it up fully?

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Added another handful. Now we've got some alchemists, barbarians, fighters, gunslingers, monks, paladins, rogues, sorcerers, summoners, and a wizards. Looking for more!

I remember seeing some interesting druid builds on the forums, taking advantage of massive natural attacks... Any ideas?

Magus and Witch builds are also in high demand, so looking for those.

Guide to the Classes

I may submit a Samurai build or two - I've been playing with those, and have some fun ideas around here somewhere.

I have Magus and Witch builds. I will try and digitize them soon.


I may revise Hogtie Hank for this.

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Excited to see those builds!

Here is a Google Doc Build Template you can use. It has all the bells and whistles, so feel free to cut down on it a bit.

Model Build Template

Guide to the Builds

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Added a handful more.

I don't suppose you could Make it to where we could save a copy of the template?

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Try this Copy of Model Build Template

Can you go to file, make a copy?

Can't make a Google Docs copy but I can save it to my HDD and copy it into a Docs.

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Interesting. Anybody have any ideas?

Can you at least copy/paste over the text?

When I downloaded it I can.

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Bump - Link me some builds!

Ok, well I found a link to a master of many styles monk build that looked like it could be fun. However it wasn't built all the way to 20. So perhaps someone more skilled in building, would be willing to finish it and / or make it better so that it can be added to the build guide.

Build found here:
Partial Master of Many Styles Monk Build

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Added a Classic Ninja and a negative channeling cleric.

Guide to the Builds

Remembered this fun one. Kitsune Enchanting Sorcerer by Mercurial, found here: Kitsune Enchanter Sorcerer

The more finished version is mid way through, timed at August 21, 2012 9:53pm

Pulls some pretty impressive enchanting stats.

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Great find! DC 36 for dominate person at level 17 is pretty hefty! Added

I'm working on my Champion of Irori build here: Irori's Champion

Basically its a build that lets you smite every enemy you encounter, and also has great saves/AC.

I'm not sure that its a shoo-in to the guide to the builds, but it would be nice to hear what people think.

Disclaimer: I've only plotted out the lvl 1-10 progression so far. More incoming after I've received comments, I suppose.


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Looks interesting! Be sure to link when the build is completed and I'll put it in the guide.

Broken Zenith wrote:

Added a Classic Ninja and a negative channeling cleric.

Guide to the Builds

Unfortunately, you can only take extra channel once!

May I suggest that one of the feats be Shatter Resolve from Faiths of Corruption. This would require a change of alignment (to true neutral or any evil) and a deity change to Urgathoa (a requirement of the feat.) Now your Channels have a chance to make opponents Shaken as well as the regular damage.

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@ Mirrel: Wow! That's unfortunate! Shatter Resolve is pretty awesome though. Where are you getting that extra channel can only be taken once?

Here is a build I am working on and hopefully will be able to take up to Level 20 soon.

So Irori's champion is statted up to 20th level.

Hopefully it qualifies for a place in your guide.


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Very nice and interesting build! Added! Here is what I said, please let me know if you want a different one liner:

"Aasimar Champion of Irori who dips into Cleric, Paladin, and Monk to get amazing saves, AC and a good attack routine, especially against evil or chaotic creatures."


Sounds good, but how about changing it a wee bit to:

"Irori's Champion: An Aasimar Champion of Irori that has 20+ uses of smite evil/smite chaos/day, amazing saves, AC and an amazing attack routine, especially against evil or chaotic creatures."


Hmm, there's probably not as much utility as this, but would you consider adding 'teams' to your build list?

I enjoy theorycrafting builds every so often, but I also like to make builds that do interesting and nasty things as a group. This also means I can fool around with knowledge skills and the like, so that the various group members don't overlap their skills.

For instance, there's the oracle of nature power 'friend to the animals', which offers the outrageous +Cha to saves on all animals within 30 ft. So, the more animal companions you can pack close together, the better the power. Thus, I made an 'Elfquest team' composed of a halfling oracle of nature, a halfling cavalier (order of the paw), a halfling urban ranger (for the trapfinding), and a halfling sylvan sorcerer, all of whom get to ride on wolves by 4th level.

Would things like that be something you'd post to your guide?

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@ Prototype: Changed!

@ Ohako: That stuff is very interesting, but probably is worthy of its own guide. A "Party Synergy' guide. If there is enough support I'd write up a guide for it, but I'd want more information/examples. I've started a thread here and posted your example as a starting point (giving you credit of course). Feel free to head over there and offer more suggestions!

Party Synergy Thread

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