How does flying work in a winding hallway?

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I was doing some PFS this weekend and a creature that could fly 60 flew through a corridor taking like 8 turns and traveling 24 squares. I argues that taking the 90 degree corners would take up mor emovement but I was told I was wrong and that flying worked that way in 3.5.

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Each 90 degree turn requires a fly check of DC 15 (most perfect mobility creatures should be able to take 1 on this check), but comes at the cost of 5 feet of movement. This creature can normally move 24 squares, but if it makes eight 90 degree turns then that shaves it down to 16 squares. This is still pretty spectacular, but it is a sizeable chunk off its movement.

Thats what I thought, thanks.

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Our GM described a Gargoyle as nearly flying into columns before ricocheting off to continue flying. Guess that would be a good description for a hallway, too.


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