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Here is an idea for an alternate set of firearm misfire rules that is more aligned with the pathfinder rules for breaking and destroying objects. I have not tried them yet (I use a set of misfire rules in my game that are aligned with the RAW for pathfinder firearm misfires).

When a firearm attack roll is equal to or less than its misfire value, the firearm misfires and takes damage. The damage taken is equal to 1d6 for 1 handed fire arms, and 2d6 for 2 handed firearms. (Alternately equal to the base damage of the firearm, so a musket takes 1d12, and a pistol takes 1d8.) Non-magical one handed firearms have 5 hit points, and non-magical two handed firearms have 10 hit points. They also have hardness 5, but hardness is ignored for damage taken from a misfire.

If a firearm is reduced to 1/2 its hit points or fewer, it gains the broken condition. The misfire chance for firearms with the broken condition increases by 4.

If a firearm is reduced to 0 or fewer hit points it explodes. Non-magical firearms are destroyed, and magic firearms are wrecked (as per the rules for breaking objects).

This way, magical firearms can misfire more often, and not become broken. Also its easy to figure out what happens to partially sundered firearms that misfire.

Finally it adds a little extra excitement to using a non-magical firearm, in that if you are unlucky, a single misfire can cause an explosion.

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