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Liberty's Edge

Rise of the Runelords - completed
Curse of the Crimson Throne - completed

Legacy of Fire - on book 5
Carrion Crown - book 2
Shackled City - Legacy of Demonskar
Jade Regent - book 3

we play 3-4 times a week but not always D&D

RotRL - Played to Book 3 and enjoyed the AP
CotCT - Played from Book 3 to finish
LoF - DMing on Book 6 and will probably finish in a month
KM - DMing just about to start Book 5
SS - Playing; Just about to finish Book 1
CC - Playing; Just about to finish Book 2

I DM 3 days and play 2 days.

Lots of interesting data in this thread.

If it wouldn't be too much trouble though...

If you've posted in this thread reply and quote your original post and add how long your campaigns took and how frequently (on average) you played.

Sovereign Court

Ran Shackled City All the way Through to the end (5 years)
I'm running
Council of Thieves currently in part 5 of 6 (nearly done)
Savage Tides (Only 3 more of 12 to go)
My Wife previously ran Age of Worms which only got to 12th level before we stopped. (I played in this)

We play alternating weeks from roughly 7:30 to 10pm.

So one battle currently in Savage Tides takes roughly 3-5 sessions (unless the PC's utterly devastate the encounter)

I would like to play in a campaign again but the opportunity to play Pathfinder doesn't come up as much.

Playing usually Bi-Weekly

Shackled City - TPK in Demonskar.
Age of Worms - Finished HoHR, but.... From here on began my own Time of Troubles in which my home group (25+ years playing together) had a changing roster of players, people got married, moved out of state, had babies, etc. (My home group is now dead atm :( ) .....
Savage Tide - up to SWW. Our host player (and my best pal) moved to the west coast.
Rise of the Runelords - TPK at the end of Burnt Offerings (my fault on doing Shadow conversions on the fly from 3.5)
Kingmaker - Up to the Stag Lord, lost our place to play yet again as that host player got married to someone he met in Japan.

We completed a buttload of older 3.0/3.5 stuff (lotsa Necro stuff, Expedition to RL, A ton of Dungeon mag one shots, etc.) but never a full fledged AP campaign.

As we got older, our RL schedules began to conflict more often until we eventually folded. I miss my home games.

#1) Dm'd Age of Worms, Start to Finish. (Completed)
#2) Played in Savage Tide, Start to Finish. (Completed)
#3) Ran RotRL, Start to Finish (Completed)
#4) Ran Age of Worms again, ended at Module 10/12
#5) Ran Legacy of Fire, ended at Module 4/6.
#6) Playing in Savage Tide again, in module 12/12
#7) Ran Council of Thieves, Start to Finish (Completed)
And now, I'm playing in Kingmaker and getting ready to run Carrion Crown...
But Overall, I've completed 4 Adventure Paths.

Blue_Hill wrote:
I have ran Rise of the Runelords twice and Curse of the Crimson Throne once. Now I'm running Second Darkness that will reach its ending in couple of months. I have played Second Darkness and Council of Thieves as players. So my count is five APs, soon six. My journey with Pathfinder started summer 2009 so I think that is nice number of finished APs.

RotRL: first campaign took about 8 months, playing weekly (4-6 hours per session). Second about 14 months, playing weekly with some longer pauses (4-5 hours).

CotCT: We palyed this really fast, about 6 months. We plaeyd weekly, 4-5 hours long sessions.
SD: when I played this, it took about 5 months. I don't remember how often we played, weekly maybe? Now when I run this, we play bi-weekly.
COT: 3 months.. We played about twice a week and sometimes even thrice a week.. Really fast AP to play if you don't wander off the "rails" as we didn't.

GMing Legacy of Fire. We started in June 2010 and are on book 4 right now. I got married in between and took a 6 month break, but I think we can probably finish up before the end of summer.

Then I hand off the reigns and play as a character in Skull & Shackles.

Scarab Sages

So far it's been a year for each AP. Both of the CC campaigns started last summer and we'll be finishing both in June. We play once a week. That's also been the time frame for CotC and SD as well.

Scarab Sages

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Modera wrote:

GMed Age of Worms twice (3.5). Both groups TPKed, one at the 5th book and one at the 7th book.

GMed and finished Rise of The Runelords (3.5) and Curse of the Crimson Throne (3.p conversion).

Currently GMing Kingmaker (3.p). They are starting the 5th adventure on April 24th (I'm using a hybrid of Jason's original and the printed version). I'm aiming to have the campaign done end of May/mid June.

Starting on Legacy of Fire (3.p conversion) after Kingmaker is done.

I've played in one 4 hour session of Second Darkness (3.p). The DM had to take time off for RPG superstar for awhile, and then there was a break in time so it's on hiatus for a bit.

There was a request for how long each of these took.

Age of Worms: Was playing every Saturday and we were in University, so 12 hours 3-4 times a month. We played a total of 5 months each time.

Rise of the Runelords: We played 7 sessions, each was 18 hours across 2 days. Total time: 1 year, 2 months.

Curse of the Crimson Throne: Again, 7 sessions, 18 hours across 2 days. Total time: 1 year, 4 months

Kingmaker: Games are now 1/month, about 11 hours of game time, on Saturdays (we got old). We started February last year, and we're aiming to finish end of May/mid June.

Age of Worms, Rise of the Runelords, Second Darkness, Legacy of Fire, Serpent's Skull, Jade Regent: completed as a player

Savage Tide, Curse of the Crimson Throne, Council of Thieves, presumably Kingmaker (if PCs don't wuss out): completed as the GM

waiting to GM: Carrion Crown (definite), Skulls and Shackles (??)

Currently rocking RotL. Been in it for like.. i dunno.. 2 years now? Trying to get 1 game a month in.. sometimes 2, sometimes none. Are on book.. 4? or 5 now? I forget.

Also did Savage Tide I think it was.. like 2 books, somewhere in the middle.
Came in the middle, group dissolved a few months after that. Bummer.


Turin the Mad wrote:
Kingmaker (if PCs don't wuss out): completed as the GM

You are going to force PCs to complete that campaign, even if it would kill them? :P

Drejk wrote:
Turin the Mad wrote:
Kingmaker (if PCs don't wuss out): completed as the GM
You are going to force PCs to complete that campaign, even if it would kill them? :P

They're clamoring to hit 21st level, making the completion of the campaign very likely. Probably with some home-brew tacked on post-Chapter 6 to provide the XP necessary for 21st and maybe 22nd level. ;)

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Completed Rise of the Runelords twice (as a GM)

Playing in CotCT. Running a Kingmaker game.

The Exchange

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Book 1 and 2 of carrion crown, I hope the other Books get better though (part party, part GM, I suspect part ap too).

one game of the ap where you get washed up on an island due to McGuffen poison - the party absolutely hate the emo Survivors. I still had fun though.

I am running Carrion Crown (in book 2 now) and playing in Kingmaker (book 1 so far).

Liberty's Edge

As GM to completion:

Shackled City
Rise of the Runelords
Curse of the Crimson Throne
Council of Theives
Currently halfway through Carrion Crown

Rise of the Runelords (GM)
Carrion Crown, well in 2 weeks (Player)

Started, never finished:
Shackled City (Player)
Age of Worms (GM)

Participated in part of:
Legacy of Fire, Book 6 (Player)

Starting in the next month:
Skull and Shackles (GM)
Linnorm Kingmaker (Player)


Shackled City - Played until half of 10th chapter until DM lost intrest.

Savage Tide - DMed, completed.

Council of Thieves - Played up to half of 5th chapter, DM went abroad for studies. He's due to return in september when we'll maybe continue, but after a year and a half break, it's not the same.

Legacy of Fire - DMed, completed.

Kingmaker - Currently playing, we just started 5th chapter, expect to finish it by fall.

Carrion Crown - DMed, completed.

Next year, when we finish Kingmaker/Council, I plan on DMing Curse of the Crimson Throne and maybe playing in Skull & Shackles.

Also chronologically:

Shackled City - Played, completed, although the DM interspersed other adventures and heavily modified the campaign.

Savage Tide - Played, left after the 2nd or 3rd adventure to move overseas.

Rise of the Runelords - GMed, finished with a TPK in the final encounter.

Curse of the Crimson Throne - GMed, finished with a TPK in the final encounter of the 2nd or 3rd adventure.

Legacy of Fire - Played, completed.

Kingmaker - Played, finished with a TPK in the final encounter of the 3rd adventure.

Serpent's Skull - Currently GMing, just starting 5th adventure (although it's taken us nearly a year to get through the 3rd and 4th adventures...)

Carrion Crown - Currently playing, just starting the 2nd adventure.

Yeah, there's a lot of TPKs in there...

Just Runelords, as DM. Participated as a player in Age of Worms, but we only got about 3/4 through it before the group fell apart.

As of Sunday, March 9, 2014, we finished Carrion Crown. Once I get my player journal back from the GM, I can post how long that took us.

Unfortunately, Carrion Crown seriously underwhelmed me; the modules were more focused on "themes" (vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein monsters) than on an overall story (the BBEG in Module 6? Where, exactly, did he come from?). The GM did a marvelous job of working with what he had, but what he had was less-than-epic.

This weekend we should finish up the 'formal' part of Rise of the Runelords, and it's as good as advertised. One epic, awesome, fun-from-start-to-finish AP.

Stay tuned!


Finish KM
Started serpent part 6
Jade part 5 next
Shattered 2

Abandoned ROTRL after 2, carrion after 2,

Played SECOND DARKNESS to level 9, which I think was somewhere in book 3. Ended before Thanksgiving 2013 because the GM decided not to take it back up (as well as me and a couple others not having fun, and 4 of the original 6 quit). That lasted about a year.

Played CURSE OF THE CRIMSON THRONE to level 8. Also ended before Thanksgiving 2013. Played 1 session at the end of January 2014 and then the GM vanished. That lasted about a year.

Played RISE OF THE RUNELORDS for 1 session, and the GM ended it.

GMed KINGMAKER for about 5 sessions. I ended it because the players were all about getting to the next combat, and I was growing bored of that.

Playing in WRATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS at the moment. Just started book 3 and level 9/mythic 3. While the playstyles of the others are powergaming combat focused, I am liking the storyline (what little we actually experience). Though I question some decisions.

Second Darkness and CotCT all lasted for approximately 1 year (about 40 sessions), while WotR started just after Christmas 2013 (about 10 sessions), and the characters are at the same level and book in all 3. Shows how fast we are blazing through WotR. And I don't really like that. But, maybe we will finish the AP this summer.

Ran and finished Savage Tide (albeit with some condensing of the last abyssal adventures)

Ran and finished CoCT

Over halfway through running CC and JR hope to finish this fall.

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I am coming up on my fifth anniversary of running KM. My group has just started book 6. Im feeling a bit burnt out, but luckily I have at least one other player capable of GMing. Looking to play CoT or CotCT next I believe. Really depends on the group.

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Rise of the Runelords: I am the GM and we are about to start book 4 after approximately 18 sessions (over two years). I have converted the AP to Savage Worlds.

Carrion Crown: I am a player and we are about to finish book 3 (barring TPK).

Silver Crusade

Sadly none. I started running a King maker and group fell apart. Was in carrion crown, but only got to book #4 and most of the group started dying and wanted to try something else.

Yeah, really need more than 1 GM in a group for very long term. We are lucky that everyone in our group is willing to GM.

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Our club rotates to a new game every 8 weeks, so campaign fatigue does not set in for the GM or the players. Then after a break, we pick up from where we left off.

Our group has 4 members, we play pretty much every Saturday for 7-8hrs of gaming.

Savage Tide completed as player
Rise of the Runelords completed as player
Curse of the Crimson Throne completed as GM
Kingmaker completed as player
Serpents Skull completed as GM
Skull & Shackles completed as player
Reign of Winter halfway through book 3 as GM

Just about to fight Most High Ceoptra in book 6 of Rise of the Runelords. (GM)
In the dungeons of Artrosa in book 3 of Reign of Winter. (GM)
Just secured an alliance with Tidewater Castle in Skull & Shackles. (player)

So, about to finish my first one! Probably next session.

Scarab Sages

Let's see...

I GM'd the Shackled City campaign, and the party made it all the way to the final BBEG and ran (they weren't even a challenge to him, so I failed somewhere).

We tried again, and ended up going on tangent to a homebrewed campaign after playing the newly inserted goblin adventure from the hardcover.

I played in Age of Worms, which we finished, but unfortunatley I slept through the final few big encounters because I'd just gotten off of a 16 hour flight from Seattle (nightmare, absolute nightmare).

I played in Kingmaker, but the party got so far off tangent in book 3 that we stopped playing (our kingdom was on the verge of being taken over by multiple enemy forces).

I am currently running Rise of the Runelords hardcover, and we are in the beginning of chapter 4. It's been going REALLY well, especially considering how real life keeps pulling me away. The party is dealing with Teraktinus and the Storval Stairs at current.

Next on the docket is Curse of the Crimson Throne, and I'd really like to take a stab at rerunning Kingmaker someday using the newer rules from Ultimate Campaign.

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Since this thread has returned I'll update it...
(NOTE: I own them all back to Shackled City)

#1. Age of Worms - DM'd to beginning of Book 10 (of 12). Ended due to military deployment

#2. Rise of the Runelords - Player to mid-Book 2. Ended due to military deployment

#3. Curse of the Crimson Throne - FINISHED as a player

#4. Second Darkness - player to beginning of Book 5. The awful Memory of Darkness struck...

#5. Council of Thieves - player to end of Book 5. Campaign ended due to TPK and wanting to start something else.

#6. Serpent's Skull - FINISHED as a DM

#7. Kingmaker - FINISHED as a player

#8. Skull & Shackles - currently a player in Book 3. Looks to be a good one though...

So THREE adventure paths completed since about 2005.

Deidre Tiriel wrote:

Two, soon to be Four: Rise of the Runelords (player) and Second Darkness (player)

We're one or two session short of ending two more APs: Legacy of Fire (player) and Council of Thieves (GM)

And we're in Book One of Carrion Crown (GM)

Not much to update here:

  • Original four are done (RotRL(GM), SD(GM), LoF(Player), CoT(Player)).
  • Currently starting Book 4 of Carrion Crown (Player, bi-weekly, 3-4 evening hours keeps the pace slow).
  • A year and a half through Slumbering Tsar (GM, close to actually entering Tsar).
  • Gathering a group for Mummy's Mask (GM).

  • Just 3 to the end.

    Age of Worms as a player, took a couple of years.
    Kingmaker as a player was a lot faster, maybe 1 year.
    Rise of the Runelords as a GM. Not really sure about the time it took.
    Council of Thieves as a player, but The GM didn't like it and ended it around book 2 or 3.

    We play several campaigns in parallel, and traditionally more homebrew adventures. More AP's in recent years though

    Currently we're in the middle of Savage Tide and Way of The Wicked. Also in the middle of a homebrew campaign. I am also GM'ing Jade Regent. Currently on book 5.

    I play 1-2 nights a week.

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    I ran Age of Worm to the end years ago (though I skipped a few encounters towards the end). It left me burned out on GM'ing for a few months, and burnt out on D&D for a couple of years.

    Tried to run Kingmaker a couple of years ago, but only got to the 4th adventure.

    Next month I will start a Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign. This time we've planned a small break between each book so that I can recharge my batteries (and get to play one or two sessions of something completely different). So I'm hopeful I'll make it through this one.

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    Well, might as well add my own experiences here :)

    I've been playing Pathfinder for about two and a half years and during this time have done the following: (These are all as GM!)

    Shackled City (Hardcover): This was my first campaign (converted to PF from 3.5) and only got as far as adventure 3 due to player numbers (at one stage had 8, which was a nightmare!)

    Rise of the Runelords (AE, first two books as 3.5 conversion): I've done this one twice with two different groups and completed both! (Well, technically completed as both groups wiped / died to the BBEG at the end!)

    Skull & Shackles: Was going pretty well up until the middle of book 4 when I called it a day due to player issues and general RPG workload (8 campaigns at once at that point!)

    Curse of the Crimson Throne: Made it to first part of Book 3 before dropping it, again due to a player leaving and also overload

    Kingmaker: Most happy to drop this one... really struggled with the (young) group... made it to start of Book 3 (just reached Varnhold) before dropping due to it basically not working and also player dropouts

    Not an AP but: Price of Immortality: Finished to end of 2nd book before abandoning due to lack of numbers / time again

    That's the ones that have been done / dropped... I'm still running:

    Shattered Star: Coming up for 18 months and still just starting Book 4! Found it a real grind at points, but overall really enjoying, especially the sin theme

    Jade Regent: This is again taking a while... 9 months or so and just starting Book 3 but making better progress now

    Reign of Winter: Loving this one!! Just had to expand the group though, so now have 7 players! Halfway through Book 3, but really looking forward to Book 5!

    Curse of the Crimson Throne: Started before the other CoTCT group and also 7 players. Just starting Book 4 and trying to do lots of RP with it!

    Carrion Crown: Over 6 months and only on Book 1, very sparse meetings for this one, but excellent group

    Any questions or comments on these are more than welcome!


    0 as either.


    I've been in a Kingmaker campaign since 2010 -- we're approaching the end of Book 3. We'd probably be well into Book 4 if we hadn't run The Harrowing as a side quest so that the regular GM could actually play for once.

    I've been GM'ing a 3.5-edition Rise of the Runelords for a different group since May 2012. We've just finished Book 2.

    These things take forever when you can only meet once every 4-6 weeks for maybe 3 hours.

    Grand Lodge

    So far I am a little past the middle of my first AP so...

    [EDIT: Sorry I somehow forgot I was in a Wrath of the Righteous game.]

    Carrion Crown (DM) - About half-way through book 4.
    Wrath of the Righteous (Player) - End of Book 2.

    Grand Lodge

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    I have only played as GM....

    Curse of the Crimson throne: (my favorite AP)
    -Group 1, TPK on book 3
    -Group 2, stopped at the end of book 2
    -Group 5, ongoing campaign, currently on book 2

    Shattered Star
    -Group 1, stopped on book 3

    Rise of the Runelords
    -Group 2, ongoing campaign, currently on book 4
    -Group 4, ongoing campaign, currently on book 3

    Reign of Winter
    -Group 3, ongoing campaign, currently on book 5

    Playing in:

    Second Darkness - Completed successfully.

    Council of Thieves - On the final end of Book 6 after just over 4 years of gaming once a month.

    Kingmaker - Just beginning Book 3 with a lot of interesting homebrewed additions or expansions. Also playing about once a month. It's good to be the King.

    I have GM'd the complete AP of Carrion Crown (we are actually working through post AP material and will be concluding the entire story in about two months).

    I am GM'ing Rise of the Runelords for a different group and we are almost done with Book 2.

    I am GM'ing Legacy of Fire with just myself and my husband and we have just started.

    I am playing in Curse of the Crimson Throne and we are halfway through Book 3.

    I played in a brief two session experience of Kingmaker before the GM decided it was more work than he had time for.

    I have high hopes in finishing Legacy and Curse of the Crimson Throne. I hope to finish Runelords but we shall see.

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    Curse of the Crimson Throne, Carrion Crown, Jade Regent as a GM from start to finish. Currently running Wrath of the Righteous as a GM. Aborted Kingmaker as a GM, because I was bored to tears and didn't like the coming storyline very much (aside from the sixth module).

    Currently playing in Rise of the Runelords as a player. Also playing Second Darkness as a player, but that campaign is on hiatus until we get at least RotRL done, after that it could be that I GM Jade Regent to finish for that group (the other campaign was for my other group), where we are at the end of module three or that we continue Second Darkness.

    My next campaign with my first group will probably homebrewn, although I plan to somehow make module five of Reign of Winter fit in, a campaign which I don't want to run completely, because I think that modules three, four and six are pretty weak.

    Sovereign Court

    Completed carrion crown as GM a few weeks ago.

    Started and quit early due to group issues of one kind or other as a player:
    Curse of the crimson throne
    serpent skull

    Looks like the only way for me to complete one of these is to GM it myself. :(

    Silver Crusade

    Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

    Been playing Kingmaker since 2009/2010?

    We're only just in book 5 now.

    Been playing Legacy of Fire since late 2010.

    We just completed book 5.

    Our group likes heavy RP and a more sedate pace I guess :)

    Liberty's Edge

    We completed Shackled City, RotR, CotCT and LoF. Got to book 5 of JR and CC but both collapsed =(

    Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

    I'm shocked by the huge CotCT following I see.

    Not because I think its a bad AP, honestly I've never read it. But because a member of my group tried running it for another group and he didn't like it. He said he'd be willing to run it for our group so seeing the fan base gets me excited.

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