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I run a PF game in a completely homebrew setting and I need a little help balancing my Gods out.

Before providing the link to the google doc page I want these things kept in mind.
1. These are the only 6 Gods in this world. There are no more. Anyone who follows a God in this world follow one of them.
2. All magic Divine and arcane(called Akran in my world) is from the gods. Thus for divine casters to have access to a good selection of domains the Gods have a sizable selection of domains more than the standard 2-3 per God.
3. The Gods are based partially on classic Wicca elements. Air, fire, water, earth and spirit.
4. The sexes of the Gods are not meant to be sexist. I decided that element x went with alignment y. So the "evil" elements being water and earth are traditionally viewed as female. Also evil isn't so much your traditional evil per say. Also things like change are generally viewed as evil. Women adapt to change quicker ect.

Am open to any and all suggestions. Just want some help making them more balanced in the gaming environment for clerics druids and oracles.

The Gods of Athenkia

Forgive any spelling mistakes or grammar please. I wrote all that down in a really short period for player reference when I was first starting this setting for PF.

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So what exactly needs balancing? I didn't catch it in the post.

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Petty Alchemy wrote:
So what exactly needs balancing? I didn't catch it in the post.

Nothing in particular I just think opinions from people who have created their own Gods would be nice.

Or if you notice that anything is to powerful or weak in any one God.

For instance God a has this domain and this domain witch makes them the only good choice. Or all of them seem to have this maybe only a and e should have it and no one else.

Also critiques on what they stand for or ask of followers.

Even though these are Gods I made I feel when I look at D&D or PF deites in the books and srds that mine seem too good.

Wondering if I should limit alignments and things like that as the only people who would be required to be that alignment would be a Cleric, Druid or Oracle. Or if besides the elemental domains should I make more domains exclusive. For instance most of them have healing. 4 out of the 6 include neutral alignments thus their clerics can choose what they channel.

Looking for that kind of feedback or general advice from people who have done this a few times.

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