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I picked up the Horrorclix "Freakshow" case from for $40, it has 192 minis in it which is about $.25/ figure. You can also pick up individual booster packs with 4 minis for $1.25, if you don't want a TON of minis I suggest picking up half a dozen of those since they aren't too much more expensive.

You can browse the individual figures, I would guess about 30% of them are perfect for Fantasy RPG gamaing, 40-50% are good but a little weird or require slight modification, and about 20% require heavy adaptation or are just plain blah. Some of them are going to be a lot of fun to spring on the players and I am seriously tempted to use the clown with the bomb as my next alchemist character (but probably won't because that crosses the silly threshold).

These are better quality than the WotC minis but you do have to re-base them because they are on 1.25" bases. For re-basing I pop them off with a sharp knife and glue them onto a button or a penny.

The minis are made of a slightly pliant plastic/ rubber that is fairly easy to mod, I've cut a few of them apart to separate minis that have 2 figures (there is a mini that has a cat handler and a cat on the same base and they are pretty easy to split into two).

Also, these sound like great birthday gifts. For people with birthdays. In July, especially.

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