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Silver Crusade

They could only tell because I was driving safely.

The next poster physically wrestles with their conscience.

sometimes it takes the shape of a really big tuna.

The next poster didn't fund the kickstarter project. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Dark Archive

I'm not. My other guy does.

The next poster is either a human in a robot body or a human in a robot body.

Scarab Sages

Clearly, I'm 6 of one, 0110110 of the other....

The next poster received a very special gift from the Hawaiian gods: detachable genitalia.

Silver Crusade

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I never should have wished for stress balls in their presence. Sure, laugh it up...

The next poster is a Hawaiian god in disguise.

Scarab Sages

As Kapohoikahiola, god of EXPLOSIONS!, I shall spare thee any further wrath for the time being, as surely thine heads hath exploded upon pronouncing mine Name.

The next poster knows what happened to Frank the Mime.

Shadow Lodge

..---. .---.--

.--..-.- ...-__._-

Shadow Lodge




"......:""The next poster didn't expect the Swedish Inquisition."

Grand Lodge

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Though I did expect the Spanish one

The next poster will tell us of his kittens

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I really like this new recipe I have found for ragout.

The next poster regrets doing something.

Scarab Sages

I regret building an entire fortress out of my countless manifest regrets and sorrow. I mean, I never even used the place, and now it's infested with homicidal shadows, what was I thinking???

The next poster is more pastry now than person, twisted and waffle.

Praline, really. They call me Spring Surprise!

The next poster has an itch that he/she just can't reach.

blowhole itches are SO DAMN ANNOYING!!!

next poster will tell me if Sissyl is a chick or not.

Silver Crusade

Yes, he is a chick. Quit playing with your blowhole.

The next poster will take care of my itch.

Hey, do I look like a scratching post?

The next poster will spray me will pray for rain so I can get clean.

*does rain dance*

The next poster loses their sanity seeing me dance.

Scarab Sages

It...was...HORRIBLE! Unspeakably hideous pulsations and gyrations hinting at the nightmarish and inevitable truth of the abysses beyond time and space and it sounded...sort of like...THIS!

The next poster thinks the Outer Gods are seriously sexy.

Aaaaaah... oh, Azzie, yeah, that feels so good... and your idiot flutist satellite gods, yeah, that really adds to the atmosphere...

The next poster has a suggestion for better ways to spend time.

I'd say go find a hobby of some sort.

The next poster could try helping me determine why I enjoy the suffering of others more than anything else in life.

You are the humanoid avatar of one of the elder gods.


Silver Crusade

The trench coat enforcers turned out to be fun to play Shadowrun with, it seems. You can rejoin us in the current game now.

The next poster actually understands Fuel Drop's joke.

No, FuelDrop, you're not. It is mine and you can't have it.

The next poster makes a very oblique reference to something we should have known for a while.

Scarab Sages

It grieves me to see all your months of loyal service to the Forum Games come to such a conclusion as this.

But the judgement of the Elders cannot be questioned. That is the final rule of membership.

Gaze once more upon the Thread if you would know your destiny...

FOR BEHOLD! That destiny is upon you! C-F-G-C!!!


The next poster shall wait upon the Shore of Wonder, 'till the day the sky is opened, and the tree is split asunder....

Silver Crusade

...and realize the rift between Mass Effect sides grows larger with every drop.

The next poster will help me climb out of this rift of internet arguing.

ok, but the arguing turns to fighting and you are incinerated by a giant reaper space laser.

next poster will bring me Shepard's dead body so I can sell it on ebay

Scarab Sages

Matt Shepard? Not cool, dolphin. Civil rights martyrs deserve better, m'kay?

The next poster worships the Muppets as gods.

Oh great Kermit, smite now the unbeliever that dares to mock your greatness.

The next poster is immune to my mind control powers.

To be really honest, the secret is that there's not much to control.

The next poster will share his/her mind with me.

Shadow Lodge

You can have it. I wasn't using it anyway.

Would the next poster please push me in the direction of the zombie apocalypse?

Silver Crusade

Two miles, as the crows fly. Towards the carrion.

The next poster is shocked by my sudden return.

*Gasp* Wow, I never would have seen that coming.

The next poster has both a will and a way.

Silver Crusade

Once this is typed, all that is left is to click the "Submit Post" button! I AM EMPOWERED!

The next poster lost his will and is lost.

Silver Crusade

And without my venture captain... that isn't so bad!

The next poster is a machine.

Scarab Sages

When first I started replacing my flesh with metal and plastic, it hurt. But soon, the pain died, and now...At. Last. I. Feel. CLEAN!!!

The next poster has an exceedingly esoteric and remarkably convincing reason for wishing the Soviet Union had never collapsed.

If the soviet union had never collapsed then the production of soviet tooth picks wouldn't have stopped, and my teeth would be clean. but they did, and they aren't. :(

The next poster is in charge of the money-grabbing capitalist tooth pick industry.

Correct, soon nobody will be able to pick their teeth without me.

The next poster has already started losing their teeth.

Silver Crusade

I'll sharpen my gums!

The next poster is about to go an an adventure!

Though I always suspected I would have to, I didn't expect to meet a man with a cloak in a medieval style inn who wanted to sell me a map to a great treasure.

The next poster sure is glad he planned ahead.

Silver Crusade

I managed to keep the map for that dungeon I raided AND sell it to some moron too!

The next poster is shocked.

Scarab Sages

So THAT'S what happened to my Illustrated Grey's Anatomy cut-out chart of the small intestine!

The next poster is backing out of the expedition.

Dark Archive

Euuughh... Not a good idea.

The next poster has an ACTUAL dungeon map!

I do. Bioware wasn't really inventive with their dungeons in dragon age 2, so this one map will do for almost all of them.

The next poster disapproves of everything, up to and including grass, wood, and the sky being blue.

Shadow Lodge

"What do you want from us???"

"We don't care for most things!"


"The next poster...""...cannot tell the difference...""...between CPAs...""...and bubble wrap."

Silver Crusade

What's a CPA?

The next poster has discovered a new way to consume alcohol. (E.g, vodka infused camera flashes or scotch lather.)

I am telling you, boys and girls, intraorbital alcohol patches is THE S*+*! You just put them in the pink stuff between your eyeball and your eyelashes and you're bombed for hours!

The next poster actually tried this.

Dark Archive

I'm a level 4 cavalier... I think that's the avatar I chose...

The next poster is the slenderman.

Scarab Sages

I said from the get go, I'm Hiding In Your Closet.
Just who else would I be to do that?

The next poster had best not open their refrigerator....

There's something in there. Last time I looked it said ZUUL

The next poster wants to date me. why we'll never know, and we're probably all better off that way.

So, FuelDrop... How about... *blushes and runs away*

The next poster has an unexpected part of a date and wishes to tell us about it.

Silver Crusade

A DATE, to start off with...

The next poster considers himself a higher lifeform.

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