Let the good dice roll! What to do concerning criticals?

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My gaming group and I have been using the critical hit deck and critical fumble for a while now. This is usually pretty fun, but some of us are growing nostalgic for the ol' list and die rolls. We've always used a list or deck, as we don't like simple multipliers as much (flavor on using lesser critical weapons and such).

So now I am at crossroads where I will either retire the cards for a while (until cards get nostalgic) and break back out a list from somewhere OR I was thinking about making my own lsit (a project 45% done and abandoned in 3.5e). We generally (cards or charts) allow the player to pick between a number of rolled selections based on the multiplier and following the damage listed.

I'd like to know what you all use and think about this mechanic. Thanks in advanced...

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I want to write a list with the three damage types (budg/pierce/slash) AND the 5 elemental types (for weapons with this instead of plain weapon damage) and possibly poison too. Any takers?

Awww... nobody? I guess that says it.


I use a critical hit, and Fumble Chart.

It's in PDF Form.

I'll see if I can post the info here for you, or locate the PDF.

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