Railyard Games

174 Island Highway E
Parksville, British Columbia


railyardgames@gmail.com http://railyardgames.org

10:30am to 4:00pm WED FRI SAT

more to come...but as of October 19, 2022 we are now in our 2nd year of operations on mid-Vancouver Island in Western Canada. In addition to selling board games and role playing games and tabletop miniature games we also host game sessions in our three games rooms on Tuesday and Friday nights and on Saturdays during the day.

For PATHFINDER we now have a regular Saturday 5pm game start and always looking for new learners and players...Group is about to split spin-off 2nd group at moment so now a good time to express interest...Attendance must be pre-registered at railyardgames@gmail.com

Also...Nov.27, 2022 Sunday Afternoon 1pm we host our first official ORGANIZED PLAY event and will be running Season #1 = QUEST #1 for beginner "Novice" (meaning a little knowledge so we don't have to start at very beginning)....but observers (pre-registered) will be welcome.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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