1403 Bernath Pkwy
Toledo, OH 43615-7330


sales@oldschoolgaming.net http://www.oldschoolgaming.net/

Monday-Saturday 11:30AM-10:00PM
Sunday 11:30AM-5:00PM

Old School Gaming is loacted in Toledo, OH at the corner of Airport Highway and Bernath Parkway. We are bringing face-to-face play to our community.
We offer the following products:
40K * D&D * D&D Attack Wing * Force of Will * Heroclix * Hordes
MTG (singles, accessories etc) * Pathfinder * Paints & Brushes
Pokemon * Reaper Minis * Star Wars Card Game * Star Wars X-Wing
Warhammer * Warmachine * Yu-Gi-Oh and many titles of board games!

We have a play area that seats 40 every day!
We have sanctioned MTG events four nights a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday).
We have board game night every Thursday where you can test out the demos we have available and customers bring in their favorites to share. Once a month we have board game Saturday-same as Thursday night but longer hours!

Follow us on Facebook to find out our specials and events!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oldschoolgaming.net

Product Lines Carried

Pathfinder Adventure Path
Pathfinder Campaign Setting
Pathfinder Compatible Products
Pathfinder Maps
Pathfinder Modules
Pathfinder Player Companion
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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