Comic Quest, Inc.

Corner Morgan Ave & Boeke / Behind Buy-Low - Next to Rural King
2260 E Morgan Ave
Evansville, IN 47711-4314


We have been in business for over 20 years. We carry all lines of gaming and support our games in multiple ways for our players. We host multiple League play like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, WoW & kaijudo. We host tournaments weekend with several games Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Wow , Kaijudo, L5R, Cardfight Vanguard to name a few. There is Board Game night on Wednesday & Saturday evening which the groups play assorted games. We also have a "Lending Wall" of Board Games that players can play for free. We also host multiple Prerelease, Sneak Peek type events when offered. Our Gaming room holds a capacity of 66 players, then we have a featured area that holds 32 players and a main store area that can gold 88 players, so we have plenty of room for all forms of gaming. We provide a clean stocked Rest Room, Self-Serve Drink Machine, Ice Cream Machine, Snacks & Candy but also two more drinks machines to offered assorted refreshments to everyone. We carry a large selection of Board Games,Deck Building Games, Miniature Game, Childrens Games, Heroclix, Collectible Card Games, Sleeves, Deck Boxes, Dice Singles, Dice Sets, Dice Bags, Tokens, Binders, Playmats, Single Magic Cards and alot more We also offer a special service where we can special order any type game, supply etc... at the beginning of the week Monday/Tuesday and have it in store for you by Wednesday/Thursday that same week if in supply at Distributor. We also host the International Tabletop Day, Also Comic Quest's Annual Game Day Event, which is the Best One Day of Gaming. It is a day loaded with demos, tournaments, charity auctions, music, games giveaway every hours and so much more... We also host a weekly newsletter which is open to any player who wants to receive it. That announces all new games, featured games, restocks, special events that week etc... It is good to be part of this weekly newsletter. we also have a website where alot of our information, calendar, releases and much more... Comic Quest is a great place for family and friends, students, organized groups, children and all players...

Product Lines Carried

Pathfinder Adventure Path
Pathfinder Campaign Setting
Pathfinder Cards
Pathfinder Compatible Products
Pathfinder Maps
Pathfinder Modules
Pathfinder Player Companion
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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