Pathfinder Bounty #12: Somewhere Below

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A Pathfinder Bounty designed for 1st-level characters.

While sheltering in a cave from a storm, the PCs discover a note from a stranded spelunker in need of immediate assistance. They must navigate the hazards and creatures of the treacherous caverns if they want to help their bounty make it out alive.

Written by: Kim Frandsen

Content sanctioned for use in the Pathfinder Society (second edition) Organized Play program.

Scenario tags: Repeatable

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    4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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    Good, but could use some refocusing


    I ran this one for my group as a one-off in an existing campaign. There's some really solid cave-horror ideas in here, and the enemies and environment are really pretty terrifying, but I don't think the bounty leans into that stuff as much as it should. There's a few spots with some really interesting lore that I was able to integrate into the session that were more or less extensions of what's in the text, but not explicitly stated there.

    I think in the end we felt the first half overstayed its welcome and the back half needed a little more staying power- the fight at the start took us a while but was basically a random encounter that could have been told through skill checks or environmental storytelling, and the really interesting fight at the end was over in one round.

    Still, it had cool lore and an interesting combat and we all had a good time.

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    Announced for July! Cover and product description are not final and are subject to change.

    Paizo Employee Organized Play Associate

    Cover and map list updated.

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