Mat Marker Set (4 Pens)

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Set of four wet-erase marker pens for use with any of our Pathfinder Flip-Mats and Map Packs*, and the vinyl and paper battle mats.

NOTE: This only applies to our Pathfinder Map Packs that have the appropriate coating. See package for more details.

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Average product rating:

4.70/5 (based on 3 ratings)

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Only trust these


Great markers work great with Chessex mats

Quality, erases clean, protect your flipmats!


Great pens, useful case. They have a fine point, making it easy for you to write or draw on your map in a neat readable way. (Assuming you have neat writing, even these pens can't fix that for you.)

The red shows up a little orange on my GameMastery flip mat, but I wasn't planning on drawing pools of blood anyway.

In case you're not sure, these are wet erase only. The pro is that they your lines won't smudge/disappear, the con is that using rags to erase/dry doesn't allow for a lot of finesse.

Happy with the product.

Sadly, even though this item wasn't back ordered, it took 40 days to get to me. I emailed after a month to find out what the problem was, they were having difficulty getting 2 items on my 7 item order into into the warehouse to ship. Support was very polite and split my order so that the 5 items they'd had for the last month could be processed right away. (The items they were having trouble with weren't listed as backordered when I purchased them)

Nice Pens!


This is a great set of pens. I wanted more colors so picked up an eight pack from my local office store - but the quality is nowhere near these Staedtler pens. Get 'em for sure.

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