The Dungeon Under the Mountain: Level 8 PDF

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Secret staircases and dark passageways take the adventurers from the Demon Fortress at level 7 to the so-called "Undercity" on level 8 of The Dungeon Under the Mountain. The Undercity is populated by all kinds of dark beings: mind flayers, beholders, snake people and more. A single ruler does not exist; instead various power groups fight each other in order to obtain control over the Undercity. The Undercity features two main areas: the upper city and the lower city, divided by a long fortress wall dotted by watchtowers. A single gate connects the lower and the upper city but other, hidden underground passages are known to some....

Welcome to the Return of the Mammoth Dungeons.

The Dungeon Under The Mountain is a massive dungeon you can locate anywhere in your campaign world. Each level contains hundreds of rooms ready to be filled with the critters of your choice and with the devious traps you prefer.

This product contains a single king-size (22"x34") map, as well as the same map divided into eight US letter sheets for easy printing. Since these products are completely vector-based, you can select small portions of the dungeon and scale them as you see fit without sacrificing print resolution. If you like, you can print out every single room in battlemap-scale, for use with your miniatures.

The exclusive "Rule Your Dungeon" feature allows you to customize the look of your dungeon, make it more print- friendly (black and white), add the furniture, toggle the grid, hide the room numbers and more. On each sheet, you will find a large button that will not be printed (so don't worry if it covers some rooms). Clicking this button displays options detailed below. Please be aware that each time you make a choice it is reflected throughout the whole document (the 22"x34" map, and the single pieces).

    Here are the available options:
  • Numbers: hides room numbers; useful if you want to use your own room numbers
  • Furniture: hides furniture, doors and the like and allows you to print and draw your own rooms
  • Grid: activate/deactivate the grid
  • Teleport: activate/deactivate the teleport (green) areas
  • Water: activate/deactivate the water (blue) areas
  • Main Areas: activate/deactivate the main (orange) areas
  • Secondary Areas: activate/deactivate the secondary (yellow) areas
  • Fill: activate/deactivate the black in the walls (to save printer ink)
  • Toggle White/Yellow: this option toggles the rooms' background from yellow to white and vice versa
  • All: activate all options (if any one is disabled) or deactivate all options (if all are activated)

This product offers a variety of uses. You can simply take it straight, fill the rooms and start your favourite dungeon crawl campaign. The dungeon has suggested key areas, but if you want customization, it lies just few clicks away! Using the "Rule the Dungeon" feature you can alter the map to suit your needs. Want a blank dungeon without features? Want just the key areas over a white background? Want to print only some portions of the dungeon? Want to make handouts for your players with the dungeon without features? You can do all that and more!

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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An RPG Resource Review


This level of the Dungeon Under the Mountain is known as the Undercity, and looking at the layout it is easy to see why - it does indeed look like a rather haphazard township. Although there is no descriptive text - that's left to you to provide! - I see this as one vast cavern in which some creatures, probably long-dead, built themselves homes to their own size. Now, of course, it is likely inhabited by opportunistic new arrivals, perhaps living in uneasy truce or perhaps waging open war... that's up to you to determine who lives there now and what they get up to when adventurers are not around.

The structures can be interpreted as dwellings, interspersed with what appear to be public buildings such as a temple, an arena and so on. The whole place comes on two levels, with a wall along the cliff-edge in which there is but a single gate (although there are some tunnels which the bravest of the brave might venture through). There are also several bodies of water, what looks a bit like a mausoleum and much more. And all of it is, as always, ready for you to populate as you please.

As always, there is a 1-page overview and 8 sectional maps, all vector-plotted so you can scale them as you wish. You also can control such things as room numbering, the presence of teleports and water, and whether or not you wish to have water present... just play with the 'Rule the Dungeon' button until you are happy with the results.

Overall, it is a very nice underground city plan which most of us will be able to find a use for, whether or not we are running the Dungeon Under the Mountain as one mammoth dungeon crawl.

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