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Via Tome of Horrors the following are OGL:


Of course, most of the names of others like Demongorgon, Mephistopheles, Asmodeus, etc are public domain but not the D&D specific description.

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Grimmy wrote:
Bill Webb wrote:
passswords is "Zelkor" for RA 1 supplements, feel free to post the other 2--think RA 3 is "Orcus". Cannot recall off the top of my head what RA password is--think its the spider queen's (level 6A) name. The R247 puzzle update is also not in my current frontal lobe, but its the vampire's name from Module D-3 area R2-47

Where are these passwords used?

I purchased the supplements of the Frog God sight. I bought the Player's Guide and the Pregens, I'm waiting to get the Bestiary, Maps and GM Screen when they are available in hard copy.

They're used for the free web enhancements for the original Necromancer Games versions of RA. You can download most of them from the NG website ( There are a few dead links. The PDFs are password protected.

The passwords are:
RA1 - Zelkor
RA2 - Deserach
RA2-47 - Belgos
RA3 - Orcus

Passwords for some of the other freebies are found here: ree-stuff-here.html


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I agree with other posters, we should have a P20 Modern AND a P20 Sci Fi.

For a P20 Modern the implied setting should allow for the following types of campaign:

Urban fantasy (Urban Arcana, World of Darkness, Dresden Files)
Espionage (Top Secret, Bond, 24, Bourne)
Military (Ghost Recon, etc.)
Horror / Occult (Dark Matter, Shadow Chasers, Buffy, Lovecraft)
Conspiracy / Weird (Dark Matter, X Files, Fringe)
Crime / Mystery