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HumbleGamer wrote:

With the possibility to use quick draw to grip the weapon, the process itself will be killed, and we will be only using 2h weapons.

Round 1

1st - attack
2nd - attack
FA - release grip
3rd - athletic manoveurs
QD - grip your weapon again

Off round
AOO even with a 2h

Round 2

1st - you won't be needing an action to grip again, so 1 extra action for free.

You can't do this because quick draw is an action to draw AND attack. You would not be able to quick draw at the end of your turn after already using three actions.

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PossibleCabbage wrote:

I mean, our Hell's Rebels party was

trying to take Barzillai alive. As he regenerates incredibly quickly when reduced to 0 HP, I think we might have done upwards of 10,000 damage just punching him in the head repeatedly until he goes back to sleep.

So it was an incredibly violent revolution, just with a significant amount of the violence directed at one guy whose blood was just everywhere.

Might want to spoiler this one

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I made him a ranged fighter/ranger due to my group's make-up and needs at the time. I had a few of the Silver Raven NPC's statted up for the Masquerade in particular at level 9 but thankfully they were not needed.

Chuko CR 8
XP 4,800
Male Tengu Fighter 4 / Ranger 5
CG Medium humanoid (Tengu)
Init +9; Senses low-light vision; Perception +16
AC 22, touch 17, flat-footed 16 (+5 armor, +1 deflection, +5 Dex, +1 dodge)
hp 76
Fort +10, Ref +11, Will +5;
Defensive Abilities
Speed 30 ft. (30 ft. in armor)
Melee bite +10 (1d3/x2)
Ranged +1 longbow +15/+10 (1d8/x3) +1 and 19-20 w/ Aspect of the Falcon
Ranger Spells Known (CL 2nd; concentration +3)
. . 1st—aspect of the falcon, gravity bow
Str 12, Dex 21, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 7
Base Atk +9; CMB +10; CMD 25
Feats Point blank shot, precise shot, rapid shot, manyshot, deadly aim, toughness, endurance, improved initiative, dodge
Skills Acrobatics +14, Disable Device +13, Knowledge (nature) +10, Linguistics + 6, Perception +16, Sense Motive +10, Stealth +16
Racial Modifiers +2 Perception, +2 Stealth
Languages Common, Elven, Tengu, Draconic, Strix
SQ Favored Enemy +4 Evil Outsiders, +2 Human, Hunter’s Bond (half fav. Enemy to allies w/in 30 ft as move action), Armor Training
Combat Gear wand of cure light wounds (15 charges); Other Gear +1 mithral chain shirt, ring of prot +1, +1 longbow, belt of dex +2, cloak of resistance +1


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Is there a fresh link to the slack channel? Every time I click on the ones above it says that the link is expired. Thanks!

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That is awesome, your players are very lucky!

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Re-reading it now, and it seems like there should be 46 guards total. 8 guards in each of the four guardrooms posted at all hours (32 total); 3 in the common room; 6 on the battlements; 5 in the guard quarters sleeping.

So yeah it's definitely well-guarded. Considering the road is the only safe way up the mountain and it's a chokepoint, that sounds like a solid defense. Condensing those into four troops could definitely make sense.

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At that level attacking the Menador Gap, my group basically had two party faces and two damage dealers. I was missing one of the damage dealers for that session, so when the rogue with +30 disguise and a stacked hat of disguise/stalker's mask decided to help disguise the group as Chelish bureaucrats who wanted to inspect the keep, I allowed it. The troops were told to stay in the stables while they finished the inspection.

When the stealthed rogue saw Lucien walking around the various rooms inside the keep, she used the full round action with the Stalker's Mask to disguise as him and then went and told the guards to leave the keep while he was still in the other building.

I think the point of the guards is to give them some easy combats/encounters before some of the tougher ones inside the keep. If your party is super combat focused, then yeah, it's a slog no matter what. If your group likes tougher combats, you probably are right to make them troops and enlarge the keep size a bit.

It is supposed to be a crappy outpost though, with not a lot of guard presence. If I remember correctly, Lucien is ashamed to have been given that position because of its minor importance in terms of Chelish security.

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James Jacobs wrote:

The beds have the truth of it; there's 8 total, with 2 per room. 22 in all sounds about right if my memory serves.

BUT feel free to adjust that amount as you want during play to adjust the challenge, of course.

From James Jacobs

I think I adjusted up to 28 guards. Some people were saying 40 about a year ago in this thread

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Oh yeah, absolutely Warped I feel that way too. Your comments have gotten me thinking a lot about my campaign and asking one of the players a lot of questions about her favorite encounters. I am going to run this a second time with a completely different group in a year or so, and a lot of your comments are things that have made me think about how it went the first time. The bells are absolutely something that has the potential to be hand-waved or just handled by NPC's if it will become more of a chore for the players.

I was lucky to have a player playing a warpriest who was also an ex-Asmodean, so he handled a lot of the bell stuff with some scrolls. His parents were also redactors and so some of the bell scenes revolved around them. One of the big things in the campaign for us that I wish I got to involve the players more in was the Song of Silver itself, but no one played a bard. You always need to keep your players in mind first, but I really love the world of Kintargo as fleshed out in the books, and tried to keep a lot of what was already built in the AP.

So far, I haven't had many players in the new campaign share what they will play, but I'm looking forward to a bit more messing around with the world as some of the other posters on these boards have mentioned.

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I think it's definitely a little bit weird and it was a pain in the butt to run, but I disagree that there exists a big "last fight" in the temple really. The only two might be the nave, or fighting Barzillai. My group immediately tried to stop the ritual in the middle of the temple once they opened the doors, had an awesome nearly 20-round combat, ran away and came back. Then they came back in, found Barzillai's room, and fought him until he teleported away. Then they still had tons of the side rooms to clear, many of which I just handwaved because they had already had the two signature battles in the temple.

The real last fight of the book is Barzillai attacking the Silver Span during the celebration, which can only be accomplished by cleansing the temple, which certainly could be hand-waved, or altered to be mostly narrative. The main reason I kept Asmoden is because the players really messed around in the room that had his arm, and they were throwing it around and joking about the body parts in the cases. When they saw the one-armed Asmoden, they all had a nice moment of realization.

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Once Ravounel becomes a free country per the negotiations, Barzillai's transformation begins due to the clauses placed in the Kintargo Contract/Cheliax Covenant and his genius loci transformation. Would the players (barring the character who might be going somewhere else) allow for Kintargo to be haunted and decimated by Barzillai for 5+ years without doing anything about it? I'm pretty sure the description says that if Barzilla has the timeframe of years as a genius loci he would be able to recruit a large cult and take over most of Ravounel.

It might actually be a cool idea if they forgot all that information and just headed off for a few years only to find out that Kintargo had become a terrible hellscape in their absence. Like alternate 1985 in Back to the Future II.

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The two ways I foreshadowed it:

1) The paladin in our group realized at some point that she had been reincarnated from a past life. Due to her closeness to the soul anchor, she started getting flashbacks from multiple past lives she had lived. The player had also (not realizing the very nice AP tie-in) thought that she might have been evil in her original life, and during an out-of-game discussion said something about maybe having been a hag. She turned out to be Nasperiah's mother who couldn't protect Nasperiah from the mean streets of Vyre. This helped the party really personally invest in the soul anchor story.

2) The warpriest in the party also had a death experience where after he was raised he remembered living 30+ years in heaven, which gave him the mental benefits of being middle-aged, without the physical penalties. The party knew this was strange, and this also spurned on the soul anchor research.

Mahathallah wants to rebuke death, so if they are researching these artifacts, you might want to have one of your more cowardly PC's be approached by a cultist or have a dream where they are promised extra knowledge beyond death.

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It's called out in the first book that all animal companions, familiars and similar allies are going through the same fugue state as the PC's. Without going into spoiler territory it makes sense that your eidolon would have the same amnesia your PC has.

As for calling your eidolon, maybe work with your GM, or ask him if he's come up with the solution for how you would call it upon waking. He may have already come up with something.

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I had some bugs with the left click not registering every once in a while. A pretty major bug but one that isn't going to make me not play the game.

I got the ship, and it seems like the management of that will be pretty fun, at least for me. I honestly finished PoE 1 so long ago that I forget what choices I made in that game, but it's fun to see some of the reactions to the watcher.

I should give Tyranny another try, but aspects of it really bugged me, mostly how bad my choice paralysis would get based on faction stuff. The default for PoE 2 doesn't show how what you say defines your character, so I've done a little bit better at actually roleplaying in the moment, rather than selecting answers to build better reputation.


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Hi all,

I run a weekly Pathfinder Society game, (and Starfinder right now once a month) at my apartment in Jersey City, NJ. We have had some really good membership and new players show up, but over the last month we've been missing players and occasionally have been unable to fill a table. If you live in the area and are interested in the group, please check out the Meetup group here:

If you have any questions, just ask!

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In a way I feel bad for not volunteering to run SFS instead of PFS at Paizocon after hearing this sentiment. I try to GM a SFS game once a month with my PFS/SFS group and I've only done about five games so far. We have had 2-3 players signing up most weeks and have had to cancel a few times.

It has led me to prefer PFS just because we usually can get a full table for that, but I really want to get into the nuts and bolts of Starfinder.

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NobodysHome wrote:
xrayregime wrote:
I'm also doing some light prep-work on this, NobodysHome, and would appreciate the link to that timeline if you have it available. Thanks!

Here's the linky.

Thanks! I need to re-read these threads again. I'm probably not going to start running this until August but it's nice to have everything compiled in my notes.

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I'm also doing some light prep-work on this, NobodysHome, and would appreciate the link to that timeline if you have it available. Thanks!

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I'd imagine it's very different for every group. Also if my group met every week or twice a month we'd move through at a faster clip because there would be less to recap and refresh for the players per session. I just went through all of my old e-mails and this is what I found:

1st Book ~40 hours
2nd Book ~40 hours
3rd Book ~32 hours
4th Book ~64 hours
5th Book ~32 hours

We meet once a month for 8-10 hours, and started in January 2016. We will be finishing book 5 and starting book 6 next session in mid-April 2018. I plan to complete the campaign by this summer and we'll start Strange Aeons.

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My players had no problems with odds and evens only because they decided to make it ridiculous and would wager 20+ rolls against Lorelu. Rolling and counting that many dice was the only "fun" of the game.

BornofHate, Blackfinger looks awesome and I might add it during the final book when they're relaxing at the Oakrib Inn.

My group really liked devilpins, though we only played it one time. My plan was always to use these games when players can't make it or are showing up late and I need to kill time, and thankfully I haven't needed to do that.

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When my group detected magic during looting after the massacre, they identified the permanent polymorph spell. I think there is a description that up close the likeness of Barzillai is not perfect, or at least the polymorph plus the hats of disguise on all the other devils helped them put it together.

They didn't exactly discover that it was a devil, but they did take to calling the impostor "Rubber Barzy" from then on.

Either way they're going to immediately be dealing with Barzillai's reprisals so it's not like they're going to be in the dark for that long. All it really does is point out the inanity of his plot.

If you read through most of this thread you'll find some changes other GMs made to make the massacre seem more devious and intelligently planned.

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James Jacobs, AP 102 wrote:
Of course... I do have plans for a particularly epic Adventure Path that has long been close to my heart, one that I’ve been eager to launch for nearly a decade now. It’ll be a few more years until it sees print, but if it works out, it’ll be worth the wait, and maybe—just maybe— it’ll take players to a higher level than ever before.

Sorry if this has been asked before on here, but does this quote refer to Return of the Runelords, or a yet-to-be named AP?


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I don't run Theater of the Mind enough in my home game to be confident enough to do so in PFS, but it's definitely a fun idea. I've played with some GMs in PFS who rarely put maps down unless we've rolled initiative and I think it's a really effective way to keep players on their toes.

As to the main point, I think I like what Walter said: we should all be helping each other get better! At first PFS is really overwhelming because of the breadth of experience of the players and GMs, but if you are willing to get critiqued, and eventually give some, it can be super rewarding.


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Couple of questions on Aramaya: if she uses combat patrol on her turn, she is able to move during her attacks of opportunity.

Is she able to use the ki ability granted by her feat Gliding Steps during this AOO movement, or only normal movement on her turn? Typically spending ki is a swift action, so even if she does this during her attacks of opportunity she should only be able to gain this benefit once during the round, right?

If she is able to push someone back using her attacks of opportunity, does that end the PC's turn in the square into which they were pushed?

I think she has a really cool build and I'm excited for that combat, but I also don't want this to be a case of GM fiat allowing her to be incredibly strong.

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Hi all, has anyone started getting volunteer assignments?

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As an aside to cash's question, in the Hell's Rebels adventure path...

Was Mangvhune/Varl Wex/Skinsaw Cultists a story line that you heavily developed, and if so, do/did you have any long-term plans for that story beyond the scope of the adventure path?


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I made a sea singer bard with my naiad boon. She also has the herbalist boon so before she joined the Society she was a good luck charm to random captains on Lake Encarthan, attempting to find strange herbs along the shoreline.

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My group really didn't have issues with Barzillai's plan. They are terrified of Barzillai and see the Dance of the Damned as one of the few times they have gotten to know him in terms of his arrogance and egotism.

He's so sure of his own plan working that he's willing to reveal it to all the people in attendance. I suppose he thinks that after the battle some onlookers might recall seeing azatas flying away and devils chasing them down to attempt to save the city from the rebel menace. If your party does really poorly during the ball you could play up that idea of Barzillai triumphing against the rebellion.

Book 4 is going to be done in less than one week in-game, so it makes sense that the noble families are still coming around to eventually make some concessions with the Silver Ravens. Like you said, there's more important stuff going on.


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Sorry if this is a noobish question, but where can we find information on the regional support program and its associated boons?

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Hi James,

In one of the GM threads for Hell's Rebels you mentioned that Nidal was originally going to have a much bigger focus with the Kuthonites at the Shadowsquare. What shape was that going to take originally?

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roguerouge wrote:

Right you are!

I think I was looking for more complete information from Book 2, simply because Kantaria is right over the mountains, albeit access is blocked by the Menador keep. I figured that sailors and traveling merchants might have more complete information on the battle and what the new governor did.

I ran Wrath of Thrune with another group, and I really think it would be a great one-shot for anybody running Hell's Rebels because it's so close to Kintargo. There have already been some character interactions between players' different characters which has been a lot of fun.

The investigator researching the death of one of the evil PC's is now on the case in Kintargo as well (both characters were sibling Sarinis; one evil, one chaotic good)

A few of the evil troops from Wrath of Thrune were hanging out at the Oakrib Inn during the initial approach to the Menador Gap. Only two of my Hell's Rebels players were involved in the evil campaign, so they got a little treat, but it would have been so much better if everyone had that insight into the GR in Kantaria. It would also give the players a really good reason to close the Menador Gap after realizing that Kantaria has been returned to the hands of Thrune.

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CRB wrote:

Fire: Nonmagical fire (including alchemist's fire) does not burn underwater. Spells or spell-like effects with the fire descriptor are ineffective underwater unless the caster makes a caster level check (DC 20 + spell level). If the check succeeds, the spell creates a bubble of steam instead of its usual fiery effect, but otherwise the spell works as described. A supernatural fire effect is ineffective underwater unless its description states otherwise. The surface of a body of water blocks line of effect for any fire spell. If the caster has made the caster level check to make the fire spell usable underwater, the surface still blocks the spell's line of effect.

Spellcasting Underwater: Casting spells while submerged can be difficult for those who cannot breathe underwater. A creature that cannot breathe water must make a concentration check (DC 15 + spell level) to cast a spell underwater (this is in addition to the caster level check to successfully cast a fire spell underwater). Creatures that can breathe water are unaffected and can cast spells normally. Some spells might function differently underwater, subject to GM discretion.

So he should be able to cast it without a problem since he can breathe water. You could maybe do some stuff with the electricity damage arcing more because of the water, or doing more damage, but that falls under the GM discretion bit.

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rkotitan wrote:

So I have some advice to ask of my fellow Hell's Rebels DMs as well.

My group just climbed up the wall and killed the Nessian Warhounds outside special collections.

They are dead set on taking down the Infernal Engines first (good rolls on their covert action) and have just opened the door to the library to face off with the four Erinyes.

To a group who have JUST entered the Temple of Asmodeus how much resistance besides Barzy and Zhol would you send after them?

They are currently under the effect of the Song of Silver so devils teleporting in might have trouble but I'm kind of reluctant to send two so very important NPCs in to face them by themselves.

Any suggestions?

Corinstian has status up on the erinyes devils, so he probably would send some non-ritual people up to look as well once the erinyes devils take damage. Maybe he would send up Zella?

I would maybe just do two waves of the nave complications side bar. Maybe 6 priests show up and Zella in separate rounds. My party had an idea to use cloud kill in the center of the ritual and had one hell of a battle. I think doing the side rooms first should be rewarded, so I would be hesitant to send too many npc's after them.

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In Hell's Bright Shadow p. 61 wrote:
A sprawling undercity exists under much of southern Kintargo, where the city’s original buildings were buried and built over to raise the low-lying reaches of Jarvis End, Old Kintargo, and Redroof above the seasonal flood zone. Many of these tunnels now double as sewers, while to the north, the more modern drainage tunnels below Villegre and the Greens are less prone to concealing hidden chambers. Both regions are somewhat dangerous, with the typical infestation of sewer-dwelling criminals and scavengers and long-forgotten traps and hazards.
In Hell's Bright Shadow p. 60 wrote:
Taldor’s “Red General,” Cherletra Andos, declared herself lord-mayor of Kintargo on that date and used her political clout to wheedle engineers and gold to update the small community’s infrastructure, including a massive undertaking to raise much of the city’s elevation in what are now the districts of Jarvis End, Old Kintargo, and Redroof to combat seasonal flooding. Reshaping the city in this way provided Kintargo with a unique undercity; many of the local basements are former first-floor shops, and old roads now serve as sewers. By the time of Cherletra’s death 14 years later, Kintargo had grown from a thriving fishing town into a wealthy trading and manufacturing city.

I think you definitely hit it on the head, though I'd imagine their sanitation system is somewhere just pre-Victorian in terms of its design due to the fact that it was at least somewhat engineered. Maybe there are Canterbury Tales-esque insults thrown out by members of the elite on the northern side of the Yolubilis about their smelly southern neighbors.

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This was a great video! Helped a lot with getting over some of my fears of painting.

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Midnight Anarch wrote:
roguerouge wrote:
Midnight Anarch wrote:

By what mechanical means does Lucian have a wyvern mount? Is this just "module creator's fiat?"

What's the deal with this duo?

He's rich and comes from the ruling family?

That's the obvious story-based answer, but not to the question posed. Unless you're also saying "by fiat."

Most NPCs aren't given arbitrary boons, which is why I ask whether it is truly so in this case.

It does say he raised him since he was a hatchling, and Lucian has handle animal +15, so it's not insane to think he has given Zailosorn all the required combat training over his life. So yes, he basically has GM fiat that might be given to a PC, and most "boss" enemies in Hell's Rebels have PC-level wealth, power or special qualities.

There was also discussion in this thread about him using vital strike on ride-by-attack, which technically shouldn't be allowed based on RAW. In the end, most of the GM's here have posted that he wasn't much of a threat even with the wyvern mount, so I think it's ok to run him as written.

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Some of the best moments in my game so far have come from having actual RP or combat based on the random events during rebellion weeks. I think the system works fine for players who don't min-max. But if your players are into optimization, then I can definitely see how the rebellion rules could push them towards some pretty high power levels. Most of the extra feats only affect skill-based stuff, and late in the adventure the party will desperately need those skills.

I am going to most likely run Hell's Rebels again in a couple years for a group that's played Kingmaker, and that group definitely optimized the kingdom building, so it will be interesting to see if most of the concerns here come to bear.

I think if I were to remove it I would still keep the benefits from allies, like the favors from Sargaeta, or Vandalfek being able to do some recon for them. Shensen obviously needs to exist if there's no PC bard.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Axial wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

That was one of the interlinks I was planning on building into the AP that changed partway through. Obviously, Strea didn't get abducted and magicked up by the church, but by Natsiel. If you want to run with the original plot, that's fine—you can replace Strea in Song of Silver with any missing NPC that the PCs have heard about in the AP.

Well, that's a shame. I kind of prefer having Strea getting taken out by Thrune. Seeing as how they want to destabilize/oppress the Tiefling neighborhood.

James Jacobs wrote:

That option ended up being downplayed when it became apparent that there wasn't going to be any room in the 5th adventure to handle a more significant Nidal element. Feel free to add it back in if you want, but keep in mind I also chose to end up downplaying the Nidal stuff as well because it started to feel like it was going to be too distracting for players, and I wanted to keep the plot focused on Kintargo and its relationship with Chelaix.

Oh! What was Nidal's role going to be? Was there going to be some kind of Nidal plot arc?

Nidal's role was going to be distracting, and as such it was cut from the AP. Maybe I'll talk about it in a few years when Hell's Rebels has had a bit longer to set into the minds of folks as it was intended. I don't really want to distract folks at this point from the plot.

So... ask me again in a year and maybe I'll talk then! ;-P

Can a week or two early count? I actually had my players asking a lot about Nidal when they found out about Shadowsquare and a rumor that Coristian and Aluceda are hanging out.

It might be interesting for them to follow your unpublished thread!

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Andrew Mullen wrote:

I made a Google Sheet to help me plan GenCon Starfinder stuff, and thought other folks might find it useful. I'll do my best to keep it updated.

Spreadsheet link!

It's my 1st con ever! I'd like to help out and GM some Starfinder, but I've never GMed time-constrained PFS-style stuff before and am wary of overloading my schedule. Gotta stew on it.

That spreadsheet is great to put it together in my head. Thanks! Also, this is my first ever con AND first ever time GMing society games. I'm super pumped to do Starfinder Society stuff since my main home group will probably stick to Pathfinder adventure paths for a little bit. Anyway, you should definitely think about it! I don't wanna be the only newbie out there.

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I don't know why people think she's carrying grenades. Those might just be a couple cans of soda.

Great job on the story! Really excited to read more about the iconics.

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My group had a warpriest (champion of the faith) archer PC who just destroyed pretty much everything, plus a paladin, so they were both just completely overcoming the DR of everything. Most of the crowd was actually killed by cockatrices, which the group didn't decide to kill until after they had gotten rid of "Barzillai" and Jilia. They ended the ball losing only 72 people.

I'm excited to see how the warpriest operates now in book 4, with the extra authority points gained by Barzillai, although that player missed the first session of Book 4. There was already a near TPK in the Silver Star due to some unlucky smites from the fiendish green hags.

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pavaan wrote:

My group took the rails off the track then put them together once more and had them hooking up to another track so that two trains would hit each other.

but first some food for thought, your players might try to dig a tunnel from under the inn to the fort, easy way to stop that is say the fort is on solid stone. Also in this line of thought is if the party has a necromancer and made the undead dig.

My group has a fiendish vessel cleric who has a free imp familiar, they made this plan up after killing the monk. they told Oppian that the wizard was conducting foul rituals in his home, they were on friendly enough terms with him so he took 6 guards some of them named and went with them to the wizards manor, just before they got there, the imp with a bag of holding went in the window of the second story manor and put dead body's in a ritual configuration. they arrive with Oppian and get the wizard to come out he is confused as to what is going on, Oppian sends up one of his men to look for confirmation that some dark ritual is being done. the man comes back down says yes it is. party is behind oppian and his guard and has the imp act once more using the discord bottle, all but the wizard and Oppian failed, the party bard casts glitter dust on the wizard and two guards they all fail, the fiendish vessel casts lesser confusion. in short order the party wins by much trickery. with that i ended the book, the town lost its GR leadership in two days. they never had to storm the fort. But i was the one running the game, and we don't get that much play time a session for reasons.

My party had a similar idea to put the blame on Faydreth, but sounds like your party came up with a clever idea to have Faydreth get caught red-handed.

They've started their attack on the temple, and killed Exemplar. The fight in the courtyard took all night after about an hour of planning, and people were working the next day so we stopped right after they cleared the courtyard. Since they have no divine casters they should be ok to return twice before Exemplar rejuvenates.

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Raynulf wrote:

xrayregime wrote:
As for the mechanics of the temple, there are also specific mentions to people at those locations being at the temple and increasing the CR of certain encounters if they are not dealt with. I know Tiarise would be helping at the temple, probably some of the River Talons, Natsiel bargaining with Barzillai for Hetamon, etc.
Tiarise and the dragon are definite possibilities, but both Natsiel and the River Talons really don't want to fight in the temple, and it is out of character for them to do so - especially if the PCs are successfully attacking it. There is also the issue of reinforcements getting there: Such groups make more sense appearing after the PCs stop and rest, if/when they do.

The book specifically calls out that Natsiel gives Barzillai Hetamon and he becomes host to the Hellwasp swarm if the PC's don't rescue him, AND Barzillai gains 40 authority points. Which is potentially terrible. My players are already going to lose a friendly NPC due to reprisals, and they've been pretty adamant about trying to save as many people as possible.

I think there are plenty of mechanical ways to keep your players from entering the climax of the book too early.

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I like that idea of Legitimacy points or something they can use to abstract administering districts. I have a couple players that are going to be upset that book 5 and 6 drop the rebellion week mechanic, and maybe I can offer them a transition to running the government starting with legitimacy points.

As for the mechanics of the temple, there are also specific mentions to people at those locations being at the temple and increasing the CR of certain encounters if they are not dealt with. I know Tiarise would be helping at the temple, probably some of the River Talons, Natsiel bargaining with Barzillai for Hetamon, etc.

The political reasons that zimmerwald mentioned are certainly more logical than just upping CR and I might have Rexus and Laria basically lay it out like he did.

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weasels10 wrote:

Hello all! Curious about a few things:

1) One of my PC's is obsessed with the platinum ring in the rafters of the Fair Fortune Livery. Any one have any good ideas of why it was up there in the first place? He's obsessed with it being a clue about the Silver Ravens or the "haunting" of the Livery and I'm just trying to think of any way it might be more satisfying than just saying "no, it's loot".

Any thoughts welcome!

You could maybe have some of the papers they found in the Fair Fortune Livery discuss Amyreid - the cleric of the original Silver Ravens-

keeping extra platinum rings around in case she needed to cast Shield Other, and she kept one up in the rafters.

As for the Calistrian worshiper, I would only add that if you want to keep your players second-guessing NPC's. Many of the NPC allies in this first book make quick friends of the PC's, and as they gain more allies throughout the following books, some of the different motives for joining with the Silver Ravens start to clash. For instance Captain Sargaeta's keeping of halfling slaves and Laria being a Bellflower operative. If you want to keep those plates spinning with another NPC who might have clashing motives, then go for it. I'd imagine the Calistrian and Octavio would not get along too well as they begin to recruit the Order of the Torrent in Book 2.

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Sounds like you had a pretty epic battle so far! My players tend to get into trouble with traps - Faydreth's bookshelf trap nearly took out two members of their party. I'll probably run it like you say, the wording in the paragraph before it is just kind of confusing.

I've been most looking forward to the Exemplar fight for sure. I think his howl is going to hit hard, and so will his touch wisdom attack. We run next Tuesday just for a few hours so I'm interested to see how far they get. They'll clean it up on a Sunday session later this month.

In the vulpinal's stat block it says she dimension doors into the chapel with the graven guardian, but I might steal your idea of her going up and bolstering/getting healed by Oppian.

I might also give Oppian the archon-graced template from advanced bestiary, so then it would make sense for Kelinti to go bolster his defenses.

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First of all, your 3D renders look awesome and I kinda wish I had them to show my players during the last few months! Secondly, I think you're spot on with your assessment. The ability to fly should make this a pretty easy encounter. A beefed up Lucian Thrune would definitely help if your party can just fly onto the second floor.

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So my group starts Valor's Fastness this month. For area H23, the trap says that it is triggered once someone steps into the area from the staircase, but the trap area is in the middle of the room according to the map. Based on the stats, I think it's supposed to trigger as an immediate action, so I don't really see the point. At the same time, I feel like Oppian is maybe going insane and setting traps poorly in a state of paranoia. I am thinking about moving the trap if my group is crushing the fortress and needs an extra challenge, or just have them see it go off haphazardly just before Mindaliel starts throwing down javelins at them and some of them have to face the haunt on the stairs. Has anybody run it differently?

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Any of the urban archetypes are nice, but I think rogues and bards are definitely the classes that get great opportunities to shine. One of the rogues in my party went master spy, and one went arcane trickster. They're both having a great time. In a city of opera houses, political dissidents, and artists, bards should have a great time; though I still haven't been able to convince any of my group members to play one.

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Black_Cat wrote:
What sorts of things do you think she'd say...? This particular player is so good at thinking on his feet, so I get outmatched sometimes when the characters wouldn't. I'm trying to get prepared for another good-natured run-in ;)

If she was going to actually talk to them, she might mention things like entropy, economic philosophies, how Asmodeus' stock in town is on the decline, and it is only by the divine presence of the Glorious Reclamation that Cheliax can move forward. Abadar is all about progress and trade, and she must have some feeling that the GR is going to help her god accomplish those things within Cheliax.

However, I think she's much more likely to mount an offensive against the group after they questioned her new temple. The enemies (good guys) that are affiliated with the GR all have major weaknesses. Hers might be the fact that she backed the wrong horse, and maybe Abadar would rather his inquisitors stay out of this situation - after all, worship of Abadar is allowed by the Thrunes - but it's too late now - her stubbornness will lead to her downfall.

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