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Emily Williams was the president of West Hill High School's Parent-Teacher Association for the second consecutive year. She didn't look 38 years old, instead was often mistaken for being in her mid twenties. She was a regularly at the local gym. She had pearl white skin, green eyes and honey-brown hair. A trophy wife. Curvaceous. Her 36C breasts were perfect and bounced slightly with every step. They showed no signs of sagging and were tipped with two delicious cherries. She had cherry-pink eraser nipples, long and fat. She had curves in all the right places. She had a large, well shaped butt, the perfect thighs and toned calves. Even her feet were perfectly kept live sex. Her son Timothy, a freshmen at West Hill, was off on a fishing trip with his father, her husband of 12 years, Joseph. The yearly fishing trip was a Williams tradition! In her boredom, she had agreed to supervise a high school mixer with students, teachers and parents. The mixer was a after-event, at the end of a week-long fundraising carnival sex chat. She had decided on a green dress, to match her eyes. The tight dress accentuated all of her curves. She wore a sexy black lace bra and a matching pair of panties. She was very loyal to her husband but enjoyed showing off. Green nail polish ensures her fingernails and toenails matched her dress. She wore white peep-toe heels which accentuated her toned calves. She applied light-pink lip gloss and headed down to the school sex cam. The party was already in full swing and Emily immediately became the center of attraction. Some of the male parents at the party sneaked glances, while others stared openly. A few of the younger students were talking and laughing. She got a glass of red wine and joined a group of fellow PTA members.