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Full Name

xandria zimbat marith creel




wizard 1







Special Abilities

gnome magic









Strength 11
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 12

About xandria zimbat marith creel

Pink hair brought back into long pigtails. She wears a simple pink sundress, pleated at the short skirt somewhat above the knee. Pink saddle shoes and white cuffed stockings. A simple belt with a star buckle keeps it from frilling outwards. Xandria Zimbat Mereth Creel, daughter to the illustrious bardic summoner Panamon Creel. He was an adventurer, a bombastic and talented bard, an accomplished summoner and her mothers lover. Born to a simple barmaid in Lepidstadt, whom her father had visited upon regular intervals while in Ustalav. A country frought with nightmares, the remnants of the wispering way. Hints of the tyrants return and other such abominations which “bump” in the night. She grew up a simple girl, but magic flowed through her viens and was not to be ignored. “Xandria, your as bad as your father. Impetuous, impulsive, and down right undisciplined. Get yourself under control!”. Her mother would often say to her. Harnessing what power she had. She worked hard to gain control over it. Magic came naturally to her but went unharnessed to its potential for many years. As she grew, the stories of her father became more than just bedtime stories. The outlandish deeds her father had accomplished were well known through Lepidstadt, indeed most of Ustalav. Her father never returned from his adventures before she was born. However his legacy lived on in tales. When she came of age a middle aged man who radiated an inner light came to their door. Her father had passed on, the exact method of his death were not spoken of to the child. However her mother was wrought with grief. The knight handed her mother all that remained of her fathers wealth. The man said he was sorry that there wasn't much more than that, though the specifics of his demise made recovering any real measure of wealth impossible. She looked at her mother and claimed she wanted to be an adventurer like her father. Her mother forbade it. Asking her mothers permission she managed to get her to agree that Xandria could attend the university. “An academic magician, hmmph. Who ever heard of such a thing?”. Xandria explained in a huff time and time again the difference between a stage show and a true wizard. To her mother “all adventurers are the same hon, all of them have too much power and entirely too much time. Be a good girl and get your chores done”. While at the university she studied hard and graduated with some repute. She stayed with her mother and proved useful as a wizard and stage show all at the same time. Her mother couldn't hide the fact her daughter was growing up more like her father every day. A fact which she was displeased about openly but in her heart it brought her much joy. One day, four adventurers came in, not out of the ordinary, but none to her knowledge had ever been this well equipped, or organized. The four explained they were from the Pathfinder society. She told them of her fathers tales and entertained them the best she knew how. They in turn told her of the accomplishments of the society and their goals. She looked to them with a sparkle in her eye and asked how one becomes a pathfinder. They pointed her in the direction of the lodge within Caliphas, some miles away. Later that night she spoke to her mother. “Only a matter of time I had always said.”. Her mother sighed deeply and pulled out a coin purse. “well, go if you wish, this is the last of your fathers money. It will take you to Caliphas and get you outfitted as an adventurer.”. Her mother looked at her sternly and then just before Xandria was able to take the coin purse her mother snatched it up abit and glared at her. “Just you remember young lady, you keep yourself under control. Dont take unnessasary risks, and for the love of all that is holy in this world. Come home occasionally will you? Your all I have left besides this Inn.”. Her mothers tears formed quickly. “makes for lonely nights ya know.”. Her mothers tears were short lived and she hugged the girl to herself. “I really am proud of you. Go. Become an adventurer like your father. Make the Creel name great, and perhaps one day...we might tell your children of your tales together.”. Blushing she took the last of her fathers money and headed for the lodge in Caliphas.