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Selter Sago de'Morcaine PFS wrote:
Jeff Merola wrote:
Durable arrows have a lot size of one, so you buy them one at a time. ...
Anyone know how to buy just one in Herolabs?

You can't buy just one in Hero Labs, but the whole lot.

However, you can "Split Stack" into two stacks. Make one stack with the number of arrows you want. then sell the other stack. The Split Stack function is under the Move to New Congtainer button.


Kiinyan wrote:
There was a GenCon boon that sorta gave this. For 3 rounds you become mythic. You auto-stabilize and once during the 3 rounds you get a 1d6 surge.

After several re-reads of the Mythic Boon, I am somewhat disappointed. My barbarian gets a surge once per Rage as long as she has a coupl Rage Points left, which could happen several times in a module. My samurai, through his Resolve-Unstoppable feature, can Auto-Stabilize. I think that there is a feat or trait that can do the same.

I expected more from this boon. The Powers-That-Be may have been afraid of un balancing the PFS mods by allowing too much and I would agree. HOWEVER, with a 1, 2, or 3 round limitation, having a character go full Mythic (Path abilities, feats, etc.) should be enough to give a taste of the Mythic and maybe allow the party to get past one very deadly encounter. 3 rounds is not very long to wipe out a room full of monsters.

Besides which, if a Mythic character were rolling the way I did in Bonekeep Lvl2, he'd be dead real fast. No amount of Mythic overcomes straight up bad luck.

I hope that Mr Compton, rethinks this boon and allows some real Mythic abilities in. # rounds is not much time.

Ivan Rûski wrote:
I have 3 stainless steel spinner rings, and unless these are radically different, it just won't work. Spinner rings don't really "spin" so much as rotate. I think it's a cool idea, and if they actually got them to spin properly, kudos. I just don't see this working very well.

a GM at Gencon was using a pair of these rings. He generated around a dozen confirmed crits and several more unconfirmed. Hot streaks happen, I was on a cold streak ... artic cold. However, I was prompted to look online at some images of them. I am planning on getting a couple and testing them. Our GM was clamping his fist to stop the spin. Somehow, I would think that this would lead to a non-random result equivalent to slapping a normal d20 as it rolls on the table to get at the result faster.

Give me old fashioned dice, a cup and a diced tray to keep the rolls truly random.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Three rounds of being 1st mythic tier, auto-stabilizing and being able to use mythic surge once for 1d6 more on top of one roll.

I managed to snag one of these. But I have a ferw questions.

* Do I get ONLY the features listed in the boon?
* do I get to pretend (for 3 rounds only) to have ALL the aspects of a 1st tier Mythic Hero; i.e. choose a a path, have a Mythic feat and features.

I am drooling over the Champion's "Fleet Attack" or "Sudden Attack" (want both, can choose only one:-( )

* Which Mods will have the "Hard Option"

On that note:
As the name suggests, I am guessing that the Hard Option will make the mod more difficult. How will this work in Society play? Will I need to find a table of all Mythic boons in order to have a reasonable chance that most PCs will survive to complete the mission? I see that before starting the mods, the request must be made and ALL players must agree before the Hard option used.


I am still trying to figure all this out. I understand the
SL. X. CL. 750gp formula
For a wand of Mage Armor with a CL of 1 this costs just 750 gp

However, if I am interpreting this thread correctly, a wand with second level spells would cost 4500 gp (2. X. 3. X. 750). Third level wands would cost a minimum of 11,250 gp.

While this makes some sense for an all or nothing type spell, I wonder if it must be true for spells that have affects based on CL. Suppose wizard XYZ comes to a town and needs some cash, so he decides to sell a few wands. There is no market for 1st level wands, however, being a mining community there is a market for Darkvision wands. At 4500 gp for a CL 3 wand, these may be out of reach for most miners. However, since Darkvision has a duration based on CL, could XYZ dumb down the spell to CL 1 and sell the wands for a more affordable 1500 gp

Before saying No, if you must be 5th level to create a wand, you are already dumbing down spells to creat a wand with a CL of 1 or 2 .

Will Mullen

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I understand that some things must be made illegal for Pathfinder society organised play. Crafting items would slow down play at limited time events, Leadership can make a character too powerful for that character's level. However, some items declared illegal do neither and to track them down is awkward. For example, there are a WHOLE LOT of traits that are illegal. What level of complexity does Adopted add to the game. It simply allows a character to get a racial trait not offered in her race. Or Catfolk and their racial archtypes are illegal when other races from the same section of the Advanced Races Guide are accepted.

I was able to track down a googe doc that lists all the illegal, Races, Archtypes, etc. anmd find that one of my characters has an illegal trait. Now I need to figure out how to rectify the situation. Not easy when I do not have a list of what IS LEGAL.

So back to my original question. Why make so many things illegal if they are not slowing the game or otherwise causing an inbalance?