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The reverse side looks blurred in parts.

Is this just the image or is the blurring on the actual flip-mat too?

Sorry, I missed that function. Thank you.

I notice that Paizo isn't listing the discontinued flip-mats - which is understandable as they are no longer available for purchase - but thought it would be good if there was a list of them just out of interest and something to look out for on auction sites like Ebay. I found the page for the discontinued Tavern. Are there any others in the flip-mat graveyard?

Do the two sides connect? If you bought two of these and flipped one over could they be placed side by side without any apparent joins? It looks like it's designed to do this but the sample images shown don't seem to align.

SmiloDan wrote:
Maybe an Improved Awesome Beard feat, that gives a +1 natural armor bonus or something?

That's an amazing idea! Have something like a Starched Beard feat that acts as impromptu armour. Or is that too silly?

Hey, nice work.

I mucked about with the idea of a half-dwarf too but called them stoutkins (having previously binned the term stoutling as it sounded too cute for dwarven stock).

I also toyed with the idea of a stoutkin-specific feat called Awesome Beard which was a stackable feat that gave a +1 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise (as long as the subterfuge involved imitating somebody bearded) and Intimidate when used on dwarves as they were so impressed with your beard and that it was obvious you were of dwarven blood. Obviously you had to have a beard and be male.