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Init: Ezekial, Baobhan Sith/Quickling/Plants, Connor, Larisa, Seres, Veronica

Round 4

Connor is ensnared by the grasping roots, but the tenacious Whitetalon continues to thrash the tendriculous with hoof and bite until the mushroom covered plant collapses to the ground.

Seeing Whitetalon's victory over the tendriculous, Larisa changes targets and hits the quivering assassin vine with the first of her three shots.

Seres holds again, waiting for the quickling.

Veronica and Moondancer both nimbly dodge the ensnaring roots. Veronica takes aim at the assassin vine grappling her dire wolf - her first shot misses but the second shot fires true and pierces through the core of the plant. The assassin vine clumps and begins to wither. The roon's grasping roots suddenly lose their animation.

With both monstrous plants slain, Ezekial holds his action.

The quickling reappears behind Veronica, but is immediately shot by the watchful Seres - the arrow lodges heavily in the fey's shoulder. The fey smiles maniacally and drives its oversized needle into Veronica's calf (9 hp damage). The fey then dashes back down the stairs at an inhuman speed.

The room falls silent around you.


[dice=T target]1d2[/dice]; 1=L, 2=V
[dice=Q Attack]1d20+6[/dice]