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Dekalinder wrote:
vuvko wrote:

On page 128 in "Sorcerer Spellcasting" there is a hint that Sorcerer should have Eschew Materials feat: "Because you’re a sorcerer, you can usually replace Material Casting actions with Somatic Casting actions, so you usually don’t need spell components."

Most likely it refers to the following text presented on page 196, under the "Special" section of the "Material Casting" action

"If you’re a sorcerer Casting a Spell from the spell list that
matches your bloodline, you can draw on the magic within
your blood to replace any Material Casting actions that require
material components with Somatic Casting actions. You can’t
replace a Material Casting action that requires a spell focus"

Thanks, it make sense. Then it's just not convenient way to put Sorcerer as an exception. Maybe better make it class feature so you won't miss it.