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I've been with you guys from day 1, and while I am just as happy with your product now as I was 116 issues ago, I sadly need to ask you to cancel my adventure path subscription.



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Rhino hide barding

Start with the cost of hide armor (15 gp) and multiply it by 4 for a large non-humanoid animal. That yields 60 gold for the barding. Add 150 for masterwork. The total is now 210. Reverse engineering the cost of Rhino Hide armor yields 165 for the masterwork, 4000 for the +2, and an additional 1000 for the charge bonus.

Would it seem correct then to say barding of the Rhino would cost 5210? That would be 60 for the barding, 150 for the masterwork, 4000 for the enhancement and 1000 for the charge bonus.

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twisting your mind and smashing your dreams
blinded by me you cant see a thing
just call my name 'cuz I'll hear your scream
Master! Master!

Nice reference. Great album.

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And by giggle, I mean really more of that evil GM chuckle that makes player go oh Shit!

So lets imagine an unarmed fighter who uses boar style. If he has boar style, body shield, impaling critical and improved impaling critical all sorts of fun can ensue. Boar style lets unarmed strikes do piercing damage. With impaling critical (that requires critical focus and weapon spec in your piercing weapon) you actually impale your victim on your weapon when you critical. In this case, your hand. Improved impaling critical, while unnecessary, does make it harder for your victim to escape. So, now that your hand is literally somewhere inside your opponent and you are doing damage every round until they manage to remove it, what should you do? grapple.

Once they are impaled and then grappled, you can use body shield to move them between you and one attack each round. If the provided cover forces a miss, your impaled victim takes the damage instead.

I call this my Sock Puppet combat style. Oh man, now I'm giggling again. Gotta go re-stat that arena barbarian from Kingmaker 5 to use this style.:)

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The feat says that a 15'cone issues from the monk doing his unarmed damage to all in the area. Is that just the monk's unarmed damage roll from the class table? Does it include the effect of items like the monk robe or stat bonuses? What about amulet of the mighty fist?

Essentially, the feat seems unclear whether this is a simple die roll at whatever die a monk of your level would use, or an actual damage roll for one of your unarmed attacks. At the investment of 2 uses of stunning fist, the straight die roll seems a paltry result, but again, the text is not specific. However, the difference is significant, as the answer makes this feat either a nice tactical option or one that would never be taken.

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I was looking over Druid related feats in UM today and ran into greater wild empathy. On the surface, this feat looks quite nice. You can intimidate with wild empathy instead of just using diplomacy and you get to choose an entire new group (fey, elementals, plants, lycanthropes, or vermin) and have the ability apply to them as well. Sign me up!

However, in closer examination there is a glaring problem with the feat as written. It limits the use of wild empathy against the new group to members who have an intelligence of 1 or 2. Ok.... that limits its utility quite a bit. Lets check the PFd20SRD for all Paizo published monsters that meet the criteria.

Elementals = 0
Fey = 0
vermin = 0 (they are all mindless by definition!)
Lycanthropes = 0
plants = 0 (I'll admit I didn't check every plant, as this was my last group and I was already seeing the overall pattern).

So, the 2nd half of this feat cannot be used with any creature existing in the game? To make matters more confusing, the feat offers rules for taking it multiple times (you may add another group for the feat to work with. or not work, actually). I suspect the feat was never intended to have the 1 or 2 intelligence restriction applied. Or perhaps this never came up during play testing. Can we get some official clarification on this please?

Thank you for making a great game!

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nullPlanet Stories Subscriber

Can we get some info on Planet Stories at this time? I see we have the two additional Silverberg releases on the schedule, but nothing else. The message board has been pretty dead when it comes to new info, and as I am an east coast fan, Gen Con and Paizo Con (no seminars or opportunity to ask about the books for me!)have not happened for me.

In particular, how is the line doing? How do its continuing prospects appear? What books are on the radar as probbable, possible, or even wishful thinking?

I've bought almost every release the line has had, but after the spate of rapid releases last year that made me fall behind, I am approaching my last volume this week.


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Can you please cancel my companion subscription? I found the printed players guide for each AP my main reason for subscribing to the companion line.

Also, I just added a modules sub today. Will Witchwar ship with my next AP?


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Hey guys, I noticed awhile back that there is a PFS character associated with my profile that is not mine. I actually do not have a PFS character at this point.

Is there anyway we can separate the character and get him to his proper owner?


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So, I have been loving Kingmaker. My players are almost done with the 1st installment and as I was looking ahead to River Runs Red and Varnhold Vanishing I realized something was missing. This campaign is more positive than most I run. There is little in the way of mind numbing horror or heeby-geeby inducing events in the story arc. As I love grossing out my players (and keeping them from a good night sleep), I was searching for a place to introduce at least a little of those elements to the story.

First, I needed to identify the best place to put a segment like this. After reading the 1st 5 installments, it seemed obvious that the creepy, empty town in V's Vanishing was my best bet. Spriggans are great villains, and I admit I could just run with them, but I wanted something more...well, Nick Loguish.

Inspiration struck while driving on the interstate. Replace the spriggans with the Graul clan! So, the question is, how to update the clan to PFRPG standards. Should Mammy be a witch? Or, how about a Summoner with an Eidolen that looks like an enormous mutated Ogre toddler with grab and constrict evolutions? I bet they could even have an enormous trollhound as a pet (ol' Yeller?)

So, if anyone likes the idea, lets throw together some ideas and variations on how to update the clan & how they could be used in Varnhold Vanishing.

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When making a staff as a PC, can any combination of your spells be put into a design? Can a player essentially say "I'm going to make a staff for myself with spells A, B and C. C will take 2 charges to cast". Then, price it out and run with it?

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OK, this is a quick check to see if I have the rules straight here. if a druid has an animal companion with wear lt armor, they can wear barding. Barding is simply armor modified to be worn by an animal or mount. You should be able to give a companion's barding armor spikes according to the rules.

My question is, would they merit the extra attack with the spikes in a grapple? What about the separate attack that counts as offhand (although no hand need be used)?

Finally does the question of humanoid or non-humanoid factor into the equation?

FWIW, my reading of the rules suggests that if the animal can grapple, they could use the spikes that way (ape or cat come to mind as grapplers) and the offhand attack should be usable by all.

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Its a casual browser based online "rpg/textgame hybrid". I've been messing with it for the last few days and think its a pretty neat time waster. Did I mention its free?
I have to admit it tickled my nostalgia-bone.

here is the site.

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Ok, I need to replace the paladin for my homebrew campaign, as the medieval holy knight does not fit well in a bronze age campaign. The class is intended to be on the power level of the PFRPG Beta classes, as those are the rules we're using. I'm posting the class as currently conceived for feedback. does it look fun? Too weak? too strong? let me know what you think

Design goal: replace the paladin with an more flexible holy warrior (read: any alignment) while maintaining the core idea of a 'holy warrior'

Class features:
Base attack: +1/lvl
Good saves: fort and will
Hit dice: d10

Class Skills: Craft, Diplomacy, Heal, Knowledge(nobility), Knowledge(religion), Profession, Ride, Sense Motive, and Spellcraft.

Skill Points: 2 plus int modifier

Weapons & armor: all simple and martial weapons, all armors & shields

1- Aura, Domain power, smite 1/day
2- domain power, lay on hands
3- divine grace, smite 2/day
4- domain power
5- silver smite
6- smite 3/day, mettle
7- iron smite
8- domain power
9- smite 4/day
10- aligned smite
12- domain power, smite 5/day
13- adamantite smite
15- smite 6/day
16- domain power
18- smite 7/day
20- domain power

Class ability descriptions:


Aura: as cleric.

Domain powers: The Templar must choose one of the domains associated with his deity, and will gain all of the powers associated with that domain. Once this choice has been made, it cannot be changed.

Smite: once per day at 1st level, a templar can smite an opponent in combat. The smite attack receives an attack bonus equal to the templar’s charisma bonus (if any), and a damage bonus equal to the templar’s level. At 3rd level and every 3 levels thereafter, the templar gains an additional use of smite each day. At 5th level a templar’s smite attack counts as a silver weapon for the purpose of damage reduction. At 7th level a smite attack also counts as a cold iron weapon. At 10th level, the smite attack of a templar counts as aligned for the purpose of penetrating alignment based damage reduction. At 13th level, a templar’s smite attack counts as an adamantite weapon for the purpose of penetrating damage reduction.

Lay on hands: as 3.5 paladin.

Divine Grace: At 3rd level a templar gains a bonus on all saving throws equal to his charisma bonus.

Spells per Day: A templar has the ability to cast a small number of divine spells each day, starting at 4th level chosen from the templar spell list. To cast a spell, the templar must have a charisma score of at least 10 + the spell’s level, so a templar with a charisma of 10 or less cannot cast spells. Templars receive bonus spells based off of their charisma, and the saving throw DC of their spells is 10 + spell level + charisma bonus. Like a cleric, a templar has access to any spells on their list, but must prepare them in advance.

Mettle: At 6th level, a templar gains the ability to shrug off magical effects that would otherwise harm or impede him. If a templar makes a successful will or fortitude save that would normally reduce the spell’s effect, he suffers no effect from the spell. This works only on spells that list ‘will partial’ or ‘fortitude half’ (or similar wording) in the saving throw column.

Spell lists:


Templar Spells

1st Level templar spells: Bless, command, cure light wounds, deathwatch, detect chaos/good/evil/law, divine favor, endure elements, magic weapon, protection from chaos/good/evil/law, read magic, restoration-lesser

2nd Level templar spells: Bear’s endurance, Bull’s strength, Cat’s grace, cure moderate wounds, eagle’s splendor, hold person, remove paralysis, resist energy, spiritual weapon, status

3rd Level templar spells: cure serious wounds, daylight, dismissal, dispel magic, magic circle against chaos/good/evil/law, magic weapon greater, prayer, remove blindness, remove curse, remove disease

4th Level templar spells: break enchantment, commune, cure critical wounds, death ward, dimensional anchor, freedom of movement, mark of justice, neutralize poison, planar ally lesser, restoration

Here are the major changes from the core paladin:
1. turn undead, paladin mount, and curing/immunity powers are eliminated

2. smite is improved and its acquisition is accelerated. as you go up in levels your smite ignores more tyes of DR.

3. One clerical domain is given to the class. This provides each different religion with flavorful powers. Templars of different faiths would have radically different powers. This refers to Pathfinder domains, as 3.5 domains would not work well IMO.

4. mettle (from complete divine) - evasion for the other saves

5. both fort and will are good saves. This is intended to compensate for the lack of immunities (disease, charm, etc...)

6. spell list is modified and the 'goody goody' was limited. Spells are primarily healing and buffing in nature. Several offensive options were added.

Scarab Sages, or good old games has gone into its beta test phase. The site has older games from 5 or more years ago available for download at 5.99 to 9.99 each (most are 5). There is no DRM or copy protection, you own the download for life (redownload at will), and can install on multiple machines if you choose. Each game has been updated to work on XP and Vista.

Best of all, some of the all time greats are available, as the starting lineup includes all 3 Fallout games, one entry in the Jagged Alliance family, and many other games that may interest folks here.

The way I look at it, I can get about 7 games here at the cost of one new title. Not a bad deal from where I stand. If you like retro gaming, this may be a site you want to check out. As far as I know they are still accepting applications for the beta, so head over and sign up

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Quietly, brother, quietly. The time has come for our allegiance to be made plain to each other. The Chelaxian devil swine have already gathered to bluster about their greatness. The effete Taldors are serving tea and cucumber salad as they scheme to steal our heritage. The time has come for the loyal servants of the Ruby Prince to make their presence known.

But quietly, brothers. There is no need to alarm the foreigners until their plans are confounded and ours approach fruition. May the Pharaohs of old smile upon our endeavors.

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here is a very interesting quote from Randy about online Dragon/Dungeon. All bold emphasis was added by me:

Randy Buehler wrote:

Dragon and Dungeon Magazines are up and running and are now 100 percent driven by the D&D R&D team. We’re using in-house design and development resources to make sure every article is worthy of being an official part of D&D and we feel really good about the quality of the product that we’re publishing. The way it works is that multiple times per week new articles are published (as PDFs so that they can look every bit as good as our physical book product). By the end of the month a complete issue has now been unveiled, one article at a time, and that content gets collected together into an official issue of Dragon or Dungeon Magazine. These magazines are currently in free trial mode, but we intend to start charging for them in the near future. (See below for discussion of pricing.)

Now my questions are as follows:

1- I think it clear that only staff writers are writing for Dragon and Dungeon for the foreseeable future. Does anyone dispute this interpretation?

2- considering contests like RPG Superstar, and the many talents that have been found by the old print mags, is this a good thing? Does the benefit of house writers outweigh the loss of new talent?

3- Where do aspiring writers for 4ed get a published venue? certainly not at Paizo. Kobald Quarterly seems unlikely. What's left?

4- Is this a wise move by WotC?

personally, I feel this is a mistake. perhaps all crunchy articles should come from in house, or a sequence of short encounter/advebtures could hilight new talent. The fact is, a lot of good writers had queries in at the print mag 'slush pile' and it now looks like they may never see the light of day. Especially considering that I feel many of the best game writers are not on Wotc staff, I see this as a real liability. If I have interpreted things correctly, I hope that they reconsider.

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hey folks,

I'm getting a little concerned about this order. I had several items on backorder, but they have all been pending for several days now. This was placed as a holiday order all the way back on November 16th, but looking at the high end of the projected ship period and delivery schedule, it is completely possible to miss Xmas altogether.I placed my order the day that the Super-duper warehouse cleaning sale hit. Subsequent posts on the backorder issues for other customers pointed out that these items were not really backordered but that the stats was an artifact of your warehouse system.

Can someone in CS let me know what's going on? I really don't want to have to pay for expedited shipping to get the order before Xmas, since it was placed 2 weeks ago. Thanks for any help you can provide,

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hey folks, I just checked my subscriptions page and it says that my ongoing subscription starts with issue 3. Just a week ago, the site said my 8 remaining Dungeon issues would convert to 3 issues, and that my ongoing subscription would begin with issue 4.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,

The 'Ling

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OK,i am not going to condemn 4th ed out of the box, although i am HIGHLY disposed to reject it. My reasoning and anger towards Wotc doesn't stem from 'OMG I spent a bajillion dollars on this damn game. I don't want to do it again', but from a related issue. My two gripes that I have yet to see articulated on this site are:

1- Yes, Wotc probably needs money. But here's the kicker- I think that need is artificially created due to corporate bloat. Have you ever looked at how LARGE that company is compared to firms like the old TSR or Palladium? Or even any of the financially solvent/successful D20 companies in the industry? They're HUGE! If they SLOWED the pace of releases, eliminated several dozen executives, and ran LEAN, they would have much larger margins, and be able to survive short term downturns in sales.

2- The second issue is their attempt to convert a game that was always based on the optional purchase of supplements into a continuing money stream. Minis sets come out several times a year. Cool, can I by the whole set to use in my game? NO. they're random. Meaning you have to purchase substantially more to get them all. OK, how about the new DI. Do I get access based off of my book purchases? Maybe. But all indicators suggest that it will require a nominal fee like, oh i don't know 10 bucks a month.

Oh yeah, you still need to buy the books.

Folks, I don't reject the edition based off of any decisions about what's in or out yet - we just don't know enough. I am very suspicious and somewhat leery of their motives. I do think they're primarily motivated by financial rather than gaming reasons.

AND that's OK. Just don't try to sell me that its about the game.

my 2 cents. Attack, agree, or state bleh! as you desire.

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Now THIS gets me excited. I loved the Dragon Ecologies books, and this looks like it could be even better. I can't wait for this one to ship.

The 'Ling