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I don't see the flanking as possible. You only get to have one attack routine in a round, right? So that would mean that only one of you is able to threaten a square.

What am I missing?

I think this sums it up.
In so far as I understand the item it warps space so that two points within thirty feet and line of sight of one another are - for a duration of six seconds - effectively the same point.

Well, not points in space but the user.

Gets my vote!

Neil Spicer wrote:
trollgarden wrote:
Thank you, that was an awesome roast!
And thank you for taking all that in the right spirit. I actually considered filtering that one because I didn't want to come across as overly harsh.

Oh no, thank you for giving it to me undiluted!

Neil Spicer wrote:
trollgarden wrote:

*...I must be in a ticked off mood this morning, because even the little things are really bugging me today.

*...Who knew there was a slot called "empty eye socket"...? And what's with all the items requiring that? This is the second one I've seen today. Is there a theme going on in games whereby people routinely lose their eyes or willingly pluck them from their head so they can cyborg themselves with the latest greatest magic gemstone as eyeware?

Woot! And thank you!

I should have been more clear that my intent was for this to be a VILLAIN item. So I agree on all counts.

Hey, I'd rather have you hate it than be 'Meh'.

Oh and I only stated it out because some fool in my game DID pluck out his eye! I'm all What?! OK save VS. death, dang you made it! OK....

Thank you, that was an awesome roast!

Thanks for any feedback!


Moderate Divination CL 5th,
Slot empty eye socket, Price 5000 GP, Weight 1/10 lb.

The Mortevoyant eye is an artificial eye made out of alabaster. For the eye to function it must be placed in an empty eye socket of any corporeal creature that had an eyeball. This allows normal sight (cures Blindness in that eye)and allows the user to see through an eye of any one corporeal dead (or undead) creature with in 600'. It takes a standard action to activate the eye and a move action to stop using the eye.

When activated the the user is Blinded (unless he can see himself through a dead eye in which case the penalty is halved.) If a dead creature is in line of sight that creature may be selected otherwise the closest dead intact eyeball will be selected. Each round a new target may be selected as a move action. Note it is not necessary to have line of sight or be aware of the target creature/eye.

The vision received from the eye is blurry and indistinct. Spot checks are at -5 and it is possible to miss something that would otherwise be obvious. No depth perception.

When looking through the eye, only what the target is looking at can be seen. Also no control is imparted over the creature nor any insight (beyond what he can see) as to where the creature is located.
Sapient undead receive a DC 15 Will save to avoid the effects.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Items, Detect undead, Clairvoyance and Remove blindness. A suitable piece of alabaster fashioned into a false eye, 2,500 GP