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Life is too short to spend it playing in a crappy PbP. Play in a great one instead. Can't find one? Run one.

-- From the musings of Damien and Jyri

I've been roleplaying since I was in high school. Well over 20 years. I started out when my buddy had some of the old D&D trading cards, and then lent me the Dragonlance source book. I was hooked, and played mostly D&D...until a sweet little game called d20 Modern. I can't even begin to describe the tingly feeling I get when I can recreate my favorite movies and TV shows.

I had been pretty much a face-to-face gamer until about 10 years ago, when I got kicked out of the group for nearly killing the party (that's a story for another time). I'm sure I could have found another RL group, but I needed to find a more diverse range of players.

For a few years, I played using virtual tabletops, but there would always be something that'd monopolize my time, and drag me away from the game.

I turned to PbP, and it has been a crazy ride ever since.

While d20 Modern is my favorite game, I also play and have played many others. ..some of my preferred games include:

Mutants In Orbit
Legend of the Five Rings

My posting schedule

As a general rule, I'm trying to maintain a maximum of three games at a time, so that the time spent on posts is productive and the posts are top notch. All of the below refers to pacific time (GMT -8). Adjust your minds accordingly.


With work, and two high-maintenance kids, my personal time is sparce.

I can make one huge post at around 5pm, and should be able to dip into the boards throughout the night to answer questions or maintain game flow.

Combat is a different thing entirely. Combat can really bog down a game if the GM isn't on top of it. So, when a game is in combat, I will check regularly on my phone and do my best to post reactions (like saving throws, telling you if combat maneuvers succeed, when enemies are dead, etc) and move things along if I am able to no matter what time of day it is. I will only post the combat table summaries, however, during my regular posting times above (since that takes extra time) unless I'm posting and it has come around to the baddies' initiative (in which case I need to write a big post anyway).


All of the above goes out the window and I'll just be posting when I can.