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[b]Discuss the Phases of DHA Islamabad[/b]

If you are looking for a suitable housing scheme in the city of Islamabad, the House for sale in Islamabad is one of the safest options. It stands out amongst other choices due to the great potential of secure investment in the property sector. When you are interested in capitalizing your assets in property, you must consider multiple aspects. My wide-ranging research in the field of property eventually helped me to rank DHA as the top choice for investment. If you are interested to learn more about different phases of DHA housing scheme, then go through the following details:

DHA Phase 1

DHA phase 1 is a symbol of a well-developed housing society which is a priority for plenty of citizens of Islamabad. It is located right next to Fauji Foundation Hospital. If you are interested in living in large houses in a protected housing society, DHA phase 1 should be your first preference. The wide area of this phase comprises the A, B, C, D, E, and F blocks. The villas of this area are recognized as 11 marla double story houses with comfortable lodging. I also want to give you the most essential information related to the prices of houses in this phase. Approximately, the average amount of three-bed houses falls within the range of 170 crores and 2+ crore.

DHA Phase 1 Extension (DHA Phase 4)

The organization of DHA successfully expanded its business by offering DHA phase 1 extension also known as DHA Phase 4. The location of this phase is next to DHA phase 1, near Askari 14 and is opposite to the area of Bahria Town Phase 8, Rawalpindi. This is the phase of DHA which is going through transition as its many blocks are still developing. If you are interested in investing in property, I advise you to never miss the chance of buying a plot or house in this phase. DHA Islamabad house for sale is available for those who are interested to live in an ideal location. Initial blocks A and C of this DHA phase are good options if you want to get early possession.

DHA Phase 2

The beautiful location of DHA Phase 2 is the most motivating factor for people to think about living and investing in this area. This phase covers a large area that starting from GT road and leads towards DHA Valley. Its connectivity with Islamabad highway enhances its feasibility and suitability for the residence of Islamabad to avoid the issue of regular traffic jams.

DHA Phase 2 Extension

This area is positioned next to DHA Valley which is also known for its splendid scenery and attractive domain of development. This phase is characterized as an under-construction zone that requires a significant form of development in the coming years. The normal prices for this phase are based on 50 to 55 lacs for one kanal area.

Property Transfer Procedure

Now, let’s discuss the property transfer procedure.

On the given date, it is compulsory for both parties to arrive at the office on time. Once you are in the office, you have to go to the finance desk. At the finance desk, both sellers and buyers have to submit their documents. The finance desk will evaluate and examine your documents. It will not take more than 2 hours for the finance desk to intimate the dues. Once you are done with that, you have to obtain the No Demand Certificate (NDC). After getting NDC, the documents will be forwarded to the legal desk. After a successful inspection, the legal desk will transfer these documents to the transfer office.

After that, the transfer office will photograph both sellers and buyers in order to maintain a visual record of this deal. After that, a period of 7 to 10 working days will be given to both parties for the issuance of allotment letter. On the given date, a buyer can collect that letter from the transfer desk.

Isn’t is simple and straightforward?

If you want any further information, then Flat for sale in Islamabad can visit the Gharbaar website. It provides an opportunity to explore multiple categories of real estate in the entire DHA and other housing societies.