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Shahnaz wrote:
Will there be a way to get this edition through other stores outside of US or is the only way of getting it via pre-ordering here? I'm outside the US so shipping+customs is a pain.

Concur, its $40+USD to get it out to Singapore. My advice would be to keep an eye on bookdepository.com, that's where I get most of my Paizo hard copies.

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I'm not so sure. I think some combination of the two would be better. Explicit is generally better implicit, especially when communicating to the inexperienced. If you have new players in particular, laying everything out in the place they are looking generally works better.

I guess adding a 'basic save' table to the spell page of the characters sheets might alleviate the 'flipping' problem?

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Valamuur wrote:

I'm partial to Tar Kuata, in Osiria. The Pahmet dwarves there revere Irori, are secretive, and are also interesting since they reject dwarven traditions. They believe their dwarven traditions hold them back from reaching enlightenment. So they do things like shave their head and beards, and train in a secluded monastery.

Naturally, being a dwarf would be best, but I'd assume you could stay human and just have trained there.

Much appreciated, this definitely sounds the right direction. The background allows for him to remain human but I'm not married to the idea. So required reading may be something like "Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs"? That would cover off the Pahmet?

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Hi All,

First time poster, be gentle :)

I am about to start playing PF for the first time, I've played plenty of other RPGs before including original D&D as a kid & 5e more recently but the GCP has got me hooked on this system.

I'm putting together a Deliverer (Slayer) at the moment, and am pretty settled on Irori as his deity as it fits in with the backstory I have in mind for him.

I've read a little about Irori in the Faiths of Balance publication, what i am looking for is advice on where my guy might have been raised. A region that is strong in Irori worship but perhaps secretive or reclusive. Part of his background will be related to being raised in a cloister of some description.

I was also considering Pharasma as a possible deity, if you think that might have locations better suited

Can you offer any suggestions as to a location and any publications I can read to get some feel for the history and society of those places?

Further info:

Race: I was already picking an advanced class, so I decided to go with Human to keep things simple but I am open to suggestions if a particular suggested location lends itself to a race

Personality: Chameleon. He will alter his demaenor to suit the task at hand. Internally he knows that he is a weapon to be wielded, the shape that weapon takes will depend on the circumstance. He's as likely to face an enemy of Irori in open combat as he is to poison their morning porridge

I can but more flesh on these bones if needed, feel free to ask!