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I think something went wrong when packing this product.

I have extra copies of some cards and others aren't there entirely.

Without a deck list I can't properly tell what I'm missing but I can tell that the weapons are incomplete and I didn't receive any barriers.

I might be wrong but I think something went amiss with my copy and I'd like to check...

I got two sets of the loot.
No barriers
and only 2 weapons in the set?

That's be the first AD not to feature barriers!

Edit: Pretty sure it was flubbed I don't even have the cards on the back of the box.

Cruel as it sounds I think you played the correct way.

Had a similar conundrum and misunderstanding with a larvae getting recharged.

The scenario states in hand though so you still lose if the thing is in your backpack and not occupying one of your appendages... *sigh*

Lead to much hand discarding and and resets to get it back in hand and near death just from trying to get at the larvae at the bottom of the backpack.

So what'd we learn today kids?

The most dangerous thing is needing something at the bottom of your backpack! You'll nearly kill yourself getting to it!

I play with a group and with my wife as 2 characters a piece.

We've played through everything so far once ourselves and once with group and then some of the user created content as well.

After all that there's little wisdom to share. Not very much at all to be honest.

The biggest gem is that it depends on the adventure set. Which is unsurprising.

In every single one though we tend to fill certain slots:
Someone who wants arcane spells
Someone who wants divine spells
Someone who wants melee weapons
Someone who wants ranged weapons

It's all about the boons.

This party don't want none unless you got boons hun.

And making a party like this makes every good boon mouth watering.

It also tends to make us pretty agile on checks somehow.

I usually let others choose first and then fill in the blanks.

Outside of that we've usually played as husband and wife by the time the group plays so we've got a lot of meta-knowledge about what stats are important in the adventure set.

So for ROTR everyone can pick whoever they want as long as they can wreck a face.
S&S we cringe when someone was thinking of picking a character with low wisdom and dexterity.
In WOTR we full stopped when we realized we had no reliable healer in character selection.

In MM we don't quite know what's the bent for picking characters yet. I'm not sensing a huge pull ahead by one stat or another. Have to crunch numbers maybe at the end on all banes.

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So I think anyone who's been to these forums a while can remember the buzz of activity that surrounded some of the earlier base sets.

I wasn't around for ROTR but it doesn't seem like it was that big of a blip forum wise, at least more than it warranted.

SAS was a jump in difficulty but still largely enjoyed and praised.

WOTR though was a Billious Bottle of activity. The difficulty shot into the stratosphere out of the box and many harsh words were typed. It didn't seem like it was for everyone. Entire threads were dedicated to scenarios that were difficult to finish.

So we're two AD's into MM and I haven't really seen a whole lot...

Or maybe it's just that I haven't seen a whole lot of complaining and registering that as something being wrong. I mean if you do something, anything someone out there isn't going to like it!

Is it being played in the volumes it was before and during WOTR?

I dunno, but I do know when I put something out there I like to get feedback on it to know if what I did works and what didn't.

So I'll just come out and say it...

Mummy's Mask is the best base set Paizo has done.

Seriously this is the #$%^. I was worried with the direction WOTR had taken especially in the beginning scenarios but good golly this blew away all my worries and expectations.

The scenarios are challenging but not punishing, or at least it feels that way. We've failed a couple but it was less of a crawling struggle to stay alive and more of a hurried sprint that we came up just short of winning. We gave it our all and didn't get to the goal instead of just enduring punishment and getting nothing for it.

The trader mechanic is amazing and I'd love to port it to other sets. Plunder was alright but you ended up with just as many or more wooden shields as valuable boons. Trading serves a dual purpose in making you want to acquire boons you'd like to use as trade fodder as well as giving a far more controlled reward system.

The banes sting, but don't obliterate us. It's more death by a thousand cuts rather than getting utterly annihilated by a flesh golem in the B scenarios or a Billious bottle blowing you away turn after turn. Or the flip side of barriers not being challenging at all with temptations that were anything but tempting, instead we got the trapped box that lets you take more damage for items *maybe*. I'm actually more willing to take that trade off because of the trader mechanic.

The boons have taken it to a new level as well. Weapons that provide utility out of combat, early armor that reduces multitudes of damage types and blessings that have me drooling for more blessing card feats. Seriously these blessings continue to shock me with versatility. The increased recycl-ability with the basics is interestingly balanced. As we add new and more powerful non basics the ancients become less and less useful.

Triggers are the medicine I know I needed but didn't want to admit I had a problem. Adding a scouting ability to any of the other base sets made them very predictable. You'd walk into any location with the tools you needed since you knew what was coming. Now though I don't scout unless I know I can handle whatever may arise. Even taking alhazzra's power feat to examine 3 instead of 2 was a calculated risk... For a power feat! Who knew a power feat could be risky?! Well outside hand size that is.

The set is just superb and I'd love to hear how everyone else is loving or hating it. I was disappointed not to see so much buzz about this beautiful thing.

So send cookies to my house if I'm wrong but Mother Myrtle seems to have the ability to do some unintended hi jinx with her ability to turn banish into discard or recharge.

Case in point: Communion in MM

The card initially states bury to gain a non basic blessing from the box.

The idea being you have not gained health but just swapped a spell for a potentially effective blessing.

buuuuuut if you don't have the divine skill banish it you silly non caster!

Hold on there a second though. Mother Myrtle says "Hey I'm banishing a card with the divine trait, let's attempt the discard or recharge check!"

Because in fact she doesn't have the divine skill. And she isn't even required to have it by her power since it says "you may"

So Mother Myrtle then ends up with a blessing in her hand and recharging the spell for later! She just gained cards!

Also the laboratory coat turns into nearly the best armor in adventure deck one.

You banish it to reduce all damage or you may bury it if you're proficient in light armors which she is...

Hold on... did I just hear another "You may"?

So I banish the coat, but wait I can attempt the recharge check for that!

So she has a means to discard or recharge to reduce damage to 0 out of a AD1 card.

Umm wow. There were subtleties to this character I had not fully conceptualized. And I'm sure there are some other AD6 divine spells she can recharge or discard that were originally meant to banish or bury as well.

That's kinda messed up... That the alchemist can wield divine power better than any cleric, paladin, druid or oracle.

For myself there was a lightning storm displayed at my location and I just so happened to have a certain vault key that banishes barriers.

I then declared myself Ben Franklin and dispersed a storm with a key.

Didn't even care that I didn't recharge it. That was meant to happen.

Theryon Stormrune wrote:

First, mental damage will always be not reduced and I don't know if there are many banes doing mental damage. However, there is a strong prevalence for poison damage from some of what I saw. (Which is preventable.) However, whereas armor in RotR was not great nor in the early class decks, armor has gotten more multipurpose in the later class decks as well as from WotR on.

Ah I wasn't really speaking to the different damage types which I have no problem with.

More speaking to banes that did damage without CALLING it damage and were thereby not able to be mitigated. ie...

Discard from the top of your deck

Bury a card

Banish a card

Discard from your hand

Bury from your discard pile

and so on.

These effects aren't any type of damage like combat, fire ice etc. Not a whole lot can stop them, most damage mitigation in the game is based around types of damage and only when it is called "damage".

It's these tricky little effects that bug me if they have no theme surrounding them.

Why is this carrion golem causing me to discard off the top of my deck? Is it hitting me? Armor should help that! Is it letting off noxious fumes? Poison damage reduction should remedy it! Is it putting off psychic waves of the dead it is comprised of? Ok that's mental and I can't stop it.

But if it just tells you, hey you're damaged because you saw this thing or didn't make X - random check then it feels like kind of a cop out.

Sometimes it works like the bane monster "Traitor" who makes you bury an ally. The theme is all there and you understand what is happening and why, even if it is non-mitigatable damage.

But some banes in WotR felt more like the game saying "You are damaged, but you are not sure how or why that happened. I assure you though that you were definitely damaged... In some way."

Ironically S&S Alhazra was my choice for the Righteous campaign and it was an excellent choice for scouting purposes.

We knew these were coming more often than not and even when we knew it was still not a card you could "prepare for"

It was not uncommon for someone to be saddled with 2-3 servitor demons off their turn. When that character was a caster it was practically guaranteed to hand wipe them and cause the bane to go back in.

I think that's my biggest gripe with it. It's not that the servitor demons are unfair, or for it to be unfair that there are N of them. It is the random nature of it.

Even my hated nemesis Billious bottle only effects you if you are at its location. It can be avoided for a time, until you're forced to confront it. But the horde can just decide to whallop one character and no one can do a thing about it.

Even if we are all at the same location Alain just stands there watching as the healer or bard is thrashed at the bottom of a dog pile of henchmen. All he can do is scream "Alright down there good chap? I'll put in a good prayer for you but no blessings left I'm afraid!"

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Theryon Stormrune wrote:

As far as being brutal, I find that descriptor to be extremely subjective.

Brutal in the space of this game for my group consists of:

Multiple banes that deal damage in such a mechanic as to make any armor or damage mitigation useless. Like Discard/Bury/Banish from the top of your deck, or discard hand etc. Armor is already a tough sell, this didn't make it any better.

Banes that have no skill check to defeat but continuously deal damage for possibly infinite duration. Like Billious bottle or S&S storm (although storm was far more painless and a good challenge as opposed to an unavoidable pain generator for all present on each turn.)

Banes that necessitate a certain party makeup. In AP5 a villain had only a high charisma check and required a 4 person party with no high charisma to rebuild a couple decks to reliably handle the villain, it wasn't met with enthusiasm that some would have to get items/blessings banished so that it would be possible to take her on. This is fine for monsters or barriers! Siren is good fun and fair play! It's great when banes, especially villains reward characters for having a high check in a skill, but outright requiring it for progression in a villain is a line in the sand.

Along that same vein the army checks were great fun but encouraged certain parties over others, and the acrobatics check on one of them was baffling. We were fine with them but I can see how some parties might be very boned. My group liked them but were also ready for them.

Also magic fullisade. Ouch. Only one copy of something like this pls.

Also demonic horde's capability to gang up on one or two party members. Especially if they are casters this was trying since it could happen outside their turn.

Those are the easiest to remember parts of Wrath that were 2spooky4me

MightyJim wrote:
but unless the pre-release articles gives us a good sense of Mummy's Mask being less brutal and better scaled, I don't know whether we'll bother.

I really wish it wasn't this way but my group is headed this direction too.

Wrath had some particularly demanding scenarios and banes, Billious bottles, villains with only charisma to defeat and no party make up to deal with that.

It was a slog. If MM is more of the same kind of punishment they're out. Even though I *Really* want to play.

I'm crossing my fingers that this lets up on the gas a bit.

I'm liking what I'm hearing though.

Fendaso wrote:
one player grew bored of his and used the death rules as a "free" character swap twice.

I'd argue that maybe they should be able to just switch without the death rule then if they aren't having fun and think that the character is the problem.

There isn't much to be gained from forcing someone to play something they don't enjoy.

Not sure I'd call trying to enjoy oneself "degenerative behavior". But I guess it depends on how it's done.

If you just find monsters and let them hand wipe you until death then there is not net gain for the party and it doesn't sway the game in favor of the players.

If you're throwing blessings around at everything and using discard/bury abilities on every check until death it's another thing and the favor is swayed to the players.

But again if you just let them switch they wouldn't have to resort to either tactic to try and enjoy the game.

Which we've done on a few occasions in the RPG and this game, cause seriously why not?

Frencois wrote:

In order to turn lemon in lemonade like would somehow say Vic once translated in French, we built a custom set of scenarios (one per scenario number) to actually achieve resurrection of a dead character, involving location like temple or wishing well but also some trip to the abyss and heaven. Depending how well you succeed, the character suffers more or less drawbacks for the rest of the adventure.

This is our old RPG DM reaction : if there is an issue with the rule, turn it into a nice (and fun!!!) idea of a new module.

We still have to nail that down but would be nice to have an official version of it.

Just an idea...

That's another awesome solution.

Perhaps stock the locations each with the most recently killed villains and henchmen to replace the monsters!

Because we just killed them so they are now angry at us in the afterlife heh.

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I don't have a lot of sympathy for the permadeath mechanic.

We discussed it in my group before and decided that we don't have the time to replay scenarios and bring a character back up to speed, and starting something like AD6 with a character who has no decent boons or card feats would be a drag for the person playing.

In short, we're not looking to punish anyone for not playing "correctly" or just having plain bad luck. (caster vs flesh golem)

Even with that understanding that death would not be permanent we still avoided it as if it were an undesirable consequence. We stocked heal spells and were excited when better ones came up. Kyra and other healers sacrificed turns and cards to bring characters to good health. We didn't burn blessings for explores unless the blessings deck was getting thin or we knew we had means to bring them back from the discard pile.

We didn't develop "degenerate behavior", and I think assuming the worst of your audience is unintentionally insulting.

We still got understandably upset when casters encountered flesh golems in WotR and got one shotted. Even though those casters came back we still did not act agnostic-ally towards a character dying.

In short, we're still plenty averse to a character kicking the bucket.

The idea of having a consequence less severe than "start over" is very attractive though. For shackles I thought it would be appropriate to throw a pirate shade haunt into the deck of anyone who died and having it display for that character whenever drawn or revealed.

Having consequence cards like that is really appealing and I'd love to design something like that or see it implemented.

Something like:
Stitches reopened!
Bury this card and the next 1d4 cards in your deck.
When rebuilding your deck at the end of the scenario replace this card with another random consequence card.

So you never know how you'll be hampered but you will be hampered.

Dang missed you guys, though I was there. If I had read the blog enough I definitely would've shown up to demo mummy's mask! Kinda mad I missed it now!

Calthaer wrote:
I am actually excited that they are going on hiatus for class decks because I would far rather see them do something awesome than to churn them out for the sake of churning them out. These last few decks have been / look like they will be heads-and-shoulders better than the first seven.

My sentiments exactly. I'd go even farther to deck 10 though. Barbarian really started adding things with new and interesting mechanics, and from then on the creativity hasn't let up.

I look forward to these previews and when I finally get my grubby paws on the complete deck.

Eliandra Giltessan wrote:

I got to play Raheli at PaizoCon, and she was great! I've never had a character care so little about what the cards in her deck do.

I can see this happening as well.

It seems like her favorite power feat will be hand size so you can chuck more d4's at whatever problem arises.

In plainer terms for her:

Don't care, have hair.


"At the end of your explore step"

I'm not so up on terminology. How does this interact with extra explores? Are each of these an explore step? Or are all explores under a single step during which exploration happens?

The difference between "He heals once a turn" and "He can heal however many times he explores a turn"

zeroth_hour2 wrote:

Well, that makes that power a lot less useful then.

Kind of an understatement since you are banishing a spell to accomplish this feat of maybe coming up with something useful and then being down a card deck-wise.

And not even down a card in the discarded or buried sense but literally that spell I had is gone and I can't rebuild it into my deck later.

I think I understand the flavor around it: That he really only calls upon the gods when it is absolutely necessary and he has no other choice. This feels like a last resort power, I don't think I'd ever use it unless I had a trash spell I picked up and didn't care for or the character was going to die otherwise for certain.

What I don't understand is how his patron god is just gonna give him the finger like that haha. Getting a heal in combat or attack trait spell out of combat is pretty harsh of Pharasma!

But honestly I'd be interested to see how many people take that feat if they understand that it is a completely random spell and they don't get to choose. Seems like the last resort for spending power feats. Especially since it takes 2 feats to get it in working order. Because the earliest you can get this is AD4 and you've got better options than pulling AD2 spells randomly by that time.

On top of all this he doesn't even carry spells without a card feat or acquire them easily with his d6+0 (Which I believe is a new low for a caster). So the situation of Salim having a spell in his hand is a really unlikely scenario to have *A* power feat geared towards, forget about two. Where is he going to source the spells to actually use it regularly?

I've employed two interns to assist me in scratching my head at the point of this power feat or the wisdom(or lack thereof) in taking it.

My head is very scratched but no answers as of yet.

The scenario states that the banes of a closed location should be shuffled into the location sanctum and it should be summoned and built if necessary to do so.

Well my group ran into the precarious situation that it was in fact not necessary to do so because there were no banes left in the location deck... 3 times in a row.

Since the villain was in Sanctum we almost seemingly fell into an unwinnable scenario since the location was not necessary to create.

Did I read the rules wrong or execute them incorrectly? I didn't find an errata for that one...

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Ashram316 wrote:
There are a ton of blessings to be had in that scenario. Also, if he was hanging out at the Sacistry location, he'd be able to roll his divine die on any check to acquire.

Exactly. The tons of blessings helped along with picking up an ally or two that allowed for more explorations and drawing more cards. Also it helps that at this point her divine check is a base 11 + d12 + 1 for the evangelist in my hand.

I actually can't wait to run into that one barrier that lets you add onto a check at the "cost" of drawing a bunch of cards.

Alhazra laughs at drawing from her stacked deck of divine cards.

"You have only increased my power!"

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Just got around to playing S&S Stargazer Alhazra in WotR...

She is ripping it apart.

AD 5 scenario 1 has the heaven location, and man did she shred the locations once that one came into play. By the end of my first turn I'd taken 13 cards and recharged them for scouting then banished another 5.

By the end I had 35 cards in my deck 4 in discard 2 buried and 7 in hand.

I get the feeling she was never meant to be in WotR because she just ends up entirely ignoring nasty at location effects by draining the boons and having another character swoop in and hit banes that are in her way.

It's not unlike commanding an army with unparalleled intel. Then directing appropriate forces where they are needed to bash monsters or disarm barriers, or to sometimes pick up valuable equipment Alhazra can't pick up herself.

It's not that she is a different character to play. She changes the entire game and how the other characters are played as well...

It used to be we'd hit places that we had a chance of satisfying the closing requirements. But now it is that Alhazra and sometimes Adowyn gather intel and dispatch everyone else. A trans formative effect.

Amiri Unstoppable force...

When you acquire a boon on your turn, you may immediately recharge it to explore your location

Ok so how about when multiple boons are acquired? For instance a ranger stash or chest with multiple boons inside?

Does this mean you may recharge each of these immediately as soon as you get them and go again for each within the instance of satisfying the multiple boon giving barrier?

Or was this intended as...

When you encounter and acquire a boon on your turn, you may immediately recharge it to explore your location

Or am I wrong and these cards aren't even invoking the acquire nomenclature and they are through some other means giving the boons to the character?

Also does trading with someone count as acquiring a boon?

Eliandra Giltessan wrote:

Sajan is from Vudra, which is basically Golarion India.

Crowe is Shoanti, which is kind of a Native American representation. Except the Shoanti are ftom the Europe eqivalent. There is actually Arcadia, the America equivalent, that also has Native American inspiration, but it hasn't been developed yet.

There are non-white male iconics, but I don't think any of them have seen card game play. Quinn, the investigator, is garundi/black. Hayato, the samurai, is Tian/Asian. Zadim, the slayer, is Qadiran/Arab. That may be it.

Thanks for letting me know. I had the inkling of different racial backgrounds with them but it never quite registered.

I patiently await Quinn's debut.

zeroth_hour2 wrote:
You don't consider human ethnic background diversity to be diversity then? In Golarion (the game's setting), humans are supposed to be the most diverse of the races.

You wouldn't know it by the playable characters.

I'm still waiting for a male playable to be something besides either a half orc or white.

Correct me if I'm wrong but all the males are white with the perhaps exception of Crowe and Sajan who are... maybe something else? But they could just have wicked tans.

The female characters represent though! Seelah, Kyra, Seoni, Bekah, Zarlova, and maybe wu-shen. We can't really tell.

Seems to me the guys have catching up to do in the diversity front. :P

Still, can't wait to see the full spread of the characters when they get added to the class deck download!

Tried a couple forum searches and I looked through the site FAQ

I seem to remember seeing a thread or two about Paizo replacing misprinted cards. I got a bum batch from my local game store. The tops are all cut wrong. As in it would be more work to find any cards that were printed right than to list all the ones that are wrong...

To give you an idea of what I mean...

Thanks for the tips.

I suppose I'm still tempted by the Base adventure reward of a card feat. That is a very potent addition to any character.

The elite card idea sounds like fun roleplaying.

And yes we do have the character add on applied to the base set so that's where the multiple carrion golems came from. I'm considering removing them entirely anyways until AP1 but the prospect of skipping may grow on me.

I do like the flavor of Karsos and a location spawning. There were good elements at play but things seemed to combine into a trying situation at times with the bane difficulty.

When I contrast with runelords bandit who recharged you a card with an 8 to defeat
Or with the ruffian whose difficulty increased by twice the adventure deck there are some non henchman base banes that outstrip those henchman difficulties quite easily.

It is quite the step up.

Just played through the wrath base scenarios with my wife and man it was brutal!

I died twice and she died once. Me with the arcanist and her with Raz from the paladin class set.

I managed to find the carrion golem twice in a single adventure with the arcanist. Owing to two copies being in different locations.

She found the shadows barrier with an 11 wisdom check that spawns a monster that does automatic bury damage. Multiple times...

My point of all this though is that we're probably going to be running friends through this gauntlet in the future. ROTR was too easy, S&S is the perfect level of difficulty and challenge. The base set of wrath though is quite challenging.

So I'm trying to figure out what to do with it so it doesn't completely kill interest before things get easier in AP1

I've heard the suggestion of going through AP1 first, but I'm not attracted by that in the least. The rewards for scenarios in the base set will get boring and inconsequential especially if we've seen all there is to see by that point. Also the challenge will be a drop in the bucket by that point.

So I want to adjust the base set and go through it all in order. Any suggestions?

My only idea so far is to remove some of these inordinately challenging hurdles until AP1. Carrion golem especially has earned my ire, casters without any feats or card feats just shouldn't have the chance of running into that at the equivalent of level 1.

How are you guarantee-ing +10's every turn?

It only works for weapons and blessings.

I'm playing Oloch currently and try to keep some items and equipment in my hand as well to handle barriers on my own turn.

Having +10 worth of blessings and weapons should be a 100% of the time kind of thing.

To help get the gist of what I mean ROTR had some a lot of good combat arcane spells and not a whole lot else, divine didn't get a whole lot of attack spells at all until the end and utility spells were limited to find traps, aid, augury/scry, and haste. Things like consecration were pretty lackluster.

Skulls and shackles saw a lot more spells that were limited in scope between black spot, buoyancy and call weapon. The attack spells lost some of their juice early on but were higher in utility like sphere of fire lasting for multiple combats. But there are a good amount of spells geared towards beating barriers like skeleton crew, or beating effects like world wave.

What does wrath look like? How is playing an arcane caster? A divine caster? I was thinking of playing the arcanist but wondering what kind of spells I'll be using later on in the campaign.

nondeskript wrote:
My peeve is definitely cellphones. I don't want to hear someone start their turn in a game by asking "Ok... what's going on again?" Everyone else was paying attention and knows what's going on.

So much this. It doesn't help when it's your wife either.

It's particularly annoying when they ask how the game ended when they were sitting right there but on their phone.

Open hands are the way to go for my group though. I really couldn't imagine playing another way. There are definitely times when I've forgotten about something I *could* do and my team mates remind me that I've got that ability with a card in my hand. Same goes for my team mates and reminding them of their cards that can help or their character abilities.

"Hey consider the wisdom check you've got besmara's tricorne in your hand, you get two dice."

"You should pick up that trash boon anyways you can use it with feiya's recharge ability and we know that monster is up next."

Half of the game is remembering how everyone can help.

A more interesting wrench then, I don't remember exactly which scenario this was but...

Scenario rule:

When you close a location reset your hand and end your turn

Siwar Encounters Villain
Hands encounter to another character
Character defeats villain, villain auto closes the location and flees.

The character gets all the ramifications of closing the location and then by scenario rules is then told "Reset their hand and end their turn". It isn't their turn though *STACK OVERFLOW*

I'm really digging deep for a way for this to not make sense though now.

Here's a wrench then: Siwar

With her ability to make another encounter her bane instead.

Does Balazar get to keep the monster then?

Ah you're right, a total of 3 enemies to use against.

Any other trait bonus card though has a far greater wealth of foes to provide a bonus for though. Outsider/Undead/Aquatic/Human/Pirate.

And my real point is I don't feel any of the flavor that the story is providing except that the weapons are more effective vs transmuters.

It is a lot of text. Would probably have to split out the effects to multiple weapons and keep the display and shuffle effects on each one and add either only the ally or boon stealing effect.

Wow, was thinking of starting skulls and shackles with friends soon but this does skulls and shackles better than skulls and shackles does skulls and shackles.

I love the wereshark mechanic and the ship mechanic works well with the weresharks.

Me and my party of friends have gotten to AP6 in runelords finally.

We got the runeforged weapons and after playing through once with my fiance and without the adventure guide I'm pretty underwhelmed with the runeforged weapons.

You get a grand total of one enemy to use them against.

And the negative effects in the adventure guide, which I assume is also in the adventure path is nowhere to be found.

So I brainstormed a couple effects, since these are supposed to be forged with the powers of Lust and greed.

An example of where I'm going with this.

Runeforged Weapons

*Pretty weapon art*

Display this card when it enters your hand.

Add 2 to any check to acquire an ally without the animal or dragon traits.(Note there is no choice in this. It just happens, the weapons tempt sentient beings with lustful thoughts)

At the end of your turn bury any allies in your hand.(The weapons incite sentient mortals to go and seek soft company and allies walk off)

Add 2 to any check to acquire a boon. (No choice in this, it's greedy)

When you move or another character moves to your location you must attempt to acquire a random boon from their hand.

Add 2d4 to any combat that occurs during a turn where one of the above effects was triggered. (Including the initial display for free)

Succeed at a Intelligence, Wisdom, Divine or Arcane check of 15 to shuffle this card into your deck.

*end of card*

So you can't really get rid of them, except maybe through some edge cases of burying or banishing the top cards of your deck. But how does the idea sound? Good? Bad? Rpg all stars material?

While going through runelords one of my friends encountered the Enchanter

He also made note that the card reads "EnchantER" and "SorcerER"

The male or masculine grammatical gender version of each word instead of enchantress and sorceress.

A rather juvenile course of discussion then occurred about force damage "she" incurs and then the fire damage after the encounter.

The table then asked if the spell "Find Traps" would add to a check made against her.

We have now house ruled that find traps works just fine on the enchanter card.

Dave Riley wrote:
Shapeshifted Damiel could have 10 hand size, discard all 10 cards (or more, if he had 'em!) and coast right into the grave at 20 next turn. :D

It doesn't stop there though. If he still had 20 cards left in his deck there isn't anything stopping him from using that power *AGAIN*

30 hand size and likely no cards to pull.

There isn't an app for this, but I suspect there could be...

It wouldn't be incredibly difficult to do a normalized correlation or pattern match with the digital master copies of each card versus a camera phone image.

In laymans terms take a picture of all your cards and an app could tell you if you had cards that matched all the ones in the master set.

Don't mind me though just theory-crafting computer vision applications. Could be a nifty thing though.

Quite honestly I'd rather see adventure expansions than equipment and spell expansions.

Just personally I'd rather not have the desire to buy buy buy Ally,Item,Spell,Armor,Weapon and blessing expansions individually. I'm not hurting for money but it's quite a lot to justify.

I'm looking myself at buying the materials for the organized play to play at home with and it seems like a good deal for all the hours of content.

Also I'm unsure how much truly new content they can squeeze out of the source material, but I have been surprised before. The planar tuning fork, dreamstone and emerald codex are truly unique items that do something interesting. I wonder how many more tricks are left up the sleeve though.

Sandslice wrote:
It says the turn, and the effect ends at the end of the turn in which it's played. It takes some team strategy to use it as a tool of teamwork. :)

I find that interesting and unique but ultimately underwhelming...

Like a potion of supreme utter invulnerability... With an effect duration of .5 seconds and the effect will start 2 years from now.

I mean it's a fabulous idea! But how often will I find a use for it? As opposed to a eyepatch I can add to a ton of checks out of the class decks.

Might be great for a character like Feiya or anyone else who can use any type of card for a power.

Myfly wrote:

Ps: in this thread, we could work out the Zombicide character stats for the iconics! This will be FUN!

What do you all think?

What do I think?

I think you're barking up the wrong tree.

This is a forum for pathfinder adventure card game son.

I don't come here to discuss stats for zombicide. And I'd wager some of the forum goers and perhaps staff would thank you to not push discussing a completely different game on a forum it's not meant for.

It's not a horrible business idea though. But once again you're barking up the wrong tree.

We're already here and into pathfinder. This is more a subject for the staff to discuss. Better through an email to them instead of a forum post.

This kind of thing has no place for the fans of the game to discuss.

Peddle this kind of thread elsewhere.

Longshot11 wrote:
Frencois wrote:

Vic, can you add an automatic deck shuffling machine from Vegas in the Mummy's Mask yet to come box...

Just an idea...

This. So much this :)

In a 2-player, 6-char game, set up times often go over half-hour. You shuffle 2 bane decks, 6 boon decks, 6 character decks, and then you need to deal and shuffle 8 location decks... Sometimes it's enough to make us decide we'll just postpone the PACG for 'another night'...

I've gotten into the habit of pre-setup.

Building the next scenario for a half hour while watching a show or listening to something so that I'm ready to just seperate it out from the rubberbanded pile of cards when it is time to play.

Because yah, it takes forever to shuffle all that and at least the building of cards for each location is a serial process you can't divvy out very well to multiple people.

Is that the exact text?

Very important wording: Does it say at the end of *the* turn or *your* turn?

It doesn't seem to indicate you have to play it on *your* turn. It could be played during anyone's turn.

If it says "at the end of *the* turn" I would assume the effects end at the end of whatever turn it was played.

If it were "at the end of *your* turn" then it's a whole different story and suddenly potentially very useful, since other players could jump in on the effect as long as you start the effect on someone else's turn. Alas I assume it is not this great and I will probably leave it for something I perceive to be more useful.

MeanMutton wrote:


Metagaming the bad guys to target a single player is a great way to suck all the fun out of the game.

That's like your opinion man. It's not like I said no one else would be getting a free pass on combat, but you're free to spin the narrative.

That's not the only suggestion that was in there either. Displacement or mirror image enemies work for the whole party as well as the OP character.

Grapplers work for the whole party.

I'd match him with something on his level and fudge the threat so it went after him. The rest of the encounter could be filled with foes on level with the rest of the party.

Even just a set of enemies with mirror images would be enough to stop him from cleaving to the next target though.

Or hit him in the resistances. Like a glitterdust spell or something to blind him.

Bait him into situations too by placing enemies clustered and reveal something on another plane or that was invisible attacking him with 10-15 foot reach once he predictably walks into range.

Also grappling enemies might be a good idea. Give an enemy a scroll of summon monster V and throw multiple octopuses at him. You can't cleave if you can't move.

There was really no question for me.

The healing ability of sea witch directly counterbalanced all the damage from 'before you act' and 'when you begin your turn at this location' effects. Just take spells as damage and all animal allies.

You can eventually rebuild your deck with Hshurha via the AP - 2 rule.

and fortitude and survival checks are always dicey, having two extra small dice on them is very potent.

Something tells me this needs an official ruling but You can play however you want in your own home.

And I feel no guilt in house ruling that horses are not character magnets and do not drag characters against their will.

Myfly wrote:
A five card set wont hurt PAizo,

It's not really about hurting paizo. It's about profiting off something you didn't pay the upfront cost to build.

Paizo has paid to have this card game developed, put time in to play test and collect assets. It's like building a runway. They fly their adventure paths through it and make money off the people who want to ride.

If you start making *any* money off PACG it's like using the runway they built without putting in *any* of the upfront costs to build the runway. Sure you bought your own plane, great. What about all the concrete you're landing on? The control tower? Etc. It goes on, and you didn't have any part in the development cost of the base game. You had no part in making this venture popular and attracting the fanbase it has, but you'd like to profit off it anyway?

Not to mention if you have a copyright you *HAVE* to defend it in all cases and not just *some*. Many companies have run into a lot of trouble when they try to defend their copyrights only against larger ventures cutting into their profits. The offending business can simply site other overlooked ventures and easily win court cases.

Basically they have to shut everyone down or shut no one down. If they shut no one down they'd be out of business.

Quite honestly it is a privilege to even have a community use policy!

And don't you forget it!

I personally would not want to be the one to make Paizo regret their policy.

Donations however are a different story to commission artwork. It might still be a gray area but it doesn't *smell* funy to me.

Bring them in with feats and rebuild the deck according to the rules.

Later on in these games following the rules is an onerous task.

Going back and playing the original scenarios means taking out all cards from subsequent APs.

Playing the current AP at AP4 and on is near suicidal without any feats, you're likely to just die again once a tough scenario designed for characters at full feats hits. Not to mention some basic enemies have been removed at this point.

And finally forcing the party to go through all the previous scenarios is unfair to the other players who will likely get next to nothing for their troubles after they have filled their decks with all relevant boons.

I assume WOTR will be no different in this regard or perhaps even more onerous.

I can see a solution to this perhaps in the tablet version of the game and going back on your own to build a character up wouldn't be so bad if you had the time to do it. Which me and my group do not.

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